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Excelant skins of Toonloon's Spock and Sulu from TOS episode, "Mirror, Mirror". These are excelant skins with team support and taunts and th...


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Excelant skins of Toonloon's Spock and Sulu from TOS episode, "Mirror, Mirror". These are excelant skins with team support and taunts and they are very realistic.

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         / __  //__  __// __  // __  /   /__  __// __  / / ____// / / / 
        / / /_/   / /  / /_/ // /_/ /      / /  / /_/ / / /__  / //'/'
        _\ \     / /  / __  //   __/      / /  /   __/ / __ / /  '/' 
      / /_/ /   / /  / / / // /\ \       / /  / /\ \  / /___ / /\ \
     /_____/   /_/  /_/ /_//_/  \_\     /_/  /_/  \_\/_____//_/  \_\

"Mirror, Mirror" 2 pak.

Original Series parallel universe Mr Spock and Mr Sulu from the second season episode 
"Mirror, Mirror". Bot support, team support, sound wavs, HM chat lines and taunts for Voyager 
Elite Force by Toonloon. 

Version 1.0 01/01/02

Release notes.

There are two skins included in this pak. 

Mirror Spock
Mirror Sulu

I'm very pleased with these bots and I think they are very faithful recreations of the
characters from this particular episode. I was particularly pleased with Mr Sulu. Rather
than be boring and include a blue shirt version of Sulu I have given him the blue
henchmen overalls instead as though he has been demoted from his position as Security
Chief to a lowly henchmen. The Imperial badge you see on this uniform is not canon but 
I like it on the uniform. I've tried something interesting with this pak and added
an agoniser to the Henchman version of Sulu. I know this doesn't animate as well as
it should, but until we get mdr support, I thought I would try and be a little 
creative with the imperial sash and see if that gives anyone any ideas.

Here is a brief synopsis of the episode if you haven't seen it courtesy of
Caught in the beginnings of an ion storm, Kirk, McCoy and Uhura interrupt their 
negotiations with the Halkans for dilithium crystals, to return to the U.S.S. Enterprise. 
Scotty beams the landing party aboard as a burst from the storm hits the starship. The 
transporter malfunctions, sending Kirk, McCoy, Scotty and Uhura into an alternate universe. 
In this world, they soon discover the "Galactic Empire" is maintained by fear and assassination. 
Now, aboard the Imperial Starship Enterprise, the four must find a way to remain undetected until 
they can return to their own universe. 

Meanwhile, the parallel versions of Kirk, Scott, McCoy and Uhura have been beamed on board 
the positive U.S.S. Enterprise. Their behavior is so different from their counterparts that 
Spock immediately realizes something is wrong. He had the four imprisoned until the 
transporter could be checked and repaired. 

On the I.S.S. Enterprise, the parallel Chekov is foiled in an attempt to assassinate Kirk. 
When Kirk refuses to give an order to destroy the Halkans, who have refused to give up their
dilithium crystals, the parallel Spock becomes suspicious. 

The Imperial Fleet sends a secret message to the parallel Spock, telling him to kill 
Captain Kirk and assume command of the starship. Finding an unexpected ally in the parallel 
Spock, Kirk continues to stall while his three comrades gather the information needed to 
send them back to their own universe. 

Parallel Spock has no desire to become captain, and therefore a mark for assassination. 
Along with Lieutenant Marlena Moreau, who wants the parallel Kirk back because she is 
"the Captain's woman," they help return the four U.S.S. Enterprise officers to their own 
world. Before he goes, Kirk talks to the bearded Spock, telling him the advantages of a 
Federation-like system over the anarchy of this universe. Spock seems almost convinced 
that he should in fact get rid of his Kirk, seize control of the I.S.S. Enterprise, and 
manipulate the Imperial Starfleet into working toward a more civilized universe. 


Have fun with these skins. For TOS battles on board an authentic Enterprise
map, download my other TOS bots;

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and play on Synchromesh's Enterprise2 map.

For more mods and skins, check out the newest EF site.

Enjoy fragging in the 23rd century.


If you wish to alter or use bits of this model, please ask my permission or give me the
appropriate credit.

[email protected]

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