The Venorcis Project



this mod was never fully completed so this is released as an "as-is" mod. Therefore expect issues when playing this modGameplay Features

Reloadable weapons, which means that the whole system works with clips now (press R to reload). All Klingons and Hirogeneven have their own newly built-in reloading animation. A new set of impactmarks, bullets, sounds, etcetera for all the weapons Locational damage, which is vertical, horizontal and rotational. It includes 14 locations that all give a differentdamage-multiplier (head, face, shoulders, throat, neck, chest, back, arms, stomach, groin, behind, hips, legs, and feet)) Gore: shooting enemies now makes them bleed, actual blood will come all over the place Headshots!: you can shoot enemies heads off, and they will actually go flying through the sky to remain on the floor... Silent kills: when you stab an enemy in the back with your knife, he will die instantly A new health system, which now makes your health visible by the colour of your crosshair Improvements to the game engine, which makes all the bodies, impactmarks, and all other entitiesstick around instead of dissapearing after a little while (higher limits) Glass now explodes in a much better way than before Improved the behaviour of the NPCs, by for instance giving them a realistic eyesight Replaced Munro with a new character The eyesight of the player (the 1st person view) has been corrected to be an actual EYEsight (not crotch-sight), whichalso fixes the muzzlepoint of your weapon. Updated the sound system so now you can hear the sounds from the place they actually have to come from The adapation to weapons of the Borg has been disabledNew Weapons A Winchester rifle A sniper rifle (alternative fire is used to zoom in through a new scope) A double-barreld shotgun (alternative fire shoots both barrels) A crossbow A knife A grenade (alternative fire cooks the grenade)Engine Features All code has been optimized; fixed all sorts of warnings, errors, bugs, compiled with the latest Visual Studio 2008 (also updating base-functions), to make the code as fast and small as possible. These include fixes from IOQuake3, and later EF-based games like Soldier of Fortune and Jedi Knight. Overall, your FPS should become higher by this. Updated allmost all mathematical calculations to be more precise and faster in-game. Updated some physics calculations that make the movements and impacts of players more realistic. Created some mapping entities, like a rotating door (func_door_rotating), or a light that can be turned on or off (misc_light) Fixed bugs in the game's engine that would not correctly set the size of objects (by mins and maxs), which also makes the heightof all NPCs correct (first the engine would make them bigger than they actually were, caused by the scale setting in NPCs.cfg) Fixed a bug in the game that would make a missile (bullet) explode "on the whole player", instead of the actual point of impact Made a base for a function that would allow objects to stick to entities (like blood or a knife), but this never got finished. Made a base for a function that would allow for working doorhandles (a dubble func_door_rotating), but this too never got finished. And lots and lots and lots and lots of minor fixes, optimizations to improve the overall gameplay Updated shaders and GTKRadiant commontexturesKnown Bugs For some reason, all the subtitles don't work. This includes disabling the scrolling-text at the beginning of the game The ammo of the quantum burst is broken, and thus the photon burst is unusable The Dreadnought weapon is also not behaving properly... You cannot pickup any special hypospray in the Scavenger levels, as the game will then crash. Entities might still dissapear if there are really a lot, this is because the engine still has its limits. Some other random, weird bugs might appear because I did not test the game thoroughly. So enjoy this mod and if you have any feedback or error reporting or would like to make this mod better then comment below!

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