Alexraptor provides us once again with a beautiful map. This map takes you right into a underground bay where a submarine is docked and read...


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Alexraptor provides us once again with a beautiful map. This map takes you right into a underground bay where a submarine is docked and ready for resupplying with new weapons and crates. Around the map is a walkway though you can't strafe jump accross it since the ceiling is very low. People would probably avoid the walkways since there are not many useful goodies to find. The submarine is placed in the center and it is a well designed model. Of course the first thing you will notice when entering the map is the reflective water. Reflective water has not been used before to my knowledge and it is something to be proud of :) You will immediately notice an fps drop when looking at the water, while the drop is not that bad it may seriously affect people with older computers. Fortunately the mapper has foreseen this and has added a light version of the map to the pk3. Look in the readme for instructions on how to load the light version. No overlapping textures were to be found, come to think of it, I could not find any overlapping brushes or other bugs Like every good map this one also has music, The Hunt For The Red October theme. Perhaps this classic movie inspired to create this map :) There are many creates and other things to take cover but considering it is not a big map and it only has one room you shouldn't play this with more than 4 - 6 players. Not many weapons are included. The map is more an eyecandy than a fragarena, both could be combined :D No bot support has been added although the people who would like bot support could do it themselves. It's not that hard to do. There are some tutorials on the site which may help you. Use the search form on the upper left corner.

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Download '' (6.41MB)

Sub pen - By Alexraptor

game types: FFA, 1 v 1
players: 2 - 6
work time: 1-2 weeks(model work excluded)
Bot support: no

Extract from the sub subpen.pk3 to your Star trek Voyager Elite Force
BASEEF folder.
Then run EF and bring down the console by pressing the ¬ key next to 1 and type:
/map subpen

Note!: The advanced water effects of this map may cause low framerate with players with low-end computers, therfor included is a low end version of the map with standard water effects. to run goto console as above and type in /map subpen-lo

The Map:
This map is partially inspired by the simplicity of Highnoon, this is basically a shoot-out map set in a large submarine bay. there are plenty of crates and barrels to take cover behind as well.


Map Concept and Designed by Alexraptor

Map Arcitecthure and construction by Alexraptor

Additional textures and shaders by Alexraptor

Models by Alexraptor

Music: "The Hunt For Red October theme"

Beta Tester thanks:


Known Bugs:
None that i am aware of that would hamper game play.
Alltho not really a bug some ppl might want to play the subpen-lo map included, for better performance.

AUTHOR: Alexraptor
E-MAIL ADDRESS: [email protected]

This map has been tested for anything that may be harmfully to your computer.
if however problems occur i am not to be hold responsible.

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