The Hall of the Dark Jedi

TDJ Hall is a rather tall map. By that I mean there is a considerable height difference from the main floor of the level to the second level...


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TDJ Hall is a rather tall map. By that I mean there is a considerable height difference from the main floor of the level to the second level in the map. Each base has a tall platform-like structure in the middle, an underground water entrance, a connecting hallway (to the other base) and another open air passage at the very top. These are the three main ways to get between bases. A fourth way is through a simple cave-like hallway carved into the middle of the high wall.. reaching it will cost you some health as there is no direct route to it. The readme says there is a fifth way as well, but I can't seem to find it so I guess there must be some secret to this map. The underground water entrance is basically a lng tunnel filled (to the top) with water, so you cannot breathe! I found it highly impossible to reach the other side of this tunnel alive unless I had the speed boots (which are only on the red side! Blue guys will have to *ahem* turn blue while they choke for air. I suppose this can be taken as a challenge to players, but honestly... unless I was being forced to I would avoid that water tunnel at all costs. The main connecting hallway and the open-air passage on top are pretty direct means of getting across (you can even snipe straight into the other base).

Overall the map is alright... there is nothing striking about it and the repetitive textures don't help that issue. Check it if you feel like :)

Bot Support: Yes New Textures: Yes New Sounds: No New Models: Yes

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The Hall of the Dark Jedi - {TDJ}Chilla X 05-06-04

Creator:	{TDJ}Chilla X 
Name:         	The Hall of the Dark Jedi
Game Type:      FFA, Team FFA, CTF
Recommended:	2+ players
Bot Support:	Yes

This is simple map - 2 halls (with 1 flag in each) and 5 ways of traveling between them. Each way has its advantages & 
disadvantages. The halls are reasonably tall specifically for the jedi sniper modification server

Models used
Griffin.md3	   Statue of a griffin 		- Tim Douthit 			 -
Fountain.md3	   Fountain with two Griffins	- Tim Douthit 			 -
ts-torch01.md3     Flaming Torch		- Michel "The-Shadow-TS" Duhaime -
finko_light1.md3   Ceiling Light		- Elfinko			 -


Stick Pk3 in your BaseEF folder, run from menu or console (map TDJHALL)


Just under half an hour with AMD Athlon xp 2600 & 512megs of ram

All {TDJ} members, esp Whippingboy, <!>Link<!>, DRCYCLOPS & ex-member Chris.
[eFc]<<Q>> & Lucifer.
Raven and ID for a wonderfull game and engine!

email me -

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