Stargate Weapons Mod

A weapon mod based upon the weapons of the Stargate SG1 TV series


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A weapon mod based upon the weapons of the Stargate SG1 TV series

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Holo studios 

        This is the commander and chief of Holo studios  ( Chris Edmund )  

This file is called       “Star gate weapons mod”  

What is it about? 

  It is based upon the weapons used in the stargate SG1 TV program 

Time to completion:
                                        2 and a ½ weeks or there about 


Models made by:   

				Matt Sutton   AKA   omega 1989

Weapons Textures  made by : 

						Chris Edmund

How to install


Put the pk3 into  c\:program files\Raven\Star Trek Voyager\BaseEF


                    Stargate weapons & weapon textures 

New sounds:  YES

New Models: YES

New Textures : YES


                      OLD                                          NEW

		Hand Phaser                             Zat’nicel’tel  ( zat gun ) 

		Compression rifle                      Staff Weapon 

                IMOD                                       Har’a’kash 

	Scavenger rifle                                 Intar 

        Status weapon                            9 millimetre 

Star fleet Grenade launcher            Gou’ald shock grenade  

(you will not see the weapon but it does fire)

tpg  ( herigon alpha weapon )                P90 

Photon torpedo launcher                  Death Glider cannon  

Dreadnought weapon                      Ribbon device (aka hand device) 

There IS an extra mod in this mod so look for it I am not going to tell ya what it is

I hope you like the work we have done 

Thank you 

Chris Edmund commander and chief 
								Holo Studios 

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