SFERP Council Chamber

This map made me want to cry. The design was refreshingly new, but the map is plagued by many problems. Hopefully we'll see an update for t...


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This map made me want to cry. The design was refreshingly new, but the map is plagued by many problems. Hopefully we'll see an update for this map in the future. The following is constructive criticism to help the author improve his mapping skills.

The biggest problem was that everything is scaled too big. You need to size down the corridors and doors to normal size. The furniture is correctly sized though a little tight between the desks and the walls. Walls were very nicely detailed, but ceiling could use some work. I know from experience that ceilings are harder. Another big problem was the lack of area portals. The entire map is being drawn at once, but fortunately it's small so the FPS is pretty good but that's no excuse. There's some articles out there on areaportals which are worthwhile reading. You might also want to learn about caulk.

Minor problems: - door to the main chamber isn't teamed - missing textures on the computers - turboshaft doors open at the same, or did you want it to do that?

But like I said, your design is quite creative so don't give up mapping. You've got a lot of creative potential now you just need to improve your skills.

The author has given permission to other roleplaying groups to retexture where the SFERP logo shows up.

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Download 'councilchamber.zip' (2.6MB)

"SFERP Council Chamber" - Elite Force 1 (RPG Mod)
by David A. Nightshadow
Visit SFERP at: http://www.sferp.octopus.uni.cc/index.php
Title: SFERP Council Chamber
Filenames: council_chamber.pk3, readme.txt
File size: 2.6 MB
Author: NightShadow
Address: sferp_nightshadow@yahoo.com

Description: Admiral Ben Borne left a suggestion on the Mapping forums of the group I am in SFERP,
and he was talking about how cool it would be if our council had a map where they could speak about
council matters so, I decided I start it off and see where it got me, not actually expecting to finish
then abou 5 hours and a half in it was almost done so I released the Beta to SFERP, now the final
version is ready.

Additional Credits:

Thanks to: Timothy Oliver AKA TiM for helping with some modeling troubles i had.
The SFERP members who tested the beta and found alot of the bugs and provided Ideas.
and to Admiral Ben Borne, for suggesting I make this map, thank you all.

Map Instructions:

Unzip council_chamber.zip into your BaseEF


Base: From scratch
Editor Used: GTK Radiant 1.4.0/PakScape
(NOTE: 1.4.0 lags like heck! Do NOT get it!!!)
Known Bugs: some of the textures are a bit messed up as in some are transparent
Total Compile Time: about 2 minutes, maybe less.
but eh, My AMD Athalon 2500XP works for me
Copyright and Permissions:
All textures are copyrighted to SFERP's Admiral David A. NightShadow
The Models are just friggin retextures lol, but it says Starbase Bluefox on them lol, doubt you want'em
(thats my next map)

(c) Copyright 2004 SFERP Admiral David A. Nightshadow

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