Temple Of Fire

hm_fuego.zip —


My (Dobberman) 1v1 map which I designed for the Raven Mapping Contest, it didn't win, i didn't think it would anyway. It's very small but that's because it for 1v1 or Tourney. Hope you like it, it's got a couple of lava pits ;)



          Temple Of Fire            
        Mapped By Dobberman
Map Name:      Temple Of Fire
BSP Name:      hm_fuego
Map Type:      Tourney 1v1 map

Pak Size:      549kb
BSP Size:      758kb

Compile Time:  4 minutes 11 seconds
Bot Support:   Yes
This map is designed as a 1v1 map involving
2 players. It's size and layout had this
in mind.

The Cold Breeze wipes your skin as you hunt
your prey through windy temple. The lava pits
protect the treasures and the light will blind
the eyes of those from the dark and the silent
dogs by night, howl by day!

Installation: Extract the PK3 file to your
BaseEF Folder.
If anyone wishes to use any material, textures,
etc. or even the map itself, then you must
contact me and get my permission before you
do so. My email address is:
[email protected]

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