Ship Engineering



and only recently got round to working on it some more. Although the map below wasn't quite what I'd had in mind when I started, I feel it has got to a stage where I can share it. The map is a 'main engineering' type of area. It has a warpcore, entrance to jeffries-tubes, engineer's office and an empty room (that was going to be a engineering lab of sorts). I've included a .locations file, and most major locations are pinpointed. I know that this isn't really a proper roleplay area, unless you like engineering-only roleplays, however if someone (who is building a full ship map) would like to integrate this into a larger map, I have no complaints. The .map is included in the .pk3 Enjoy...[/quote]And to be fair, even just going on how this map looks (as it has absolutely no features at all, save a sliding door), this is one of the better Engineering spaces out there. :) Worth a look!


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