Star Trek: Asteroid Field - Episode One



devastating supernova of the Hobus star. The main characters are introduced well, and there are some good bits of dialogue - the turbolift passage is my favourite - and although the pacing is a little slow after the halfway mark, it sets up Episode Two well.Lets hear what the writer has to say about this fic:

When the serial roleplay 'Star Trek: Asteroid Base' became a success, I began drawing up ideas with Premonition about a spin-off series. This became known as 'Star Trek: Asteroid Field.' Unfortunatly, this didn't get very far off the drawing board. So now, months on, I have taken it upon myself to break away from Asteroid Base and turn Asteroid Field into a novelisation series. Now following the opening adventures of Pioneer Station as the civilian administration entagles themselves with Starfleet, who are hiding a secret 5 months in the making. Based on original characters and also characters from Star Trek: Asteroid Base. Information for those new to the series has been included but is not completely required!

An immense amount of work and attention to presentation has gone into this file, so I recommend giving it a read. :)~ Luke20 ("The Tenth Doctor").


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