Toonloon's latest recreation. Dr. Leonard H. McCoy. It comes with 4 skins, just the plain ol' simple country doctor ;), then him in a dres...


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Toonloon's latest recreation. Dr. Leonard H. McCoy. It comes with 4 skins, just the plain ol' simple country doctor ;), then him in a dress uniform, then him "absorved into 'The Body'" and him in primative villager cloths. The likeness of him is uncanny, the arms look a bit funny but thats just the model limitation. This is yet another superb skin. Good work m8!

These skins have bot support, team support and taunts.

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         / __  //__  __// __  // __  /   /__  __// __  / / ____// / / / 
        / / /_/   / /  / /_/ // /_/ /      / /  / /_/ / / /__  / //'/'
        _\ \     / /  / __  //   __/      / /  /   __/ / __ / /  '/' 
      / /_/ /   / /  / / / // /\ \       / /  / /\ \  / /___ / /\ \
     /_____/   /_/  /_/ /_//_/  \_\     /_/  /_/  \_\/_____//_/  \_\

Dr Leonard H. McCoy

Original Series Doctor McCoy with bot support, team support, sound wavs, 
HM chat lines and taunts for Voyager Elite Force by Toonloon. 

Version 1.0 28/04/02

Release notes.

There are four skins included in this pak. 

McCoy in Dress Uniform
McCoy absorbed into "The Body"
McCoy in native Neural villager clothing

I tried a new method of making the head for Dr McCoy and it seemed to have paid off. Big
thanks go to The Prophet for just helping me get past a stage where I was stuck and couldn't
progress. His advice and guidance helped me take the next few steps and got me to finish 
this bot. I have included Dr McCoy in his medical tunic as well in the blue variant of the
standard Dr McCoy skin. McCoy_Landru is taken from the episode "The Return of the Archons"
and McCoy_Neural was seen in "A Private Little War".
*A big thanks to USS SPEED for helping me with my shader problems, and for fixing the 
problem I had with the McCoy medical tunic.

Here is a brief synopsis of the episodes if you haven't seen it courtesy of

"The Return of the Archons"

The U.S.S. Enterprise is investigating Beta III, where the U.S.S. Archon disappeared over 100 
years before. 

When the landing party exhibits strange behavior, Kirk sends another party down to investigate. 
They find the culture on Beta III is quiescent, with no creative tendencies. The entire culture 
is controlled by a group of 'lawgivers' known as "The Body" which is, in turn, controlled by 
the omniscient Landru. The inhabitants change from normal, peaceful people to a violent mob at 
the coming of the Red Hour. This 'Festival' is the society's only outlet for the tyrannical hold 
that Landru has over them at all other times. 

Meanwhile, the U.S.S. Enterprise is being pulled from its orbit, its crew to be absorbed into 
the Body. This, they discover, is what happened to the U.S.S. Archon, so many years before. 

Archon survivors have formed an underground of sorts to fight the Body, and they help Kirk and 
Spock reach Landru. Landru turns out to be an incredibly complex computer built by Landru, a 
scientist who lived 6,000 years before, who wanted to guide his people into a peaceful, 
civilized progress. 

Landru had affected the computer with his scientific thoughts and memories, but not his wisdom. 
For centuries the computer, 'Landru,' has been interpreting his suggestions to the point that 
no one is allowed independent thought. Kirk tells the computer that instead of helping to 
nurture the culture of Beta III, it has harmed it. Landru destroys itself, leaving the Betans 
to work toward the sort of culture Landru had wanted so many centuries before. With the promise 
of Federation help on the way, Kirk and his crew beam back to the U.S.S. Enterprise. 


"A Private Little War"

Captain Kirk leads a survey mission to a peaceful, primitive planet which he visited 13 
years before as a lieutenant. He is dismayed to see a group of villagers armed with 
flintlocks, weapons they shouldn't have at their current stage of development. The villagers 
ambush the landing party and wound Spock. Returning to the U.S.S. Enterprise, Spock is put 
under the care of Dr. M'Benga, who once interned in a Vulcan ward. M'Benga tells McCoy they've 
done all they can for Spock, and that he has to recover on his own. 

Meanwhile, a Klingon vessel is detected in orbit around the planet, and Kirk orders Chekov to 
keep the Enterprise out of sensor range while he returns to the surface. He'll be looking for 
Tyree, the tribal leader he befriended years earlier. Minutes after Kirk and McCoy beam down in 
native clothing, they are attacked by a mugato, a white apelike creature with poisonous fangs, 
who bites Kirk before McCoy can kill it with a phaser. They can't return to the Enterprise, so 
Kirk tells McCoy that Tyree's people have a cure for the mugato poison. 

Some hill people find Kirk and McCoy and take them to their caves, informing them that Tyree is 
now their leader, and his wife, Nona, knows how to help Kirk. But Tyree and Nona are currently 
on a scouting mission. Nona is using drugs to keep Tyree devoted to her, and she urges him to 
acquire "firesticks" for their people, but being a devoted pacifist, he refuses. Informed about 
Kirk, Nona heads back to the caves, where she sees McCoy using his phaser to heat some rocks. 
Nona is intrigued, and wants to know more about their guests. Nona treats Kirk by cutting her 
hand and pressing a mahko root against Kirk's wound. She collapses but Kirk recovers. Now, 
according to legend, Kirk will be unable to refuse Nona anything. 

Meanwhile, on the Enterprise, Dr. M'Benga has informed Nurse Chapel that Spock is in a state 
of self-induced hypnosis to heal his own injuries. When Spock's readings fluctuate, M'Benga is 
pleased, and tells Chapel that if Spock regains consciousness she is to do whatever the Vulcan asks. 

Tyree tells Kirk and McCoy that the firesticks first appeared nearly a year ago, but assumes the 
villagers have been making them — he hasn't seen any strangers. Kirk asks him to take them to the 
village under cover of dark. Nona joins them and implores Kirk to help make Tyree a powerful man, 
but the captain says he will not interfere. 

Tyree leads Kirk and McCoy into the village, where they find a forge containing clear evidence that 
Klingons are involved. They watch in hiding as the villager's leader, Apella, enters with a Klingon. 
Kirk and McCoy overpower them, take a flintlock and escape with Tyree's help. 

Spock regains partial consciousness and demands that Chapel strike him. She does so hesitantly at 
first, but at Spock's insistence she slaps him harder and harder, until Scotty walks in and stops 
her, not knowing he's endangering Spock by doing this. M'Benga finds out what's happening, rushes 
over and slaps Spock violently until he is fully conscious. Spock thanks him for bringing him out 
of his hypnotic state. 

On the planet, Kirk teaches Tyree and his people how to fire the stolen flintlock. McCoy points 
out that he is corrupting the hill people's society, but Kirk replies that the Klingons left them 
no choice — in order to bring equity back between the hill people and the villagers, he has to 
provide equal weapons. McCoy is horrified, but has no alternative solution. Realizing Tyree is 
hesitant to arm his people, Kirk hopes that Nona can convince her husband to fight. When he 
approaches her, she uses the same drug on him that she used to seduce Tyree. Kirk falls under 
her spell. Tyree sees what's happening and aims the flintlock at his wife, but he cannot bring 
himself to shoot. He throws the weapon away in disgust and walks off. 

Suddenly, a mugato attacks Kirk and Nona. After a struggle, Kirk is forced to destroy the 
creature with his phaser. Seeing her opportunity, Nona knocks Kirk out and takes the phaser. 
Tyree and McCoy find Kirk and revive him, while Nona runs into a patrol of villagers and offers 
them victory by using Kirk's phaser. But the villagers attack and kill her. Tyree and Kirk rush 
in and overpower the villagers. When Tyree learns that Nona is dead he takes up the rifle and 
tells Kirk he needs more weapons. McCoy retrieves Kirk's phaser, and Spock contacts them from 
the ship. Kirk orders Scotty to manufacture a hundred flintlocks — they are making serpents for 
the Garden of Eden. 


Have fun with this skin. For TOS battles on board an authentic Enterprise
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"Wreck Deck" map with the TOS WEAPONS MOD.

For more mods and skins, check out the newest EF site.

Enjoy fragging in the 23rd century.


If you wish to alter or use bits of this model, please ask my permission and give me the
appropriate credit.

[email protected]

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