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If only every developer fixed bugs so fast...

Check the readme for a list of what's new.



SFI Server Mod version v1.7 public release by [SFI]Gez =)

MSN: [email protected]
ICQ: 116922509
E-Mail: [email protected]

New in v1.7
Fixed from v1.6: Giving Regen error
Fixed from v1.6: "gamename"
Fixed from v1.6: Specialties to Disintegration bug
Fixed from v1.6: Regen not regenerating error
Fixed from v1.6: Chat protection now works with hypo

New Feature:
If your chatkilled, the chatkiller will now die.
The chatfragger still loses health if they do not kill you.

New Command Variable in v1.7: sfi_*model <model>
Where * is medic for example.
You can now set this to none to allow players to choose their own specialties model.

New Cvar in v1.7: sfi_advert <text>
Sets the time in seconds for the advert to display (cannot be less than 60seconds)
"-1" Disables the ad.

New Cvar in v1.7: sfi_advert <text>
Will print in the console every sfi_adverttime seconds


New in v1.6
Fixed from v1.5: Problem with regen in specialties
Fixed from v1.5: Assimilation skin problems
Fixed from v1.5: Removed sfi_borgteam (caused the skin bugs)
Fixed from v1.5: Elimination bug
Fixed from v1.5: Chat protect now works in assimilation


New Command in v1.5: rcon sfi_music <path>
This plays the music you specify to everyone (set by default in maplist cfgs)

This is a mod I've been working on for a while now, it basicly fixes bugs,
gives the server admins more control and gives a different and more
pleasurable playing experience.
Note that the mod is completely server-side meaning that players have to
download nothing to enjoy the fun.

Unzip to the folder with stvoyhm.exe (stvoyhm)
Create a directory like /home/.../ef/sfiserver
Where/ '/home/ef/' is the path where you installed eliteforce.
You can start the game with the +set fs_game sfiserver arguement
An example of the efstart file:
./efded +set fs_game sfiserver +exec server.cfg +exec specialties.cfg

How to run:
Double click SFIServer.bat
Open Holomatch, go to Mods, and load SFI Server Version 1.7

Rcon Commands:
Set the rconpassword with /rconpassword passwordhere
Then use the following with /rcon in front:

sfi_team <client> <team>
Sets the client of your choice to the team of your choice.

sfi_class <client> <class>
Sets the client of your choice to the class of your choice. (specialties)

sfi_kill <client> <attacker> <method of death>
Kills the client of your choice.

sfi_god <client>
Forces the client into and out of God Mode even without cheats on.

sfi_noclip <client>
Forces the client into and out of noclip mode even without cheats on.

sfi_say <client> <text>
Forces the client to say what you specify.

sfi_name <client> <name>
Forces the clients name to change to whatever you specify.

sfi_model <player> <model>
Forces the clients model to change to whatever you specify.

sfi_cpsay <text>
Prints text in the screen center for all clients.

sfi_print <text>
Prints text in the console for all clients.

sfi_sound <sound directory>
Plays a sound for all clients. (eg. sfi_sound sound/world/electro.wav)

sfi_music <music directory>
Plays music for all clients. (eg. sfi_music music/briefing2.mp3)

sfi_addscore <client> <score>
Adds points to a player.

sfi_randomvar <cvar> <min> <max> [prefix]
Add a cvar to this if you want the server to randomise it at the next map change.

Lists the cvars currently in the random list.

sfi_hurt <client> <damage>
Damages a client.

sfi_clientinfo <client> <info>
Shows info on clients. (eg. sfi_clientinfo 1 team)

Example Server Cvars:
(For a .cfg file)
seta sfi_servername "The ^4[SFI]^2Euro ^7Server"
seta sfi_msg_steal "1" //Print messages for steaking flags in ctf
seta sfi_msg_return "1" //Print messages for returning flags in ctf
seta sfi_msg_score "1" //Print messages for scoring captures in ctf
seta sfi_allowsuicide "1" //Allow suicide
seta sfi_suicidetimeout "30" //Time between suicides
seta sfi_wmotd "^7Welcome to the ^4[SFI]^2Euro ^7Server provided by ^4[SFI]^2Gez"
seta sfi_heavytdelay "15" //Delay before heavy gets the transporter (-1 disables)
seta sfi_demoddelay "10" //Delay before demo gets the detpack (-1 disables)
seta sfi_infilitemcount "2" //Amount of hastes infils can give
seta sfi_sniperitemcount "5" //Amount of seekers snipers can give
seta sfi_heavyitemcount "1" //Amount of quads heavies can give
seta sfi_demoitemcount "1" //Amount of flights demos can give
seta sfi_techitemcount "3" //Amount of cloaks techs can give
seta sfi_demoteamwire "1" //Demo mines only explode if an enemy walk through them
seta sfi_rconpassword "coolserver" //For clients using /sfi_rcon
seta sfi_training "0" //Removes all weapons ammo and pickups
seta sfi_ctftiebreaker "1" //If time runs out in ctf and the score is tied the game continues until there's a winner
seta sfi_ffhurt "1" //Forcefields hurt the enemy
seta sfi_ffdecrease "0" //Health a forcefield loses each second
seta sfi_locationdamage "1" //Damage depends on where you hit someone, eg. head = ouch!
seta sfi_weaponammo "1" //Weapons are also ammo pickups
seta sfi_armortime "20" //Time before armor respawns
seta sfi_healthtime "30" //Time before health respawns
seta sfi_ammotime "5" //Time before ammo respawns
seta sfi_holdabletime "60" //Time before holdables respawns
seta sfi_megahealthtime "120" //Time before mega healths respawn
seta sfi_poweruptime "120" //Time before powerups respawn
seta sfi_introsound "sound/voice/biessman/forge3/yourface.wav" //Sound to be played after the warmup
seta sfi_weakheavy "1" //Heavys photons are weaker
seta sfi_infilmodel "paris" //Infil Skin
seta sfi_snipermodel "janeway" //Sniper Skin
seta sfi_heavymodel "chakotay" //Heavy Skin
seta sfi_demomodel "tuvok" //Demo Skin
seta sfi_medicmodel "doctor" //Medic Skin
seta sfi_techmodel "torres" //Tech Skin
seta sfi_vipmodel "neelix" //Admiral Skin
seta sfi_infilhealth "50" //Infil Starting Health
seta sfi_sniperhealth "175" //Sniper Starting Health
seta sfi_heavyhealth "225" //Heavy Starting Health
seta sfi_demohealth "125" //Demo Starting Health
seta sfi_medichealth "175" //Medic Starting Health
seta sfi_techhealth "175" //Tech Starting Health
seta sfi_viphealth "150" //Admiral Starting Health
seta sfi_infilarmor "50" //Infil Starting Armor
seta sfi_sniperarmor "175" //Sniper Starting Armor
seta sfi_heavyarmor "225" //Heavy Starting Armor
seta sfi_demoarmor "125" //Demo Starting Armor
seta sfi_medicarmor "175" //Medic Starting Armor
seta sfi_techarmor "175" //Tech Starting Armor
seta sfi_viparmor "150" //Admiral Starting Armor
seta sfi_disableinfil "0" //Disables Infils
seta sfi_disablesniper "0" //Disables Snipers
seta sfi_disableheavy "0" //Disables Heavy Weapons Specialists
seta sfi_disabledemo "0" //Disables Demolitionists
seta sfi_disablemedic "0" //Disables Medics
seta sfi_disabletech "0" //Disables Techs
seta sfi_disablevip "0" //Disables Admirals
seta sfi_disableinfiljump "1" //Stops infils from jumping high
seta sfi_maxphaserammo "100" //Max ammo for the phaser
seta sfi_maxriffleammo "150" //Max ammo for the compression riffle
seta sfi_maximodammo "75" //Max ammo for the I-Mod
seta sfi_maxscavengerammo "50" //Max ammo for the scavenger
seta sfi_maxstasisammo "100" //Max ammo for the stasis weapon
seta sfi_maxgrenadeammo "50" //Max ammo for the grenade launcher
seta sfi_maxtetrionammo "150" //Max ammo for the tetrion
seta sfi_maxphotonammo "25" //Max ammo for the photon
seta sfi_maxwelderammo "150" //Max ammo for the arc welder
seta sfi_maxborgweaponammo "100" //Max ammo for the borg weapon
seta sfi_maxassimilatorammo "100" //Max ammo for the assimilator
seta sfi_selfdamage "1" //You can't hurt yourself (stops photon jumps)
seta sfi_campprotect "1" //Campers beware if 1 ;-)
seta sfi_camptimeout "30" //Time you must be in that area
seta sfi_campshuffle "200" //Area stayed in to be considered camping
seta sfi_bodytime "300" //Time before bodys vanish
seta sfi_minserverbots "1" //Two bots will play if there are no other players
seta sfi_forceexit "50" //Time before the level exits regardless of who is ready
seta sfi_notournamentchat "0" //Chatting to players in touraments is not allowed if 1
seta sfi_chatprotect "1" //If someone hurts you while your chatting they get twice the damage they inflicted
seta sfi_chattimeout "5" //Time you must have been chatting for in seconds to get revenge
seta sfi_votespace "60" //Time to wait after you start a vote before you can start another
seta sfi_borgteam "blue" //The borg team
seta sfi_inactivityspectator "1" //Get kicked to the spectators rather than off the server for inactivity
seta sfi_specsregen "10" //How much health you get per second with a regen in specialties
seta sfi_realdecoys "1" //Decoys update faster
seta sfi_decoytime "5" //Time in mins before decoys vanish
seta sfi_flagtransport "1" //Can keep flags when using holdable transporter
seta sfi_standardvotes "0" //Only standard votes

Included Files:

actionhero.cfg		- Starts Action Hero and execs a new maplist
assimilation.cfg	- Starts Assimilation and execs a new maplist
disintegration.cfg	- Starts Disintegration and execs a new maplist
elimination.cfg		- Starts Elimination and execs a new maplist
modsoff.cfg		- Starts Regular CTF and execs a new maplist
specialties.cfg		- Starts Specialties and execs a new maplist

sfidefaults.cfg		-Default cvars (as if SFIServer mod wasn't there)
sfiserver.cfg		-Recommended cvars

SFIServer.bat		-In the folder with stvoyhm.exe (stvoyhm) starts the server in dedicated mode with the mod

Special Thanks:

A big thank you goes out to the following individuals who helped greatly in the creation of my mod.

ME!!! (lol)
Adamw (Quake 3 Berylium mod)
Agent Tux (Serverupfull mod)
Merlin (An all around great guy)
Peace (An all around great guy)
IAmACup (For his amazingly stupid ideas that contributed to this project)

And to the following testers:
Me again :P

And anyone I have missed.


PS. Please mail me or contact me on msn/icq if you find any bugs or have compliments/comments/suggestions

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