Super Mario Mod



It's been a long time in the making, but the wait has been worth it! The first version of Nagus's Mario Mod includes four Mario-themed maps and skins of Mario and Wario. More maps and skins, and custom weapons, will be included in future versions. Experience the world of Mario64 in much higher resolution than on the Nintendo 64. The Mario Mod is also a sneak-peak at the much anticipated 1.3 Patch, which is coming very soon!



Super Mario Mod
created by Grand Nagus

Mod concept by Grand Nagus, with inspiration from Nintendo's Mario64 game.
Super Mario Mod code by Grand Nagus, with extra credits to the guys who helped
put together the Update Mod (found in readme_13.txt)
Custom textures and shaders by Grand Nagus and Paracyte.
Custom models by Grand Nagus and Paracyte.
Maps created by Grand Nagus, bonus areas in Snowy Land Map by Paracyte.
Got cool ideas?  Email me!  [email protected]
Need help?  Go to the Elite Force section of this Raven forum!

 * Please keep this readme with this .pk3 file. * 

November 30, 2004


"You've been playing in the Holodeck a little too long, Tom!" exclaimed Ensign
Harry Kim as the holodeck doors closed behind him.
"Maybe so, but what did you think?" asked Tom Paris.  Kim glanced down the
corridor at Tuvok, who was reading his security log.
"I don't know WHAT to think.  Humans of the twentieth century thought THAT was 
entertaining?  Those modified 'jumping' abilities made me nauseated by itself, 
not to mention all those mushrooms!  And just what were those brown creatures,
Tom laughed.  "Those were 'Goombas'.  In the original game, they actually chased
the player around the playing field!  The growling plants were 'Pirahna Plants',
and they would sometimes eat the player in one bite.  Glad to see YOU'RE still in
one piece."
Tuvok stepped between Harry and Tom as he walked down the hallway.  "Ensign
Kim, weren't you requested by Captain Janeway to inspect those failing relays
in astrometrics?  Seven of Nine needs to plot a course to the start of the next
'Star Trek Voyager' TV show episode as soon as possible."
"All right, I'll get on it", responded Kim.  "Hey, Neelix.  What's for dinner
Neelix strolled down the corridor toward Tom and Kim.  "I was thinking of an
old earth cuisine, called 'pizza'.  I don't think I'd care for it much
myself, but I've heard Chakotay and the Captain talk about it a time or two."
"Sounds good.  Looking forward to it, Neelix!"  Ensign Kim left Tom and Neelix
together as he headed toward Astrometrics.
"I heard you were working on a new holodeck simulation, Mister Paris", said Neelix.
"Yes, I've been working on it for a few months.  It's based on an old twentieth
century Earth game.  It's fun, but it's quite a workout", warned Tom.
"Well actually, I could use a little more activity than I've been getting lately.
And it sounds like a very entertaining holoprogram", mused Neelix.  "Mind if 
I give it a little look?"
Tom laughed.  "Sure!  You go right ahead.  Just try to avoid the top of the 
mountain in Bob-omb Battlefield!"

How to install:

Extract this zip file into your '\Star Trek Voyager Elite Force' folder, 
making sure to preserve the directory structure (In WinZip, you'd do this by 
making sure 'All Files' and 'Use Folder Names' are checked).  You'll have a 
new folder called '\Star Trek Voyager Elite Force\marmod2' if you extracted 
things correctly.  If you didn't, well, find and delete these files:


After you delete those files, follow the above instructions closely and try
extracting those files again.  It's vital that the folder structure is correct
or the mod won't load and you'll have Mario entities in all maps all the time.

How to run the game/start a server:

Startup Holomatch, then select 'Mods'.  You'll see a mod called 'Super Mario Mod!'.  
Select this mod and click 'Load Mod', and your screen will flicker and then go 
back to the main menu.  If you were successful, you should hear Mario shout "It's
me, a'Mario!"  That's it, it's loaded!  Now look in your maps list, and unless
you have the Elite Force Expansion Pack installed, only the Mario Mod maps will
be available in your 'solo match' or 'multi match' lists. (CTF isn't supported in
the Mario Mod maps, so you won't see any maps in your CTF maps listing)  Load a 
map and HAVE FUN!  Be advised, however, that if you manage to load another map while 
the Mario Mod's loaded, then all of the powerups and such will be Mario-ish 
entities.  To get rid of the coins and mushrooms, go to 
'Mods' > select 'Holomatch' > click 'Load Mod'.

What the mod does:
- mariomod0.pk3, mariomod1.pk3
  This is the Mario mod!  All of the trek entities will change into Mario-like 
  powerups when this mod's loaded.  Some of the powerups will have slightly 
  different properties than you'd expect in Elite Force and some of the powerups
  will be brand new.  You'll need to unload the mod if you want to see the standard 
  Elite Force powerups in other maps instead of coins and mushrooms!


Map info: 

Map name - Princess' Castle by Grand Nagus v.1.2, HM_CASTL01.BSP
Date - Oct 16, 2004
Map Type - Death Match, Team Death Match, Bot Match
Bot Support - Yes!

Compile stats:
bsp - 18 sec
vis - 438 sec
light - 693 sec
aas - 1190 max reachabilities


Map name - Bob-omb Battlefield by Grand Nagus v.1.2, HM_MMTN01.BSP
Date - Oct 10, 2004
Map Type - Death Match, Team Death Match, Bot Match
Bot Support - Yes!

Compile stats:
bsp - 5 sec
vis - 190 sec
light - 100 sec
aas - 1356 max reachabilities


Map name - Ghost House by Grand Nagus v.1.3, HM_GHST01.BSP
Date - Oct 7, 2004
Map Type - Death Match, Team Death Match, Bot Match
Bot Support - Yes!

Compile stats:
bsp - 5 sec
vis - 11 sec
light - 377 sec
aas - 269 max reachabilities


Map name - Snowman Land by Grand Nagus and Paracyte v.1.1, HM_SNO01.BSP
Date - Nov 30, 2004
Map Type - Death Match, Team Death Match, Bot Match
Bot Support - Yes!

Compile stats:
bsp - 3 sec
vis - 418 sec
light - 128 sec
aas - 1200 max reachabilities

 - Maps created using efRadiant GDK 1.2 and GtkRadiant 1.2.13
 - Maps compiled using Ydnar's q3map2 v.2.5.15
 - Texture edits done with Paint Shop Pro v.5
 - Shader effects edited using EditPad Lite v.4.1.3  (http://www.EditPadLite.com/).
 - Shader info from id's Quake3 Arena shader manual (copyright 1999, id Software,

Special thanks goes to:

 - Paracyte and Scooter, for betatesting the Mario Mod code and maps.

 - Paracyte, for tweaking entity placement and adding some awesome secrets
   to the Snowman Land map while I worked on the game code.

 - Scooter, for some great texturing ideas.

 - DaisyLou for betatesting my maps.

 - Stukatto (again) for helping me to find and fix some of the more obscure bugs.

 - Absynthe, for the preface and 'ammobox' textures.

 - The Raven bulletin board, for their all of their help and support.

 - Quake3World's Level Editing forum, for their help in figuring out some of the more unusual

 - www.qeradiant.com, for making the 'Q3Radiant Shader Manual' available.  Without this
   extremely valuable document a lot of my custom shader effects would have never been 

 - Ydnar, for his fantastic Q3Map2 compiler!

 - God, for giving me the patience and persistence to complete this mod.  :)

Machine with which the mod was created:

  Intel P4-1.8
  1024mb RIMM
  eVGA GeForce 6800 128mb
  Sony 19" Trinitron monitor
  Windows 2000 Pro SP2

Known Issues:
 - Mario and Wario models aren't perfect...  Sometimes Mario and Wario clip into
   the ground when they die, and they drag weapons' barrels in the ground.  I may
   fix this in an update in the future.

Fixes / Changes since Last Version
Beta 1
 - First Release

Beta 2
 - Changed the entities around a little.  Now the star is 'invulnerability' and the
   gold mushroom is 'regen'  (thanks Agent007!)
 - Changed a sound when you get ammo from the ammo boxes.  It used to sound like a 
   door closing (because it WAS a func_door), but now it sounds like a standard
   ammo item respawning when it reappears.  (thanks NWO Buffalo!)
 - Fixed a 'hall of mirrors' effect on the mountain, where several brushes came
   together.  (thanks SEA Vorax!)
 - Moved around the secrets and weapons, to make it more of a challenge.  Now you
   can play Team 'King of the Mountain'!  (thanks SEA Vorax!)

Beta 3
 - Changed how you load the map.  It now loads like a mod, which keeps the Mario
   entities together and makes it easier to start a server where everyone will
   get all of the Mario entities.  (thanks, Stukatto!)

Beta 4
 - Added a nice name to the mod.  You see 'Bob-omb Battlefield' in the Mod list,
   instead of 'Mmtn_01'.

Beta 5
 - Changed the 'ammo box' texture to something more appropriate.  (thanks, Absynthe!)
 - Changed how the 'secrets' are processed.  Should clear up the 'bot entity to
   activate - xxx' error.
 - Edited the 'ammo box' texture to make it look more like a crate instead of a 
   wooden box.  (thanks Agent007!)
 - Created a 'victory room' to get rid of that 'flickering victory' error.

Beta 6
 - Fixed where you could jump on top of the big Pirahna plant and not get hurt.  (thanks

Beta 7
 - Changed 'ammo box' into an actual entity instead of a bmodel hack.  It works
   great, and a player can't pick one up if his/her ammo is more than 2/3 full
   for all of his/her weapons.
 - Modded the code.  Wow, I'm such a newbie!  But there's now 'bonus music' that's played
   when a player's holding certain powerups, an intro track is played before the actual looping
   music track starts, there's a 'one up' entity that allows you to respawn with all of
   your weapons and ammo if you're fragged while carrying it.
 - Added rotating doors, which makes the game look a LOT more like the Mario game that it
 - Removed or fixed most of the 'bot entity to activate' errors.
 - Lost track of all the other changes...

Beta 8
 - Merged Update Mod code into the Mario Mod.  Now the Mario Mod takes advantage of all
   the bug fixes and other goodies that the Update Mod features!
 - Added Triple Jump and Wall Jump abilities.

Beta 9:
 - Added new features to the 'cheaterz' console command.  Type 'cheaters c' at
   the console to see who's using a client cheat (or who's playing with a hacked
   client codebase), and type 'cheaterz s' to see who's playing in a server
   cheatmode (like god mode).
 - Debugged wall jumping code (can't jump out of water) and triple jump code
   (two degree zone where you couldn't triplejump).
 - Added readable signs to the map!
 - Added the ability for some items to spawn when they normally wouldn't (fixes
   some secrets when 'gem items' is turned ON).
 - Tweaked textures and other things in all of the maps.
 - Lots of other things that I can't think of at the moment. ;)

Beta 10:
 - Tweaked bot code for pathfinding, particularly doors.  Now bots will use buttons 
   and func_usables in a much more intelligent manner.
 - Tweaked bot code for Gems games.  Bots play Gems games much more intelligently.
 - Added 'walldrag'; when you jump against a wall, you will drag down it somewhat 
   slowly.  Jump off the wall during your walldrag to perform a walljump!
 - Added Snowy Land map (thx for the help, Paracyte!).
 - Optimized all of the Mario Mod maps.  You can climb the trees in all the maps!
 - A bunch of other fixes that I can't think of right off the bat. :D

Beta 11:
 - Added new HUD for ammo, armor and health.
 - Tweaked walljump code.  Shouldn't have that bug where you can jump straight up
   a wall anymore.
 - Optimized walljump code.  Doesn't take as much cpu horsepower to run!
 - Tweaked map architecture in the Princess Castle (hard to get out of bonus area)
 - Added Paracyte's bonus areas to the Snowman Land map.  They're AWESOME!
 - Fixed a couple of other things, but I can't think of them right now. :p

Beta 12:
 - Cached HUD info, so there's no pause when picking up a new weapon.
 - Redrew a bunch of textures using MilkShape3D and PaintShop Pro.
 - Optimized maps.  Bots run around them REALLY well!
 - Added Super Mario player model!

 - Added some higher res textures to the Princess Castle map.
 - Added Paracyte's 'flight item bonus' to the Snowy Land Map.
 - Did some finalization to the 'official' version of the Mario Mod code.

Custom textures:
   A few

Custom shader effects:
   A handful.

Custom sounds:
   A lot.

   Mario64 for the Nintendo64 (both copyrights of Nintendo).  If you like how this
   mod plays, go buy a Nintendo 64 and get Mario64.  I still play it all the time,
   it's a BLAST!

Custom texture credits:

Texture Universe (http://www.planetunreal.com/TextureUniverse/).  Go there!
'Texture grass256 is/are © Copyright 2000 TextureUniverse.com and Scott
Braut, and are used by permission only. Anyone wishing to use these textures in a map,
skin, 3D project or level design must obtain them from TextureUniverse.com and use this
credit. These textures are not to be modified or distributed individually in any form 
unless part of this project. Anyone wishing to use these textures in a commercial project
may obtain permission through Texture Universe.'
NOTE: The only modification done to the texture was to darken it, so it'll look good
in the Quake3 engine.

Raven, of course.

Absynthe, for the ammo box textures.

Paracyte, for the Gems textures and related shader effects.

Me! ;)

Hopefully I didn't leave anyone out...  If so it wasn't intentional.  ;)

Custom sounds:

  -Me  (the sound of Neelix getting eaten by a pirahna plant is me chewing on an uncooked
   spaghetti noodle.  Who says you shouldn't play with your food?  :D )

Custom music:

Recommended computer specifications:

 - Pentium 4 or P4 Celeron running at 1.8 gHz or better, or comparable AMD
 - OpenGL compliant video card that supports hardware vertex buffering and 
   hardware triangle setup (almost all new video cards support this setup,
   even the cheap ones! ;) ), with 128mb video memory.
 - 256mb RAM or better.

Minimum Specs:
 - Pentium 3 or P3 Celeron running at 700 mHz.
 - OpenGL compliant video card with at least 32mb memory.
 - 128mb RAM.

Q:  I can't find the 'Super Mario Mod!' mod in my mod list!
A:  You didn't unzip 'mario_mod.zip' in the right folder.  If you unzipped it right, you'll
    see the folder 'marmod2' within the same folder that you see 'BaseEF' (that's usually 
    'C:\Program Files\Raven\Star Trek Voyager Elite Force')  You probably accidently 
    unzipped 'mario_mod.zip' IN \BaseEF, where you'd usually unzip a regular map.

Q:  I can see the Super Mario Mod in my 'Mods' list, but I can't load it at all!
A:  The Mario Mod is based on the Update Mod 1.3's code, which uses a lot of 
    new cvars to communicate settings between the game server and client.  If
    you have a lot of custom settings in your 'hmconfig.cfg' file, it may cause
    problems when the Holomatch game tries to merge those settings into the Mario
    Mod's new config settings file.  Here's how to fix it:
    1)  GET YOUR CD KEY READY because you'll need it!
    2)  Make a new folder in your BaseEF folder called 'cfgbkup', and move your
        hmconfig.cfg file there.  You should now see 'hmconfig.cfg' in your
        'BaseEF/cfgbkup' folder, and you shouldn't see any 'hmconfig.cfg' file
        in your 'BaseEF' folder.
    3)  Go into your 'Elite Force/marmod2' folder and delete the file
    4)  Restart Elite Force Holomatch.  You'll need to re-enter your CD Key and
        your game settings (video resolution, controller settings, character
        settings, etc).
    5)  Load up the Super Mario Mod and have fun!

Q:  I can't find any of the mod's maps when playing Elite Force!
A:  You haven't loaded the 'Super Mario Mod!' mod yet.  The maps won't become available
    until after you load the mod.

Q:  I still see hypos and other standard Elite Force powerups instead of coins, mushrooms
    and stars.
A:  1)  You have 'Simple Items' turned ON in your Elite Force setup.
    2)  You're running this mod through another mod.
    3)  You have a corrupt 'pak0.pk3' file (can be downloaded from a cheat server).

1)  This option will override the custom Mario powerups models and you won't see them.  
    To fix this, go to 'Configure' > 'Game Options' > 'Simple Items' = OFF

2)  Some mods override certain directories that this mod uses to start up Holomatch, which 
    can cause the custom powerups file to be completely overlooked.  Start up Holomatch, 
    except don't load any mods besides this one.  Then run 'Bob-omb Battlefield' and you 
    should see the custom powerups.

3)  I hate to say it, but you need to reinstall Elite Force.  Stop cheating, dammit!

Q:  I see Coins and Mushrooms in ALL of my maps!
A:  The Mario entities will be in every map that you play while this mod's loaded.  To get 
    rid of the coins and mushrooms, go to 'Mods' > select 'Holomatch' > click 'Load Mod'.
    But why would you want to play Holomatch any other way?  ;)

Q:  So, just what CAN this thing do?  It has the Update Mod 1.3 code in it, so does it have
    all of its features?
A:  Yes, the Mario Mod has all of the Update Mod 1.3's features as of the beta build dated
    November 9, 2004.  Unlagged, new game modes, new entities, and a ton of bug 
    fixes.  To see what the Update Mod can do, check out the file called 'readme_13.txt'.

Q:  The Mario Mod loads fine, but when I load a map it kicks me back to the menu!

A:  The Mario Mod uses a lot of extra resources, and needs room for those new
    resources.  In other words, your hunkmegs setting is too low.  Try typing 
    /com_hunkmegs 64
    at the console and that should fix it.

Q:  I tried to load the Ghost House level but it kicks me out with a parse error.
A:  I can't remember exactly what the description of the error was (it's an old 
    bug that I forgot about) but the error is caused by a bad 'arenas.txt' or
    'mapname.arena' file in one of your other maps.  You need to take all other
    .pk3 files out of your /baseEF folder except for 'mapextras.pk3', 'pak0.pk3',
    'pak1.pk3' and 'pak2.pk3'.  Then, you need to add those maps back one-at-a-
    time and test the Mario Mod after each addition.  Eventually you will find
    the map that is causing the error.  Sorry it's such an annoying problem, but
    at least it's not caused by the Mario Mod! ;)

Q:  I get a message, "Need 'Super Mario Mod' to connect to server", when trying
    to connect to a game server.  Then I get kicked off!  What's happening?
A:  First of all, there's nothing wrong with your copy of the Super Mario Mod.
    Three things may be happening:
    1)  You're trying to connect to a regular Elite Force server.
    2)  You're trying to connect to a Super Mario server without first loading
        the Super Mario Mod.
    3)  You're trying to connect to a Super Mario Mod 'beta' server.

    1 - The Super Mario Mod won't connect to any game server other than one
        running the Super Mario Mod.  Try to search for a game server that's
        playing the Super Mario Mod.
    2 - Pretty easy fix; just load the Super Mario Mod and try to connect to
        this server again.
    3 - The 'final' release of the Super Mario Mod is NOT compatible with any
       'beta' version, and you're trying to connect to a server that is running
        a beta copy of the Super Mario Mod.  If that's the case, then you may see
        the message "Need 'Mario Mod Beta 1' to connect to server".  Notify that 
        server admin and tell him or her that they need to install and run the 
        non-beta version of the Super Mario Mod.

Q:  When I add bots, the game slows down or the bots jerk around as they move.
A:  Bots process a map in 'areas'.  Bots also go after items using a 'goal' system.
    So if the bot is in a small area with three hypos and you in it, the bot will
    decide whether to go after you (if its health is high) or go after one of those
    three hypos (if its health is getting low).  What it decides is its 'goal', and
    since the bot is constantly monitoring its surroundings, that goal can change
    at any time.  Which is no big deal if all the bot's thinking about is three
    hypos and you.  However, most of the Mario Mod maps are very open and spacious,
    with lots of health, armor, weapons, items, powerups, movers, etc. in them.
    This gives the bots a LOT to think about, and will slow down the game on
    computers that are lower than recommended specs.  If the bots play really
    slowly on your computer, you can try this:
    1)  Start the Mario Mod, select the map and gametype, and choose the bots that
        you want to play against.
    2)  Before you actually start the game, choose 'Dedicated Server' and set it
        to 'LAN'.  This will exit you out of Elite Force and you'll see a blue
        console window with text scrolling on it.
    3)  Start Elite Force again, and load the Mario Mod.  In MulitMatch, search
        for server and click on 'SERVERS' until you see 'Local'.  You should see
        only one server in the list (that's the server that's playing in that blue
        console window that you just created).
    4)  Connect to that server and start shooting some bots!  The bots should move
        MUCH smoother than they did when you simply created a botmatch within
        Elite Force.

Q:  The Mario Mod runs slower than regular Elite Force.  If I play a regular
    Holomatch map while running the Mario Mod, I get a slower framerate than if
    I play that same map under regular Holomatch.
A:  The Mario Mod code contains MANY more routines that the game has to process
    while the game is playing (rotating doors, walljump and triplejump, powerup
    songs, cheat monitoring, etc), and those routines will drop the framerate.
    The framerate drop will depend on your system specs, but if you have a more
    up-to-date system then you shouldn't get a performance impact that renders
    the game unplayable.  But if you're trying to start a 32 bot Team Gems game
    server on a Pentium 133 or an old Mac, then it'll probably play really badly.

Hints and tips:

 - Think Mario.  If you can do it in the original game, you can probably do it here.

 - See if you can find all of the secrets.

 - Most of all, HAVE FUN!


Legal Stuff:

This mod is not an official 'update' sanctioned, supported, or
endorsed by Paramount or Activision.  They cannot offer tech support
for the Mario Mod.  The Mario Mod was coded and assembled by 
Grand Nagus, and his code additions to Raven's original Holomatch 1.2
game code is proprietary technology that belongs to him.  All other 
code additions in the Mario Mod were used with permission and are 
proprietary technology that belong to their respective authors.  Refer
to the 'readme' file to see who authored each feature within the Mario
Mod.  This Mario Mod is protected by Ravensoft's "Star Trek Voyager: 
Elite Force" EULA, and Grand Nagus reserves the rights of the Mario 
Mod within the boundaries stated by the EULA.

As stated, this mod is bound to the license limitations and 
liabilities created by the EULA that came with your Star Trek 
Voyager: Elite Force game. This mod can only be distributed 
electronically, cannot be sold, and the author(s) of the mod cannot 
be held responsible for the performance of this mod, any lost data or
consequential damage that may have been caused by the installation or 
operation of this mod. 

For tech support, the best place to go is the Raven's Elite Force 
forums. Go to this forum listing: 
and go to any of the Startrek Voyager Elite Force forums. If you find 
a bug, post it in the Mod Support forum. For general comments or 
suggestions, post in the General forum.

This mod carries no warranty and is supplied 'as is'. You use at your 
own risk! Neither the installer package or the files within the 
installer package can be changed or modified in any way, including 
(but not limited to): adding files to it, removing files from it, 
and modifying any files within it, without expressed written 
permission from the mod's author.

This mod cannot be distributed 'in part' in any way. Every part of 
this mod is the intellectual property of their original creators, and
each part is compiled/included in the Mario Mod with the permission
of the original creators.  This is an agreement between the mod's
author and the creators of their respective intellectual property;
in no way can these parts be separated from the original mod package
without written expressed permission from both the original creator 
and the mod's author.  The mod's author reserves the right to 
disassemble/separate intellectual property from the mod for any 
reason and at any time.

You shall not reverse engineer, derive source code, modify, decompile,
disassemble, extract any files (textures, maps, etc), or create 
derivative works of this Program, in whole or in part.


Star Trek: Voyager™ – Elite Force
(tm), ® & © 2001 Paramount Pictures All rights reserved Star Trek: 
Voyager and related marks are trademarks of Paramount Pictures. This 
product contains software technology licensed from Id Software, Inc. 
Id Technology © 1999-2001 Id Software, Inc. All rights reserved.
Mario Mod v1.0b © 2003 by Grand Nagus. All rights reserved.
Activision is a registered trademark of Activision, Inc.© 2001 
Activision, Inc. All other trademarks and trade names are the 
properties of their respective owners.

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