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This pretty much speaks for itself. Version 2.0 of Neural-Link's Team Elite mod. See the readme for a list of changes.


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This pretty much speaks for itself. Version 2.0 of Neural-Link's Team Elite mod. See the readme for a list of changes.

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Release Date: 8-28-2003

Unzip into the into the Star Trek Voyager Elite Force folder, default location is
c:\Program Files\Raven\Star Trek Voyager Elite Force

Which will result in a teamelite folder and a teamelite.bat file in the Star Trek Voyager Elite Force folder

You can then start it by clicking on the teamelite.bat file or launching EF and select Mods then pick TEAM ELITE 2.0

Launch EF Holomatch and select Mods then pick TEAM ELITE 2.0

It will work without the EF Expansion Pack. If you want to play the regular EF or Expansion Pack game-modes you will have to exit TEAM ELITE and launch EF the regular way.

Star Trek based "Team Fortress" (Super-Specialties) with a total of 10 BALANCED classes, 14 new weapons, great TEAM play and new abilities. 

Sentries, cloak on demand, walk through walls, borg transporter technology, airstrikes, health stations, armor stations, tricorder radars, disguising holograms, 
ignite enemies on plasma (fire), Inverse Tractor Beam (grapple), lasersights, improved bot code, infect enemies and much more.

10 Classes: Trooper, Guard, Scout, Commander, Hologram, Engineer, Plasma Specialist, Demolitionist, Medic and Sniper.

14 Weapons: Inverse Tractor Beam, Particle Gun, Bioweapon, Grenade Launcher Type II, Ion Ripper, Plasma Cannon and improvements on the other weapons. 
Compression Rifle works on locational damage. Some weapons now have recoil and "camera shaking".

Flux gamemode: In Flux, when you frag someone they join your team, teams can fluctuate constantly, game ends when everyone ends up on the same team. 
Certain deaths (lava, suicide, etc) will have you moved to spectator to prevent cheating. Available in Team Deathmatch only. 
In order to keep the gameplay from constantly loading new skins, you can either be a Male or Female Hazard Team Member with a Helmet. All players get the Inverse Tractor Beam.

Thirdperson crosshair: It actually changes location according to your view when in thirdperson mode. To switch to thirdperson type: cg_thirdperson 1 in the console.

5 Taunts for each class and some classes have new skins.

In general chats, name will be team color and will play a Hailing sound. In team chats the chat text will be the team color and will play a comm badge sound. 
Powerups removed from all gamemodes. Suicide time limit is increased to 60 seconds. Alarms, placeable forcefields, tripwire mines, 
sentries and health/ammo/shield stations will be removed on disconnect, team change or class change.

Several things were renamed, moved around and removed for better gameplay. 
Removed Technician, Morale Officer, Heavy Weapons Specialist, Starfleet Marine, food, fruit, playerid, Temporal Decelerator, Anti-Electrical Cannon.
CTF is default in UI.
Some balance issues with weapons and such.
Disintegration mode uses CR with locational damage (headshots kill instantly, body shots are powerup, legshots are weaker).
Sentry is now removed on cleanup.
Class items are removed on class change (sentries, alarms, tripwires, shields, etc)
Added camera shakes for some weapons: regfire Tetryon, Photon (both firemodes), altfire CR, altfire IMOD, regfire Particle Gun
Added slight recoil for alt CR and Photon (both firemodes)
Powerups removed from all gamemodes now.
I stepped through the code with another program, comparing it to the original EF codebase to find anything I forgot to document, and thus found some things I had to fix.
Fixed several bugs, "spiderweb bug", ingame browser bug, and more. 

Beissman skin, 125 health, 100 shields, Photon Burst (does less damage), Compression Rifle, Particle Gun (all without alt firemodes).
Slow, above average mass, lower jumpheight.

Foster skin, 150 health, 100 shields, Tetryon Disruptor (lots of ammo, does a little less damage, requires spinup before firing), Scavenger Rifle, Particle Gun (all without alt firemodes), can place shield up (only 1).
Very slow, heavy mass, very low jumpheight.

Gets to put up ammo stations instead now, 50 armor, weakend Ion Ripper some, gets the drone seeker, can use enemy useables, can walk through enemy forcefields.

Gets the ability to put up armor stations now.

Gets Hypospray (alt only, is slightly slower and requires a closer range), Bioweapon (alt only) to tranquilize enemies (slows them down 85% for a few seconds).
Hypospray shows up as a Particle Gun to the world to allow him to fool enemies better.

Gets Particle Gun (no primary fire), and Bioweapon (no alt), max regen level at 150, loses hypospray, cannot get infected or tranquilized
Her Bioweapon can heal, cure and boost teammates to 25 health points above their max level.
Her Bioweapon can infect enemies and causes -2health/second

Plasma Specialist
Takes 1/2 splash damage now.

cg_thirdperson 1 (1 is to turn thirdperson mode on. 0 is for turning it off and going back to first person mode)

Commands for Scout:
bind x gear

Commands for Engineer: 
bind x sentry
bind x alarm

Commands for Hologram:
bind x cloak
bind x holomatrix
bind x disguise engineer
bind x disguise commander
bind x disguise hologram
bind x disguise guard
bind x disguise plasma
bind x disguise scout
bind x disguise scout_f
bind x disguise demo
bind x disguise trooper
bind x disguise medic
bind x disguise sniper

New Cvars: 0 = off and 1 = on
Turn on/off death messages (obituaries)
set cg_deathtext 1

Turn on/off the lasersight for the Sniper
set cg_lasersight 1

Toggle on/off Snipers Lasersight:
bind x cg_lasersight !

Server Cvar for real fall damage (takes more health, and kills you if you fall from too far up):
g_realfalldamage 1

To change classes via the console:
class engineer
class commander
class hologram
class guard
class plasma
class demo
class trooper
class scout
class medic
class sniper
You can also change classes by pressing ESC then picking team/class in the UI (user interface) 

Included with the mod are 2 config files, including ones for a server and a complete bindlist

set fs_game teamelite
set g_pModSpecialties 1 
g_gametype 4

Make sure:
1)Make sure EF is patched to 1.2
2)What is com_hunkmegs set to? It should be 2/3 of your RAM for better performance. TE requires more memory since deferplayers has been coded out.
*I get an error when playing Team Elite?
If you have too many files in the baseef folder then when you launch TE its can take it over the limit. Also read # 1 & 2 above.

*I dont understand the binds?
In the console (press ~ to bring down the console)
/bind x sentry

now when u press x you can place a sentry (as long as you are the engineer class)

feel free to replace x with any keyboard button

binding sets that keyboard button to be used for that command, for example you could set
bind mouse2 jump or bind f jump
Be sure to view the binds section also.

*How do you select your class? 
You can preselect your class before the game ever starts if you are playing offline, by clicking on the class icon.

And if you already playing you can press ESC, then goto the Team/Class Menu and you can go through all the classes. 

Or you can bring down the console and type
/class engineer 
Be sure to view the binds section which lists all the correct commands for changing classes.

*Why are all the people showing up as Munro?.
You cant change classes by changing skins, u have to press ESC and use the Team/Class menu or type in the console
/class engineer

or whatever class u want. Also before the game launches you can set the bots as whatever class you want by clicking on their icon. You can also press ESC during the game and kick bots and add new ones and select their class by clicking on the class icon.
Be sure to view the binds section which lists all the correct commands for changing classes.

*Does it work without the Expansion Pack?
Yes it will.

*Will it run on a Mac?
Yes. Launch EF:Holomatch and select Mods then pick TEAM ELITE

*Will it run in Linux?
It should, when I compiled it and I made QVMs not dlls.

*In the Flux gamemode, when i get killed i become a spectator, why?
It depends on how you die. If you die by telefrag, lava,slime, suicide then you get moved to spectator, this is supposed to prevent cheating.

*Does it work online or offline?
It works online, offline or on a LAN.

*Does it work with bots?
Yes, it works with bots and/or humans.

*Sometimes the sentry wont spawn correctly, why?
If you put it in an invalid space it will not spawn (such as over the flagbase)

*How does the airstrike work?
If you are the commander class then fire the becon and as long as the sky above it is clear then photons will be fired, otherwise it just explodes.

*Will it work with Free For All (deathmatch) or Team Deathmatch?
Yes, but it makes much more sense to play TEAM ELITE with Capture the Flag.

*How can I stay attached to the wall with the Inverse Tractor Beam (grapple)?
Once the Beam is touching a surface you can keep the fire button down and switch to another weapon. Then it will pull you to that spot and you stay attached to the wall. And then you can fire your other weapons when you want. To release yourself, select the Inverse Tractor Beam again and you will be released.

neural-link (coding, model & skin editing, web design, etc)

:code snippets used and modified:
Inolen & FuzzySteve (code for the sentries)
[AF]haste (code for the thirdperson crosshair)
A**Kicka (code for giving the cloak)
Jazz (code for the radar)
Dementor (Quake3 Engine max_sounds bug fix)
(Spinoza), nits, tbp & {{Hellfire}} (code for the alarm)

:new weapons used with permission:
Lee David Ash: LDA Plasmagun (Plasma Cannon), LDA Lightning (Ion Ripper) & LDA Railgun (Bioweapon) model,skin and shader.
Balou & Redlemons: Ahedonia Grenade Releaser (Grenade Launcher Type II) model & skin.
Dubius & Janus: Machinegun U4 (Particle Gun) model & skin. 
(Dubius wanted me to mention that this is an old model he did, and is capable of even better ones. Couldnt get a hold of Janus for permission {he created the animations for that weapon} )

Raven Software, Activision & Paramount.
The people at the Raven Software EF forums and Quake3World coding forums.
The Beta Testers of previous verisons: pinky, assim, guy_man, capt_barbarian, veto, photopaint, deslizer, superrobster, cmcq & ZIpZZAm(Paracyte). for hosting the servers.
Thanks to everyone that has downloaded and played this offline/online and to all the EF players.

You may distribute this file in any format (BBS, Diskette, CD, etc) 
provided you include this file, and make no modifications to any of the other files.

All copyrights belong to their respective owners.

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