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A new MOD that just came out of the blue. It has two new game types for Elite Force, to add to the original FFA, TDM and CTF. (Or Tourney if you have it ;) ) The two new game types are Holomatch: Weaponary and Flag Control.

In Holomatch: Weaponary, you start off with the strongest weapon, the more you frag, the less powerful weapon you have, just to test how good you really are ;)

Flag Control is like CTF but the differance is, you earn points for your team the longer you have the flag. You can't capture it.

Two very enjoyable game types to enhance your Holomatch pleasure. Thanks to TheSnerd.



| The Forgotten Games       |

Release February 17th, 2002

This mod features two new gametypes: Holomatch: Weaponry and Flag Control

After successful installation into your 'Star Trek Voyager Elite Force' directory - make sure not do install this mod into your baseef directory! - you can either start Holomatch as usual and load the mod from the 'MODS'-menu or you might want to start the mod directly by a) creating a short-cut to stvoyhm.exe b) adding '+set fs_game tfg' to the command line.

- Holomatch: Weaponry
Start with one of the best weapons and frag your way down to the lower levels. Find out if you're really that good ;)
Recommendation: Use high a fraglimit!

- Flag Control
Plays like CTF with the difference that for every second a player keeps hold of the flag, he gets one point - captures aren't possible...
Recommendation: Use high a fraglimit!

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