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Finally the long anticipated TOS Cruiser map by MajorTork is here. Needless to say, this is the USS Excalibur and bears a striking resemblen...


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Finally the long anticipated TOS Cruiser map by MajorTork is here. Needless to say, this is the USS Excalibur and bears a striking resemblence to the Enterprise of the original series. Everything in this map has been made at the hand of a set of blueprints. The advantage of this is that the map looks just like the original. Read some of the newsupdates for information on how this map came to be. I really enjoyed roaming through the corridors. There is a lot of eyecandy for you to see. Only like 10 percent of the ship is accessable in this map which is cool. There are 2 version of this map included, cruiser_hm and cruiser_mp. Cruiser_mp contains some extra goodies like secret areas and some usable consoles. Only the latter has BOT support. Use the turbo lift to move to other parts of the ship. It may take some time to get used to the main as one turbolift can only take you to one place. Find another one to move to the next section.

The following sections are included: Bridge Shuttlebay Sickbay Engineering Briefing Room Crew Quarters Transporter Room

Of course also a lot of corridors and stuff like that.

All the textures look very detailed. You can really see MajorTork spent a lot of time detailing the map to be perfect and it shows! The only thing that bugged me were some of the doors. They kept opening and closing. But still it does not bring the quality of the overall map down.

Download this! Shame on you if you don't!

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Download '' (15MB)

Holomaps for the Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force game
By MajorTork 0504.3

Place the "TOS_CRUISER.PK3" into your BaseEF directory. Start EF Holomatch and select the maps from the SOLO MATCH option, or CREATE your own.

I wasn't able to fit everything I wanted into one map, so I made two versions of the ship. Both version are playable online and support DM, TDM, CTF and maybe a few others.

CRUISER_HM: Bot support version with none of the extra elements.

CRUISER_MP: Full version without bot support. Includes usable consoles, extra sounds, 5 secret areas and all weapon/item power-ups. This map also contains basic singleplayer action. Just start STV:EF, at the main menu press "~" to open the command screen. Type   MAP CRUISER_MP   on the command line and press Enter. Eliminate all enemy targets.

Star Trek created by Gene Roddenberry

Starship Design by Walter M. Jefferies

Original Blueprints and Technical Manual by Franz Joseph Designs

Elite Force produced by Raven Software, Activision and Paramount Pictures

Models, Textures, Shaders and Inspiration by Toonloon, Ambassador Petri, AFADoomer, Skinner, Paracyte, Synchromesh, HorckDude, Chief Armstrong, Kirk1701, Stukatto, Grand Nagus and Sargon.

TOS Reference Material provided by FishDS9

Starship Construction by Benny Hoff

Space Images -
Editing Programs -
TOS Fonts -
Help, Advise and Support -

For a more authentic TOS gaming experience, download Toonloon's and Kirk1701's awesome TOS bots and the very kool "TOS Weapons Mod2" and "The Argas Effect Mod". All this and more are available at the SpaceStationK7 website -


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