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This is a cool skin pak made by Toonloon, it includes Captain Pike, from the pilot episode, as he appears in the episode "The Cage" and also...


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This is a cool skin pak made by Toonloon, it includes Captain Pike, from the pilot episode, as he appears in the episode "The Cage" and also as he appears in the episode "The Menagerie" disabled in that wheel chair. Also skins of Commodore Mendez, and skins with the dress uniforms and Spock from the Pilot! Great Work Toonloon!

It also has spawnable models of bridges for use in single player maps.

This skin pak also includes a new weapon aswell, its the phaser from the Pilot episode, and it will replace the phaser in your inventory.

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Download '' (4.88MB)

         / __  //__  __// __  // __  /   /__  __// __  / / ____// / / / 
        / / /_/   / /  / /_/ // /_/ /      / /  / /_/ / / /__  / //'/'
        _\ \     / /  / __  //   __/      / /  /   __/ / __ / /  '/' 
      / /_/ /   / /  / / / // /\ \       / /  / /\ \  / /___ / /\ \
     /_____/   /_/  /_/ /_//_/  \_\     /_/  /_/  \_\/_____//_/  \_\

The Menagerie skin pak.

Here is an unusual skin pak brought to you by myself and AFADoomer. The skin pak not only
contains skins from TOS but also from the pre-Kirk pilot and some spawnable models for
SP as well as a new Phaser weapon.
Although the majority of the work in the pak is mine, I must pay a great deal of praise 
and gratitude to AFADoomer who has given us all some incredible work to play around with.

Version 1.0 15/12/01

Release notes.

There are two skins included in this pak. 

Spock (The Cage) by Toonloon
Spock in away uniform (The Cage) by Toonloon
Captain Pike (The Cage) by Toonloon
Captain Pike in away uniform (The Cage) by Toonloon
Fleet Captain Pike (The Menagerie)by AFADoomer & Toonloon
Commodore Mendez (The Menagerie) by Toonloon
Mr Spock (The Menagerie) by Toonloon

Also included in the pak are spawnable models of the  bridge, one from TOS and one
from The Cage. You can spawn these in SP by typing these commands;

npc spawn pilotbridge
npc spawn tosbridge

AFADoomer made the brilliant wheel-chair for Fleet Captain Pike and I modelled the head 
and textured it. AFADoomer also modelled the two bridges and the Phaser.

Here is a brief synopsis of the episode if you haven't seen it courtesy of
The U.S.S. Enterprise and her crew are diverted by a signal from the former captain of the 
U.S.S. Enterprise on Starbase 6, and proceed to the call. When they arrive they find Captain 
Christopher Pike, who is severely crippled by radiation burns, confined to a moving chair and 
limited in his ability to communicate to the answers "yes" or "no." 

Unbeknownst to Captain Kirk, Spock abducts Pike on board the ship. Captain Kirk returns to the
 U.S.S. Enterprise with Commodore Mendez, and soon discovers that Spock has locked the ship's 
controls on a course set for the planet Talos IV — a planet to which a visit carries the death 
penalty. Forced by the extreme actions of the Vulcan first officer, the two convene a court-martial 
against Spock. 

During the proceedings, from an unknown source, they watch the events that transpired when Captain 
Pike was in command of the U.S.S. Enterprise. They are shown Pike's initial contact with the Talosians, 
a race of beings eager to study human beings in their natural state, and who can provide illusions to 
make things appear exactly as they would like. The transmission relays Captain Pike's entire mission 
surrounding the Talosians and their bizarre experiments while holding him in a powerful cage. The 
Talosians are telepathic beings, able to dig deep into the memories to find whatever illusion will 
be most effective. They attempt to hold Pike captive until his passion and fury force them to release him. 

As the proceedings end, the entire court-martial is found to be meaningless, a result of Commodore 
Mendez being an illusion created by the Talosians for Kirk's benefit. The events, as well, which depicted 
Pike on Talos IV were also found to originate from the Talosians. 

Because of Pike's condition, Spock has risked his career and freedom to bring his former captain to a 
place where he will be able to live an illusion of a pleasant life, rather than the tragically limited 
one he lives now. Kirk allows Pike to beam down to Talos IV and all charges against Spock are dropped. 


For TOS battles on board an authentic Enterprise map, download my other TOS skins and play on 
Synchromesh's USS Enterprise map.

Enjoy fragging in the 23rd century.

Toonloon. 15/12/01

If you wish to alter or use bits of this model, please ask my permission and give me the
appropriate credit.

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