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An updated version of [SFI]Gez's great server-side mod. In this version, he fixed a problem with regen in specialties, assimilation skin problems, removed sfi_borgteam, fixed elimination bug, and chat protect now works in assimilation. He's also added a new command for playing music (see below).



SFI Server Mod version v1.6 public release by [SFI]Gez =)

MSN: [email protected]
ICQ: 116922509
E-Mail: [email protected]

New in v1.6
Fixed from v1.5: Problem with regen in specialties
Fixed from v1.5: Assimilation skin problems
Fixed from v1.5: Removed sfi_borgteam (caused the skin bugs)
Fixed from v1.5: Elimination bug
Fixed from v1.5: Chat protect now works in assimilation

New Command: rcon sfi_music <path>
This plays the music you specify to everyone (set by default in maplist cfgs)

This is a mod I've been working on for a while now, it basicly fixes bugs,
gives the server admins more control and gives a different and more
pleasurable playing experience.
Note that the mod is completely server-side meaning that players have to
download nothing to enjoy the fun.

Unzip to the folder with stvoyhm.exe (stvoyhm)
Create a directory like /home/.../ef/sfiserver
Where/ '/home/ef/' is the path where you installed eliteforce.
You can start the game with the +set fs_game sfiserver arguement
An example of the efstart file:
./efded +set fs_game sfiserver +exec server.cfg +exec specialties.cfg

How to run:
Double click SFIServer.bat
Open Holomatch, go to Mods, and load SFI Server 1.6

Rcon Commands:
Set the rconpassword with /rconpassword passwordhere
Then use the following with /rcon in front:

sfi_team <client> <team>
Sets the client of your choice to the team of your choice.

sfi_class <client> <class>
Sets the client of your choice to the class of your choice. (specialties)

sfi_kill <client> <attacker> <method of death>
Kills the client of your choice.

sfi_god <client>
Forces the client into and out of God Mode even without cheats on.

sfi_noclip <client>
Forces the client into and out of noclip mode even without cheats on.

sfi_say <client> <text>
Forces the client to say what you specify.

sfi_name <client> <name>
Forces the clients name to change to whatever you specify.

sfi_model <player> <model>
Forces the clients model to change to whatever you specify.

sfi_cpsay <text>
Prints text in the screen center for all clients.

sfi_print <text>
Prints text in the console for all clients.

sfi_sound <sound directory>
Plays a sound for all clients. (eg. sfi_sound sound/world/electro.wav)

sfi_music <music directory>
Plays music for all clients. (eg. sfi_music music/briefing2.mp3)

sfi_addscore <client> <score>
Adds points to a player.

sfi_randomvar <cvar> <min> <max> [prefix]
Add a cvar to this if you want the server to randomise it at the next map change.

Lists the cvars currently in the random list.

sfi_hurt <client> <damage>
Damages a client.

sfi_clientinfo <client> <info>
Shows info on clients. (eg. sfi_clientinfo 1 team)

Example Server Cvars:
(For a .cfg file)
seta sfi_servername &quot;The ^4[SFI]^2Euro ^7Server&quot;
seta sfi_msg_steal &quot;1&quot; //Print messages for steaking flags in ctf
seta sfi_msg_return &quot;1&quot; //Print messages for returning flags in ctf
seta sfi_msg_score &quot;1&quot; //Print messages for scoring captures in ctf
seta sfi_allowsuicide &quot;1&quot; //Allow suicide
seta sfi_suicidetimeout &quot;30&quot; //Time between suicides
seta sfi_wmotd &quot;^7Welcome to the ^4[SFI]^2Euro ^7Server provided by ^4[SFI]^2Gez&quot;
seta sfi_heavytdelay &quot;15&quot; //Delay before heavy gets the transporter (-1 disables)
seta sfi_demoddelay &quot;10&quot; //Delay before demo gets the detpack (-1 disables)
seta sfi_infilitemcount &quot;2&quot; //Amount of hastes infils can give
seta sfi_sniperitemcount &quot;5&quot; //Amount of seekers snipers can give
seta sfi_heavyitemcount &quot;1&quot; //Amount of quads heavies can give
seta sfi_demoitemcount &quot;1&quot; //Amount of flights demos can give
seta sfi_techitemcount &quot;3&quot; //Amount of cloaks techs can give
seta sfi_demoteamwire &quot;1&quot; //Demo mines only explode if an enemy walk through them
seta sfi_rconpassword &quot;coolserver&quot; //For clients using /sfi_rcon
seta sfi_training &quot;0&quot; //Removes all weapons ammo and pickups
seta sfi_ctftiebreaker &quot;1&quot; //If time runs out in ctf and the score is tied the game continues until there's a winner
seta sfi_ffhurt &quot;1&quot; //Forcefields hurt the enemy
seta sfi_ffdecrease &quot;0&quot; //Health a forcefield loses each second
seta sfi_locationdamage &quot;1&quot; //Damage depends on where you hit someone, eg. head = ouch!
seta sfi_weaponammo &quot;1&quot; //Weapons are also ammo pickups
seta sfi_armortime &quot;20&quot; //Time before armor respawns
seta sfi_healthtime &quot;30&quot; //Time before health respawns
seta sfi_ammotime &quot;5&quot; //Time before ammo respawns
seta sfi_holdabletime &quot;60&quot; //Time before holdables respawns
seta sfi_megahealthtime &quot;120&quot; //Time before mega healths respawn
seta sfi_poweruptime &quot;120&quot; //Time before powerups respawn
seta sfi_introsound &quot;sound/voice/biessman/forge3/yourface.wav&quot; //Sound to be played after the warmup
seta sfi_weakheavy &quot;1&quot; //Heavys photons are weaker
seta sfi_infilmodel &quot;paris&quot; //Infil Skin
seta sfi_snipermodel &quot;janeway&quot; //Sniper Skin
seta sfi_heavymodel &quot;chakotay&quot; //Heavy Skin
seta sfi_demomodel &quot;tuvok&quot; //Demo Skin
seta sfi_medicmodel &quot;doctor&quot; //Medic Skin
seta sfi_techmodel &quot;torres&quot; //Tech Skin
seta sfi_vipmodel &quot;neelix&quot; //Admiral Skin
seta sfi_infilhealth &quot;50&quot; //Infil Starting Health
seta sfi_sniperhealth &quot;175&quot; //Sniper Starting Health
seta sfi_heavyhealth &quot;225&quot; //Heavy Starting Health
seta sfi_demohealth &quot;125&quot; //Demo Starting Health
seta sfi_medichealth &quot;175&quot; //Medic Starting Health
seta sfi_techhealth &quot;175&quot; //Tech Starting Health
seta sfi_viphealth &quot;150&quot; //Admiral Starting Health
seta sfi_infilarmor &quot;50&quot; //Infil Starting Armor
seta sfi_sniperarmor &quot;175&quot; //Sniper Starting Armor
seta sfi_heavyarmor &quot;225&quot; //Heavy Starting Armor
seta sfi_demoarmor &quot;125&quot; //Demo Starting Armor
seta sfi_medicarmor &quot;175&quot; //Medic Starting Armor
seta sfi_techarmor &quot;175&quot; //Tech Starting Armor
seta sfi_viparmor &quot;150&quot; //Admiral Starting Armor
seta sfi_disableinfil &quot;0&quot; //Disables Infils
seta sfi_disablesniper &quot;0&quot; //Disables Snipers
seta sfi_disableheavy &quot;0&quot; //Disables Heavy Weapons Specialists
seta sfi_disabledemo &quot;0&quot; //Disables Demolitionists
seta sfi_disablemedic &quot;0&quot; //Disables Medics
seta sfi_disabletech &quot;0&quot; //Disables Techs
seta sfi_disablevip &quot;0&quot; //Disables Admirals
seta sfi_disableinfiljump &quot;1&quot; //Stops infils from jumping high
seta sfi_maxphaserammo &quot;100&quot; //Max ammo for the phaser
seta sfi_maxriffleammo &quot;150&quot; //Max ammo for the compression riffle
seta sfi_maximodammo &quot;75&quot; //Max ammo for the I-Mod
seta sfi_maxscavengerammo &quot;50&quot; //Max ammo for the scavenger
seta sfi_maxstasisammo &quot;100&quot; //Max ammo for the stasis weapon
seta sfi_maxgrenadeammo &quot;50&quot; //Max ammo for the grenade launcher
seta sfi_maxtetrionammo &quot;150&quot; //Max ammo for the tetrion
seta sfi_maxphotonammo &quot;25&quot; //Max ammo for the photon
seta sfi_maxwelderammo &quot;150&quot; //Max ammo for the arc welder
seta sfi_maxborgweaponammo &quot;100&quot; //Max ammo for the borg weapon
seta sfi_maxassimilatorammo &quot;100&quot; //Max ammo for the assimilator
seta sfi_selfdamage &quot;1&quot; //You can't hurt yourself (stops photon jumps)
seta sfi_campprotect &quot;1&quot; //Campers beware if 1 ;-)
seta sfi_camptimeout &quot;30&quot; //Time you must be in that area
seta sfi_campshuffle &quot;200&quot; //Area stayed in to be considered camping
seta sfi_bodytime &quot;300&quot; //Time before bodys vanish
seta sfi_minserverbots &quot;1&quot; //Two bots will play if there are no other players
seta sfi_forceexit &quot;50&quot; //Time before the level exits regardless of who is ready
seta sfi_notournamentchat &quot;0&quot; //Chatting to players in touraments is not allowed if 1
seta sfi_chatprotect &quot;1&quot; //If someone hurts you while your chatting they get twice the damage they inflicted
seta sfi_chattimeout &quot;5&quot; //Time you must have been chatting for in seconds to get revenge
seta sfi_votespace &quot;60&quot; //Time to wait after you start a vote before you can start another
seta sfi_borgteam &quot;blue&quot; //The borg team
seta sfi_inactivityspectator &quot;1&quot; //Get kicked to the spectators rather than off the server for inactivity
seta sfi_specsregen &quot;10&quot; //How much health you get per second with a regen in specialties
seta sfi_realdecoys &quot;1&quot; //Decoys update faster
seta sfi_decoytime &quot;5&quot; //Time in mins before decoys vanish
seta sfi_flagtransport &quot;1&quot; //Can keep flags when using holdable transporter
seta sfi_standardvotes &quot;0&quot; //Only standard votes

Included Files:

actionhero.cfg		- Starts Action Hero and execs a new maplist
assimilation.cfg	- Starts Assimilation and execs a new maplist
disintegration.cfg	- Starts Disintegration and execs a new maplist
elimination.cfg		- Starts Elimination and execs a new maplist
modsoff.cfg		- Starts Regular CTF and execs a new maplist
specialties.cfg		- Starts Specialties and execs a new maplist

sfidefaults.cfg		-Default cvars (as if SFIServer mod wasn't there)
sfiserver.cfg		-Recommended cvars

SFIServer.bat		-In the folder with stvoyhm.exe (stvoyhm) starts the server in dedicated mode with the mod

Special Thanks:

A big thank you goes out to the following individuals who helped greatly in the creation of my mod.

Adamw (Quake 3 Berylium mod)
Agent Tux (Serverupfull mod)
Merlin (An all around great guy)
Peace (WiZ mod)

And to the following testers:

And anyone I have missed.


PS. Please mail me or contact me on msn/icq if you find any bugs or have compliments/comments/suggestions

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