Temple of the Ancients

Definitely a rather well done map, the overall effect is that of a mystical ancient location. I was very pleased to see some nice detail us...


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Definitely a rather well done map, the overall effect is that of a mystical ancient location. I was very pleased to see some nice detail used around the map, such as the pillars. A very good variety of textures have been used, it was nice how they all fit appropriately.

The bases are relatively small, platforms on two levels consist of the majority of the base with an underground passage below. The passage leads to a room which not only has powerups, but the Star Gate which serves as a transporter to the other side. Just above this room is another Gate which takes you to the middle area of the map. This area has health pickups and two rotating 'things'(can't think of the word right now ;)) which again transport you to the other base.

I really liked this map, the background music adds to the map and the details are a definite plus! The only problem some of you may have is a low FPS because at some points in the map a large number of polys are being drawn. The filesize is also very large, I'm not sure if all the models in there are necessary, but for all you non-XPack people, the required X-Pack textures are provided.

Bot Support: Yes New Textures: Yes New Sounds: Yes

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Download 'ctf_ancients.zip' (7.33MB)

(Temple of the Ancients)
by [TDM]LittleRiker[AD]
First Finish April 16, 2003
Final Finish April 18, 2003

Ctf_Ancients is my first map. I plan to release a few more before EF2 comes out.

What the pk3 includes:
1. The map
2. Bot support
3. Wades textures and all the expansion pack textures used
4. Music
5. SgModels

1. Download file, make sure you know where it is downloading too.
2. Locate the file and unzip it, note: windowsxp does this automatically for you.
3. Place the ctf_ancients.pk3 in your baseef folder.Your baseef folder is usually located under programfiles->raven->startrekeliteforce->Baseef
4. Run EF.
5. You can start ctf_ancients from either the solomatch screen or by hitting ` and typing /map ctf_ancients.

Slower computers WILL experience lower levels of FPS. I tried to raise it up a bit but there are some FPS problems when you look across the map.

Special Thanks To:

Wade[SGMOD]-	Without him this map would have been entirely lost due to an early on error.
		Wade also helped fix up the map after a premature release with errors.
		The stargates, stargate texture, and hiorogliphics were all made by Wade.
		Wade provided ample support with errors and other miscelanius problems.
		Most importantly Wade had to put up with my incessant questions.

]CFS[Gigabyte-	Gigabyte designed and made the neat spinning things (vortexes?) in the center of the map.
		He was also the one who identified a huge lava error after a premature release.

[-KOG-]Talisman-	Talisman provided many ideas and brought to my attention a severe FPS problem.
			Talisman also did some early stage alpha testing.

[TDM]Cham[CC]-	Cham provided the background music to the level, which is Looking for Clues by David Arnold (Copyright 1998).

[TDM]Ender-	Ender made the intro picture for the level out of screenshots posted in the forum.

[TDM]TomServo[MA]-	Servo provided error support and helped me fix the FPS problem.

[TDM]Blade[CO]- Blade was my only beta testor, it was his slow computer i tried to gauge my FPS goals off of.
		Also for being a great leader... (your gonna put me in your next clanmatch now that ive said that right...?)

[TDM]Khemenetanubis[S]-	Khem was the man who introduced me to mapping.

The Rest of [TDM]-	Thank you for all your support, you guys are the greatest :D

You-	I would finnaly like to thank you for downloading the file and / or taking the time to read this.

Programs Used:
1. GtkRadiant-1.2.11
2. Winrar
3. Notepad
4. EliteForce holomatch

I'll take no responsibility for any damage that may result to your PC from the use of this map. 
No part of this map may be used for any other map without permission from the author.

To contact me email [email protected] or message via msn messenger.
Note: emails may be lost due to a high junk mail filter, preferably contact via msn.

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