Star Trek: Universe - The Edge of Existance



about to dig a little too deep. While attempting to gain access to a newly discovered type of propulsion once used by the asteroid's creators and previous inhabitants, a Romulan attack forces Doctor Nicholas Rush to take drastic action to prevent destruction of the station and the loss of life as a result. He activates the advanced FTL (faster-than-light) drive before it is ready and the station is thrown into the bleak void between galaxies with no control over the station's systems in order to get home... and with the FTL drive on a restart time... they will only be getting thrown further and further away from this part of the Universe. But just remember... that's only the start of it.***"A fantastic universal adventure for readers everywhere! A delightful, and thorougly entertaining read. Thrilling, exciting and definitely AWESOME." - Central Plexus"It's driving me mad just waiting to see how it ends!" - Quy"The story is intelligent, the progression method is interesting and the whole thing is really well-written... oh, and I just LOVE Rush." - Vanguard***Star Trek: Universe is just a hobby, something to do in my spare time, it's an escape from reality. In light of this, it isn't ever going to be seen on the shelves, because it isn't really what you would call a book. It's just a story. But it's still a story with a beginning, a middle and an end. This is why it is divided into three "volumes" consisting of numerous parts or "chapters." This isn't some "make it up as I go along" job, either. I've already completed the ending because I know exactly where I want to end up and every step of the way has been planned out - it just needs to be fleshed out. So never fear, the build up and the journey will all be tied up in one hopefully satisfying conclusion. Once all chapters for one volume have been completed and edited accordingly, they will be bundled together and modified to assume the role of that standalone volume release.As the title would suggest, Star Trek Universe relies on the premise used by such television shows ars Stargate Universe and Star Trek Voyager, but primarily the former as you will see when such character names as Nicholas Rush, Camille Wray and Chloe Armstrong appear. But the story itself is in a world of it's own and thanks to the two-timelines, if events on the station don't currently take you fancy, you may suddenly find yourself on a battlefield somewhere under fire or up the Eiffel Tower in Paris. I had wanted to try 'writing' something a bit slower (although I haven't really stuck to the plan that much), a bit darker. I won't say grittier because I'm nowhere near good enough and every piece of media which uses such a term nowadays fails miserably.


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