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Star Trek: Wraith is four years in the making and comes to us from it's developer; Forking. A single player modification, ...


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Star Trek: Wraith is four years in the making and comes to us from it's developer; Forking. A single player modification, Wraith, is sure to be enjoyed by a good few members of the community, it takes place on a remote Federation mining colony which hides a dark secret.

The plot follows your characters as they attempt to uncover the reasons for a seeming unprovoked alien attack. Throughout the story you will encounter new weapons, locations, sounds and people; making this a rather unique experience unlike the stock Elite Force.

See the readme for more detailed information and installation instructions.


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1.	Installation
2.	Information
3.	FAQ
4.	Contact 

1.	Installation

Please make sure that you have at least version 1.2 of Elite Force on your computer, otherwise Star Trek: Wraith will not run.

To install, simply use the appropriate decompression program (WinRAR, WinZIP, etc) to extract the files into your Elite Force directory. Otherwise if you have downloaded the EXE version, just run the program and install into your Elite Force directory.

Your Elite Force directory is NOT your ‘baseef’ directory. Here is an example how a possible correct directory: C:/MyGames/Elite Force/

After installing the files just double click on the ‘Wraith’ batch file in your Elite Force directory. It is recommended that you first view the introductory flash site or text file to get some background information on the story. This can also be found in your Elite Force directory. The flash site may require a flash player to play correctly, as it may appear distorted in most internet browsers. 

Please note that there are no autosaves during the game. In order to quicksave, just press ‘F6’ during gameplay. 

2.	Information

Star Trek: Wraith took me, the modder, four years to complete. Ok, so I wasn’t working all the time on it. But sometimes it actually kept me awake at night. You’d better like it!

I feel I must mention this before my Inbox is flooded with all kinds of complaints (although it will doubtless draw crowds as well). I will type this in bold letters:

This mod has some very, very naughty language in it!
There, I said it. Hopefully Activision or Paramount will think back to Data’s “Oh Sh*t” moment in Star Trek: Generations before they send me any ‘Cease and Deceased’ emails.

If you ever want to make a mod for this mod that censors the naughty language then you have my permission. If you want to make anything else connected with this mod then please ask my permission first. Who knows, I might even help you make it.  

3.	FAQ

Q: I don’t understand what this mod is about! It is all so confusing!

A: Open up the flash website (*.fla file) which should be in your Elite Force directory. It will shed some light on things.

Q: Help! When I load up the level entitled ‘The Truth’ or STW_5.bsp the cinematic is black and I end up in a strange place without my friends.

A: Oh dear. I sort or fixed this problem with a few commands in the batch file. The problem is in a saved game (I don’t know how the little bugger keeps on turning up there) located in the following directory: Wraith/saves/Hub. There is a file in there that you must delete. 

Q: Aaah! The console doesn’t work. No letters appear when I type them in.

A: I did this to get rid of the endless moaning error messages that were appearing up there. Just type them in as if they were appearing, or else delete the +set cl_noprint "1" line in the batch file. 

Q: How do I load up a quicksave game?

A: Well, I simply load up the mod using the batch file, open up the console using the tilde key (to the left of the number 1) and type the following in: ‘load quik’. And YES, quik without a ‘c’.

Q: Aaaah, endless enemies charging at me in the map entitled ‘The Truth’ and I can’t seem to cross to the other end of the room.

A: Well, this part is driven by the music. Just wait and keep shooting until you hear Mcelli say ‘Charge!’ Then charge. 
4.	Contact

If you wish to contact me, please be nice, and I shall be nice back. My email address is You may refer to me by my online name, which is ‘Forking’.

Finally, Ask me before putting this mod on any CDs or DVDs or wish to make any changes or anything! 

Enjoy the mod.

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