TOS Incident

A map made based on the romulan ship from The Enterprise Incident. This map has great detail and is a lot of fun.

I had a chance to try...


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A map made based on the romulan ship from The Enterprise Incident. This map has great detail and is a lot of fun.

I had a chance to try it out and I think it looks incredable. The detail is amazing, and it really does look like what we saw in the episode. Its worth every megabyte.

It can be played with deathmatch or solomatch, and yes it has bot support.

I also recommend that you try playing it with The TOS Weapons Mod because the origional ST weapons really blend in to the rest of the map.

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Download '' (5.62MB)

by MajorTork 0211.24

A Holomatch level for the Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force game
Play modes: SoloMatch, FFA and Team DM - bot support included

NOTE: Toonloon's TOSRomulans.pk3 botpak required for SoloMatch gameplay;
      You can download the botpak from -
      Or use the 'CREATE MATCH' option to choose your own opponents

Based on the TOS episode written by Dorothy Fontana
D7Cruiser and USS Enterprise models created by Petri Blomqvist
Cargo canisters, desk computer and security guard models created by Toonloon
Original TOS_Pilot and SpaceStation_K7 chair models created by AFADoomers 
Additional textures, shaders and Alpha Channelling by Toonloon.
Secret area inspired by Horckdude's Daedalus map
Curtain shader script provided by Grand Nagus.

Just place the "tos_incident.pk3" file into your BaseEF directory.
Start EF and select the map from the SOLO MATCH option, or CREATE your own.


Computer: Compaq Presario 5000
Processor: Celeron 566mhz
Memory: 128megs
Editor: EFRadiant GDK 2 (v.2)
AAS Program: BSPC-GUI (v1.7)
Paint Program: Paint Shop Pro 4.14SE
Construction Time: about 6 months
Compile Time (FullVis+AAS): 1hr 34mins

Editing Programs -
TOS Fonts -
Visual References -
Mapping Tutorial -
Additional Tutorials -
Help, Advise and Support -

After finishing "WreckDeck", I was unsure what my next TOS mapping project should be. Then Toonloon ask me if I would recreate the Cloaking Device room and a small section of corridor from the Romulan ship that appeared in the classic episode "The Enterprise Incident". These areas would be used to showcase his then new bot pak featuring the TOS Romulan characters. Afterwards, we both agreed that the few rooms I had created look very kool and decided to continue construction on the map.

This time however, I wanted a more accurate recreation of the sets used in the original episode, so I studied every reference picture I could find. Then one day I was fortunate enough to catch a rerun of the episode on the SciFi Channel and video taped it. At that point I was able to add even more detail, as well as layout the floorplan of the map to match the sets as they appeared in the original episode. Every location in the show has been faithfully reproduced to the best of my abilities, which is why is has taken so long for me to complete this project.

During this time-period of TOS, the Romulans had recently agreed to a technological exchange with the Klingon Empire. They gave the Klingons their cloaking technology in exchange for the Klingon's D7 BattleCruise designs. All other areas of the ship were designed by myself, and were based on many different Trek elements. Only the back wall of the bridge was shown in the episode however, so I based the rest of the design off of several Romulan and Klingon sets seen elsewhere in the Trek Universe. The Transporter Room is patterned after the one from the Star Trek VI movie. I based the Briefing Room and Turbolifts on the original ones used for the pilot episodes, remaining true to TOS producer's practice of reusing old sets and props.

Along with the excellent models and textures created by Toon, Doomer and Petri, this map marks the first custom shaders, textures and models created by myself. I also discovered lots of interesting stuff about the episode while researching it, such as the name of the Romulan FlagShip (Eidolon) and the female Romulan Commander's name (Tayva). These were revealed in a story written by Kathleen Dailey (1996) which details the event's immediately following the Commander's capture by Enterprise. This is a very well written story with some classic TOS moments, and I highly recommend the read (see PROMOS for link). Overall I am quite pleased with how this map turned out and hope everyone has a blast playing it.

Fight well, and may all your frags be Honorable!

Thanks to Ravensoft for making such a fun and versatile game. They made FPS for TOS possible.

Thanks again to Toonloon for inspiring me to make this map, and most of all in finishing it. :)

I'd also like to thank the many talented and helpful programmers at the Ravensoft's Mod Community.

(This is a list of links I found while researching the episode)
Trivia Quiz -
Transcript -
5-Minute Episode -
Ship Schematics -
Episode Credits -

Read "Any Other Lifetime" by Kathleen Dailey

Visit my website to contact me or to see what else I've created -

For an even more authentic TOS gaming experiences, download Toonloon's TOS bots and the very kool "TOS Weapons Mod". Also, watch for the highly anticipated "Amok Time" Mod and TOS Weapons Mod 2. All this stuff and more are available at the SpaceStaionK7 website -


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