Subcommander T'Pol

Another great skin by by Darth Tyrannical-Fascist


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Another great skin by by Darth Tyrannical-Fascist

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Subcommander T'Pol
Version 1.0 by Darth Tyrannical-Fascist

Thank You for downloading my T'Pol skin for Star Trek Voyager:  Elite Force. THIS IS MY FIRST SKIN. This skin is based upon the normal Seven of Nine skin and the Female Romulan skin. Using pictures of T'Pol, I created her skin. 
T'Pol is the Vulcan Subcommander who was assigned to oversee the mission of the NX-01 Enterprise by the Vulcan High Command. She decided to stay on Enterprise throughout its mission and after the Xindi attack on Earth, she resigned from the High Command. T'Pol has both red and blue team color support as well as full bot support. 

To install simply place the .pk3 file in the gamedata\BaseEF directory.

If you want to edit this skin or bot in any way please give me credit and include all the info from this readme. Also, let me know if you have any skin suggestions...but keep in mind that I am just a beginner...

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