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Yes, that's right, the crap maps are here and they are really crap. They are crap in a good way though. This map pack contains 14 maps whic...


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Yes, that's right, the crap maps are here and they are really crap. They are crap in a good way though. This map pack contains 14 maps which are only meant for fun and they are absolutely not meant for serious gameplay. These maps work best with assimilation. Some of the maps don't have or hardly have any textures since no textures are provided in the pk3, there is no levelshot either. The textures that do appear are crap :)

One .map file is included - crapjet - so you can check out how things are done and perhaps you can even create your own maps. Be sure to give credit where it's due ;)

I'm not going to write an individual review for all 14 maps but I'll pick some things out which I consider worth mentioning.

crapcarcrash2 is a long road where 2 cars come from each side to ultimately crash into eachother. There is even a wreckage left after the crash. The road is a bit long but otherwise the crash would be very quick after you've stepped inside the car. Now crapjet is a very cool map. It's basically 2 small airports with some lava between them. A plane flies between them and you can actually go inside the airplane. You should really check this one out. The next one I would like to mention is crapmaza, unlike most mazes this is actually a maze and it's very hard to find your way through it. It's also a pretty big maze and you can get easily lost. Last one on my list is craprocket. By pressing the little button next to the launch platform you can launch the rocket into space and you can play a real astronaut! Ok, I lied about the astronaut, but you can still go with the rocket by climbing onboard. Those who are not fortunate enough to take part in the journey can watch the launch in the building next to it on a big screen tv :)

Those maps which I did not mention are also worth to check out. This map pack really belongs in your BaseEF so download it and give it a try. I doubt you'll be disappointed.

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Download '' (1.06MB)

********USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!********

*\/----====Map info====----\/*
Name:Sora's Crap Maps
Date finished:Sometime mid-last year
Date released:4/10/05
For:Star Trek Elite Force 1

-.bsp file for the map file for the CrapJet map
*/\----====Map info====----/\*

*\/----====Installaition Instructions====----\/*
Put sorascrapmaps.pk3 into your BaseEf folder

You can then type (in the console)
-devmap <map name here>
-map <map name here>
to play the map
Devmap has cheats, map doesnt.
*/\----====Installaition Instructions====----/\*

*\/----====Map info====----\/*
Crapmaps are most fun when used on Assimilation game mode.
Maps included are:
*/\----====Map info====----/\*

*\/----====Legal stuff====----\/*
This map is freeware, and it REAMINS freeware. DO NOT SELL IT OR GIVE IT TO SOMEONE FOR AND PROFIT!
You may copy this map as long as:
-1.It is not for any kind of profit
-2.This readme file is included

2.Terms of use for the .map
Included is the .map file (source) for you to look around or use. 
If you want to use any part of the .map files, please give the original creator credit.
You don't HAVE to, but you know what's nice and what isn't.

3.Use at your own risk
I cant be held responsible for abything that may happen to you when using this map (includes but not limited to:Your computer blowing up, your heater screws, you get hit by a madman, you get banned from a server, etc, etc, etc)

4.The Bull(censored) legal stuff
*/\----====Legal Stuff====----/\*

Maps from:
-[SG-1]Cpt-Sora (Mostly everything)
	Moved onto Warcraft III: Username BnetpoIice on the Azeroth (US East) server
-Raichu (Crapjet, parts of Craprocket)
	Moved onto Warcraft III: Username Raichu026 on the Azeroth (US East) server
	I map for Warcraft III!
-Inuyasha (Crapwha)
Thanks to:
-People who played this map for bug testing and new ideas
-HiFly for hosting an Assimiltion server with these crapmaps

Everything here that is a trademark or whatever (such as Elite Force) are the property of their original owners.

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