Q3 Convertion. This is the model of the bad guy in Odd's Odyssea. Great model. Good skin. CTF/BOT Support.


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Q3 Convertion.

This is the model of the bad guy in Odd's Odyssea.

Great model. Good skin.

CTF/BOT Support.

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February 1, 2001
Slig from Oddworld: Abe's Exodus for Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force Converted by Richard Owen

Model Name              : Slig

Installation Directory  : BaseEF/efmdl-slig.pk3

Elite Force Version     : Richard Owen

Email Address		: 

URL                     :

Author                  : Jmz "SlamminBeers' Mestemaker

Email Address           :

URL                     : or

Red and Blue Skins	: Richard Owen

Email Address		: 

URL                     :

Model Description       : Well, this is my first Quake model. I am a fan of the characters in the 			  Abe's Exodus series and thought it would be cool to play as a heartless 			  Slig. I have included sounds but the quality isn't 100%. I used my 			  	  digital camera to record a mpg off the tv. I think there okay though 			  	  and definitely add to the model as a whole. I used one of steeds base 			  animations as a guide and tweaked the hell out of it to get the legs 			 	  right and did some custom animation. Enjoy! 

Additional Credits To   : Polycount for the resources on modeling


* Play Information *

Skins			: 3
New Sounds              : Yes
CTF Skins               : Yes
Bot Support 		: Yes

* Construction *

Poly Count		: 794

* Copyright / Permissions *
Star Trek: Voyager is a trademark of Paramount Pictures. This product contains software technology licensed from Id Software, Inc. Id technology (c) 1999, Id Software, Inc. Activision is a registered trademark of Activision, Inc. © 1999 Activision, Inc. Sounds and original character design are trademarks of Oddworld Inhabitants. Visit their site at

This model can be freely distributed UNALTERED on the net as long as this text file is included, and the pk3 file is unmodified. Which means, you can't pull the readme file out of the zip, or add your own stuff to it and pass it along as your own! If you wish to include it in a compilation, Mod or commercial product, please email me first.

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