The Venorcis Project



original version (released a few days ago on this site) was never fully completed, and released as an "as-is" mod, thus there were several issues. This new edition fixes many of those.The Venorcis Project makes a lot of changes to both the content of the game, and how it is played. Most notably, there are several new weapons, the Munro player model is replaced with an Imperial Human looking awfully like Kaialin, the first-person view is now from eye-level rather than "crotchlevel", a few new animations and glass explosions, the game code itself has been improved to increase FPS and make the physics more realistic - even the TED is changed to show your health by it's colour, rather than a special bar. With the new modern-day weapons, you can fire headshots, as well blowing enemy body parts around, and there is also a rather nasty blood effect to go with this. Some weapons can also be re-loaded, such as the scavenger rifle & shotgun, and there is even a close-range knife for instant kill stabbing. I feel like a chav already. This version of Lammeren's mod has several improvements on the last, such as fixed Photon Burst ammo, working subtitles and a better sniper rifle zoom. Full mod details are in the readme.As a player, I have mixed feelings concerning this mod. Whilst the overt gore and doesn't seem to suit EF, and the modern-day weapons are very much out of place, a massive amount of code-work and game alteration has gone into this project to make it more real, so huge kudos must go to it's developer. Whatever you may think about this, its certainly an experience not to be missed, and you can easily play through single player in a new way with the Venorcis Project.~ Luke20 (The Tenth Doctor).


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