Social Voyager



you. Catch up with friends in the Hazard team and Date Telsia in the Mess Hall. More versions to come..."An ambitious idea indeed, and one that falls flat on it's face. It doesn't work, it is as simple as that. The mere sembelence of a conversation appears to be a mystery to the NPCs. They either speak their normal stock responses or one of... well... a single line from an Imperial Human about being bored. I found, when reviewing, that Munro usually starts off his social coversations with a very jarring "Do I?".Of course, with a considerable amount of fine tuning, this could actually work well - getting the timing right, and finding some more imaginative lines for the characters to speak, but I can't say that I'm terribly impressed at this stage, especially as the PK3 file itself merely contains MP3 files found in the game anyway.~ Luke20 ("The Doctor").


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