The Last Outpost RPG-X Complete Edition



all downloads will be served through TLO's website. This is endorsed and verified by Elite Force Files - Luke[/b] This then, is it. Star Trek: Voyager Elite Force and RPG-X have been on the decline in recent years, and understandably so. Elite Force as a boxed game has become rarer and rarer for new players to find. People have moved on, or lost interest. There are a lot of people who would LIKE to play, but can't, or simply don't know about RPG-X: The Mod because it isn't official. Well with this download, which includes the EF MP, latest RPG-X, the best version of the engine and everything a user could need to start roleplaying with present RP group king "The Last Outpost", solves all those problems. This project and file have been officially allowed by Raven Software and CBS/Paramount. It is all legit.It's all here, folks! This revolutionary new program contains everything you need to run RPG-X in one simple package. The 750MB installer includes:

  • [li]Elite Force multiplayer components[/li][li]RPG-X 2.2 beta 8[/li][li]rpg_poseidon, rpg_runabout maps[/li][li]The TLO server rankset[/li][li]The latest ioCow engine[/li][li]A customized autoexec.cfg - no additional setup required![/li]

What are you waiting for? Download today, and experience RPG-X as it was meant to be played, legal, free, and open forever! To learn more about getting started with RPGXCE, see our Getting Started guide here. If you need help, go here to ask our friendly engineers about your problem![size=6pt]Note: All content used with permission. See license agreement for more. This program may not be uploaded or redistributed without the express permission of The Last Outpost.[/size]


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