Starfighter Command

As Christmas approaches, SciSeven has released a new roleplaying level, this time set on a Federation Gamma Quadrant space station. [...


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As Christmas approaches, SciSeven has released a new roleplaying level, this time set on a Federation Gamma Quadrant space station. Starfighter Command is a medium sized map with a small number of decks that include a command center, crew quarters, transporter, sickbay and all the other standard RP locations, but also, an extensive shuttlebay facility with many shuttles and operational bay doors. :p

Loading the map, you'll find yourself inside a Transporter room, as always, and from just outside, a turbolift to three other decks. The corridor and LCARS textures on this map are very impressive, and give a good sense of realism. There are some useful functions in the command center including a forcefield lockdown of all areas and multiple viewscreen displays as well as pulse phasers! I felt there were a few letdowns however, such as the low height of the corridors and the lack of anything much to do in the shuttlebays, especially the main area, which looked too plain.

This was still an enjoyable map to play and most certainly a worthy addition to the ever-growing collection of RPG-X maps. There is much fun to be had with this. Download at once! :)

Oh, and Merry Christmas. :D

~ Luke20 (The Tenth Doctor)

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Download '' (11.57MB)

Welcome on Starfighter Command!

Starfighter Command is an outpost of the Modas-system (gamma quadrant). Its purpose is to store the interceptors for defending the planet, on which
the colony is established. For further information, visit New Hope:

== Installation Instructions:

Put the zzz_stcom.pk3 file into your baseef-folder.
Load the map by typing the following command into the console "/map stcom" (without the "" of course).
-> You should have RPG-X2 installed!

== Bug-Report:

If you can find any bugs in this map, please contact me via email (SciSeven[AT]hotmail[DOT]de) or you can
send me a PM on the RPG-X-board (my username there is also sciseven).

== Special Thanks:

I have to say a great thank you to all the beta-testers:
-Chris Dragon
-Charles Tucker
-Marc Harrison
-Michael Apleby

-Scooter (for some textures of the canon-mod)
-The nice people on ;)

Thank you for all the feedback.

Johnson helped me a lot with his textures and without him I wouldn't have published this map because of some weird errors.
He helped me to fix them - again, thank you!

-Soundfiles from, and


== Legal:

If you'd like to use any part of the pk3-file (map, textures and/or shaders), please contact me
(see bug-report).

Star Trek (c), in all its various forms, is a trademark of Paramount Pictures, Inc.
All other trademarks and copyrights are the property of their respective holders.

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