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What's new in the Starbase 11 Mod update?

The following is a list of what is included in this update. NEW MAPS: Building 9 Scien...


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What's new in the Starbase 11 Mod update?

The following is a list of what is included in this update. NEW MAPS: Building 9 Sciences Complex Drydock 6 Starliner

UPDATED MAPS: Building 6 map has been updated with the ability to choose the programs in Holobooth 3 from a menu. You can now watch individual programs instead of watching all of them in a series. Underground Concourse map has been updated with a connection to the new Building 9. Drydock 5 map has been updated with a connection to Drydock 6, replacing the connection to Drydock 7.

Starbase 11 is a single-player mod for Raven's Star Trek Voyager Elite Force and is based on the original Star Trek series. It allows the player to tour and explore this sprawling base as it was in the year 2267.

Starbase 11 was seen in two TOS episodes, "Courtmartial" and "The Menagerie", and most of the areas seen in those episodes have been recreated for this mod. The mod goes beyond what was seen on television, however, and new areas have been designed and built to create all the facilities one would expect to find at a starbase. The tour portion of the mod is divided into two main sections: the planetside base; and an orbital facility. Each section includes maps of several buildings and areas, and there are hubs from which you can travel back and forth between maps.

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Title                   : Starbase 11 Mod Update

Release Date 		: 4/1/06

Author                  : Laz Rojas <[email protected]>
Website			:

Description             : An update for my Starbase 11 single-player mod.

Installation            : Unzip into your Star Trek Voyager Elite
			  Force folder (NOT the BaseEF folder), just as you did with
			  the original installation of the mod. After unzipping, you'll
			  find inside the Starbase11 folder a new pak called


See the readme for more information.

			  In Holobooth 2 on the Weapons Testing & Firing Range map,
			  Simulation 13: Trapped could not be run from the menu unless
			  another simulation was run before it. It will now run correctly
			  when selected.

			  In Simulation 7: Terrorist Strike, Part 3, the yellow doors
			  leading into the rear of the processing plant would close and
			  lock after the player went through them, blocking the player
			  from completing the mission if the player was killed afterward
			  and respawned. The doors now remain open and unlocked.


			  The starbase11.bat file has been updated to enable cheat mode
			  in the mod. Those of you who wish to use noclip to access areas
			  normally unreachable can now do so. And the illustrated html
			  manual has been updated to include the new maps and locations.


			  Building 9 can be reached from a turbolift in Sector 3 of the 			  	  Underground Concourse. Drydock 6 can be reached from Drydock 5
			  during the drydock tour, and the starliner can be reached from
			  the cargo transporter in Drydock 6.

Misc.                   : Thanks to Raven Software for this great game!

* Play Information *

Game                      : Elite Force
New Graphics              : Yes
New Music                 : Yes
New Sounds                : Yes

* Construction *
Base                      : maps built from scratch
Build time                : 1.5 months
Editor(s) Used            : GtkRadiant, MilkShape 3D, LithUnwrap, Photoshop, GoldWave

* Copyright / Permissions *

Authors may use the skins and models included in this mod as a base to build additional
skins amd models ONLY with permission from the respective authors.

You may distribute this mod, provided you include this file, with
no modifications, but please distribute original unmodified archive
which can be obtained from my web site.  You may distribute this file
in any electronic format (BBS, Diskette, CD, etc) as long as you
include this file intact.

* Where to get this mod *

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