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Another great skin pak by Toonloon based on The Original Series. From the episode "The Tholian Web". It is a preview pak that has Spock an...


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Another great skin pak by Toonloon based on The Original Series. From the episode "The Tholian Web". It is a preview pak that has Spock and McCoy in Environmental suits as they appear in the episode. The suits are nicely done, especially given the limitations of the models, and the helmets are top knotch. A definate must for all TOS fans.

He will be releasing another version of this later with Chekov and Kirk!

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Download '' (4.07MB)

         / __  //__  __// __  // __  /   /__  __// __  / / ____// / / / 
        / / /_/   / /  / /_/ // /_/ /      / /  / /_/ / / /__  / //'/'
        _\ \     / /  / __  //   __/      / /  /   __/ / __ / /  '/' 
      / /_/ /   / /  / / / // /\ \       / /  / /\ \  / /___ / /\ \
     /_____/   /_/  /_/ /_//_/  \_\     /_/  /_/  \_\/_____//_/  \_\

"Tholian Web" Preview pak.

Original Series Spock and McCoy skin from the third season episode "The Tholian Web".
Bot support, team support, sound wavs, HM chat lines and taunts for Voyager Elite Force 
by Toonloon.

Version 1.0. 21/05/02

Release notes.

There are two skins included in this pak including a helmets off version for the blue team


Big thanks to Chaos and The Prophet who again nursemaided me through some Milkshape
problems and of course to AFADoomer who made the original basic helmet some time ago 
which has gone through many a re-designing and remodelling. The suit textures have the 
gleam shader applied so they look suitably `60's sci-fi like they did in the original 
episode. I have added a blue and red team skin by changing the colours of the pipes 
around the suit. I also made the blue team take their helmets off so it is easier to 
distinguish between the two in holomatch. I will be adding Chekov and Kirk to this pak
at a later date, but I am unhappy with both skins at present so I will be waiting until
they have improved before they join their fellow crewmates.

Here is a brief synopsis of the episode the skin is based on courtesy of
The U.S.S. Enterprise arrives in an uncharted area of space to answer a distress call from 
the U.S.S. Defiant. The starship is visible on their viewscreen, but sensors on board the 
U.S.S. Enterprise say it's not there. 

Kirk, Spock, McCoy and Chekov beam aboard and spread out to investigate. Everyone aboard is 
dead ... apparently killed in a bizarre mutiny, although there are no life readings aboard. 
McCoy, in the ship's sickbay, tells Kirk that he can find no clue as to why the crew died, 
but has taken readings to study. Then, as his hand passes through a body and exam table, 
McCoy realizes the U.S.S. Defiant is dissolving. 

Quickly Kirk orders them beamed back to the U.S.S. Enterprise, but Scotty explains that due 
to the poor stability of the space around them, he can only beam three aboard. After the 
usual debate, Kirk stays behind while the others beam back. When Scotty tries to bring Kirk 
aboard, his image wavers, and disappears. Interphase, Spock calculates, will occur in a 
little over two hours. In the meantime, they must wait. If the captain is still alive, 
they should be able to retrieve him then. 

Complications arise when Chekov goes berserk and attacks Spock on the bridge. Slowly, more 
members of the crew fall prey to the 'illness,' attacking their crewmates. McCoy and his 
staff work round the clock to find a cure. When the doctor suggests Spock "put some 
distance" between the U.S.S. Enterprise and the U.S.S. Defiant, Spock explains that any 
movement in the weakened space could disturb both ship's positions and jeopardize Kirk's 

At a little over an hour before interphase, a Tholian ship appears, telling Spock that the 
U.S.S. Enterprise has violated Tholian space. The Vulcan explains that they were answering 
a distress call and are waiting until they can retrieve Kirk. The Tholians agree to wait 
until the appointed time before taking action. 

Unfortunately, when the interphase occurs, Kirk is not where he should be. Spock suspects 
that the Tholian's entrance into the area of space disturbed the U.S.S. Defiant's position. 
A funeral service is held for Captain Kirk, following which McCoy insists they view the 
Captain's last orders. Spock reluctantly agrees and the two men go to their friend's 
quarters and listen to Kirk's touching advice. 

Uhura is the first to see Kirk's image floating before her, and for a time, McCoy thinks 
she's contracted the disease. But when he and Spock see the Kirk on the bridge, they 
realize that he is, in fact, still alive. 

The Tholians decide that Spock has, in fact, lied to them and opens fire. Making a 
decision, Spock orders the phasers fired at the ship. The Tholian ship is disabled, 
but soon another ship joins it and they begin 'building' a sort of web made of shining 
filaments. Spock analyses the web and announces that if they don't bring Kirk aboard 
and leave before the web is completed, they "won't see home again." At the last minute, 
Spock orders full power against the web and the U.S.S. Enterprise is thrown outside the 
Tholian's trap, several parsecs from their former position. The hope is that Kirk, caught 
in the U.S.S. Enterprise tractor beam when they changed position, was brought with them. 

Tensely McCoy waits with a hypo of tri-ox for Kirk, whose air is running out as he's 
successfully beamed on board the U.S.S. Enterprise, alive and unharmed. In a humorous tag, 
McCoy and Spock convince Kirk that there had been no time to view his final orders and 
Kirk, somewhat disappointed that his wisdom had gone unheard, says that he hopes there 
isn't a similar circumstance where the two men will view the tape. 


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Enjoy fragging in the 23rd century.


If you wish to alter or use bits of this model, please ask my permission and give me the
appropriate credit.

[email protected]

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