Every time a new map is resleased from the SG1 Mod team, it's better and better!

Remeber that lighting in the first SG4Real? Well since t...


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Every time a new map is resleased from the SG1 Mod team, it's better and better!

Remeber that lighting in the first SG4Real? Well since then WADEV1589 has done a major overhul of the SGC & it really is an amazing improvement! This map also has a Goa'uld war ship (the Ha'tak ) and the beginnings of a planet, with a temple on it.

It also has a set of star gates (between the SGC and Ha'tak), and transporter rings on the planet and in the Ha'tak. There an a couple of textures missing, but dont bagger WADEV1589 about them (he knows!)

The only hint I'm giving iis this: If you see a person inside the shuttle bay and your in the "control room" fire at the middle button (next to the window) and watch what happens!

One last thing, do not let the size put you off, it is one of the best maps around!

Here's some extra screen shots for you!

[I]The SGC: 3873-1.jpg 3873-6.jpg

The Ha'tak: 3873-2.jpg 3873-3.jpg

The Temple: 3873-4.jpg 3873-5.jpg

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Download '' (16.47MB)

*    STARGATE4REAL v2   *


NOTE: THIS IS A HUGE MAP! (that used to say big :p)
Please everyone type in
/set com_hunkmegs 80
and restart HM before attempting to run this map!
If you're unsure how to do this..
press the button to the left of "1" on your keyboard
(the ` key), that will bring down the console.
Next, copy and paste the above and press enter,
holomatch will ask you to restart, so restart.
You'll then be able to enjoy this map :)


There are 2 pk3's in this zip, the sgmodels and the actual
map. Both need to go in baseef. There is a readme included
in the sgmodels.pk3 file about the models use. Please take
time to read it should you wish to use the models for your
own maps.

Background Information
Well no doubt a lot of you have already played Stargate4Real,
the original Stargate map. A lot of you have no doubt complained 
about certain inconsistencies and lighting as a result. So,
here is the majorly re-done SGC, a brand new Hatak, and the
beginnings of a nice new planet :). I would like to say now that
this is no where near complete, for example corridors in the SGC
just stop, abruptly. This is because you're getting your hands
on the beginnings of the SGC that is to be included in the MOD
(you lucky devils! ;) ). Everything in this map is to be concerned
a section of the final thing, please no-one email me about bits 
missing - I already know about them!!!

Special Thanks
To Mart for giving me a well layed out beginning of the SGC, I took
over a while back when Mart became too busy to be able to work on it
frequently and brought it up to what it is today.
To Franky and Emuz for the excellent screenshots from DVD's they gave
me, they were what I based EVERYTHING on, without those shots I
would've been completely lost!
To anyone who has put input in at the SGMod forums, I got requests for
certain things to be included in this mod (such as Mr Coffee) and I put
them in, they add an extra sense of realism.
To Franky, Emuz, James Nukem and USS Phenix for beta testing, they put
up with a lot to test this map (shaders can be such a pain!!!)

I'll take no responsibility for any damage that may result to your PC from the use of this map.
No part of this map may be used for any other map without permission from the author(s).
Contact WadeV1589 at
The SGMod website is , check their for constant
updates as to how the mod is coming along and any future releases!

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