TOS Weapons Mod 2



When first loading the mod I thought "Sigh, yet another weapon mod", I soon came to realise that I was wrong. This mod is so much fun! I had such a great time playing this wonderful mod. Weighing only 14 MB, this mod takes you back to the original Star Trek nostalgia, the one with which it all began. It offers a total of 12 new weapons. All the weapons are based upon those seen in the original Star Trek television show. New weapon effects have been added to make it more realistic. The first thing you will notice is the stun setting on the phaser. It freezes the player for a couple of seconds, just enough time to get the hell out of there :) Check the readme for a list of the other weapons. More realistic weapons can also be found, Colt .45 and a machinegun. Never noticed them before, guess they must be from one of Kirks many time travel missions. Every original model has been replaced with a new custom model. The detpack has been replaced with a device which emits some kind of radiation. Once getting infected with the radiation, your screen will go blurry and the walk keys have been switched which prevents the player from walking in a straight line :) You'll notice when going through a transporter that the blue effect has been changed with the original gold effect. Another addition is the tricorder which strips the color codes from the players in "realtime", nice! When switching name, the tricorder can't identify the player who changed his name until the person who holds the tricorder switches to another weapon and back again. The Borg are transformed into miniature beings. Very fun to play with miniature models! Apparently a whole scaling system has been placed to define the characters height. Spacestation K7 created more skins which are worthy of being checked out. Download them, invite some friends, have a TOS party and get drunk :P

Be sure to check this out. We will probably be seeing this mod on servers!



TOS WEAPONS 2 Version 1.0 7/1/05 


TW2 offers a total of 12 TOS era weapons, a phaser with a stun setting and a fully working 
Tricorder! The mod also contains Specialty Matches based on TOS episodes, such as 
"Day of the Dove", "A Piece of the Action" and "Amok Time" and also features TOS powerups 
and some new surprises taken directly from TOS episodes. 

And finally, a brand new scaling system has been added to HM, where you can now define your 
character's height and width. To utilise this new feature, a small fix pak for some of 
Toonloon's bots has been included to take advantage of this, for example Chekov is now 
short, Apollo tall, Spock slim, etc... and look out for a very small threat from the 
24th Century! 


Phaser I (First featured in "The Corbomite Maneuver") 
Phaser II (First featured in"The Enemy Within") 
Klingon Disruptor ("Errand of Mercy") 
Laser Pistol ("The Cage") 
Lirpa ("Amok Time") 
Colt .45 ("Spectre of the Gun") 
Heater ("A Piece of the Action") 
Phaser Rifle ("Where No Man Has Gone Before") 
Lawgiver Staff ("Return of the Archons") 
Grenade Launcher ("Arena") 
Talosian Weapon ("The Cage") 
Sword ("Day of the Dove") 
Tricorder (First featured in "The Enemy Within") 

All weapons have primary firing modes but some of the other also have secondary fire modes. 
Here is a brief description of each:- 

Tricorder - ALT fire activates radar sensors 
Phaser 1 - ALT fire stuns player 
Phaser 2 - ALT fire disintegrates player 
Klingon Disruptor - ALT fires energy discharge 
Laser Pistol - ALT fires wide field 
Lirpa - ALT makes a heavier swing 
Phaser Rifle - ALT fire rapid blast 
Lawgiver - ALT fire energy blast 

Please note that the Lirpa and Sword are melee weapons and the Talosian weapon is a one 
shot instant kill at close range weapon. 

And now the acknowledgments... 

Thanks go to AFAdoomer for building the very first TOS weapons and contributing lots of 
models and textures and some coding to the mod. TheSnerd for finishing off the code he 
started with TW1 and adding many new features. Thanks also go to Neural Link who laboured 
long and hard on this code. Ambassador Petri provided some excellent models and textures 
for the mod and along with TheSnerd, making a terrific launcher for the mod. FishDS9 was 
invaluable as a researcher and sound finder extraodinaire for the many TOS sound effects 
in the mod. Marnix MiXed Donders deserves a big thanks for helping with some shading issues 
as well as the wonderfully psychadelic Medusan Ambassador effect. Extar special thanks goes 
to Chaos for creating the installer package for the mod and thanks to Andorian for taking 
up the excellent work done by HorckDude and helping to make K7 the fun place it is. 


Have fun with this mod. For TOS battles on board an authentic Enterprise 
map, download my TOS bots; 

TOS Doctor Richard Daystrom 
TOS Cherons 
TOS Captain Kirk, Mr Spock & Dr McCoy 
TOS Tholian Web pak (updated) 
TOS Scotty & Uhura 
TOS Chekov & SUlu 
TOS Captain Kirk disguised as a Romulan (updated) 
TOS Generic Enterprise Crew (updated) 
TOS Generic Enterprise Crew2 (updated) 
TOS Klingon pak (updated) 
TOS Romulan pak (updated) 
TOS Mirror, Mirror pak (updated) 
TOS The Menagerie Pak (updated) 
TOS Journey To Babel - Andorian 2 pak (updated) 
TOS Athletic wear 
TOS Dr McCoy pak 

and also 

TNG Tapestry - Picard 2 pak 

and play on Synchromesh's Enterprise 1,2 and 3 map, Kodos' Enterprise or Major Tork's 
USS Enterprise "Wreck Deck" or "Enterprise Incident", Laz Roja's "CTF_TOS1" map with the 

For more mods and skins, check out the newest and most retro EF site. 


All feedback / criticisms / suggestions are welcomely received. 

You can email me at 

[email protected] 

Altering or using parts of the mod without permission are expressly prohibited. Please 
contact me at K7 if you wish to do so. Thank you. 

Enjoy fragging in the 23rd century. 

Toonloon. 7/1/05 

				*** A K7 PRODUCTION ***

How to install TOS Weapons Mod 2

Before you proceed with the following steps, make sure that you have installed Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force 
and that it has been patched to the latest version, which is 1.2 at the time of writing this how-to-article. 
Notice for owners of the Expansion Pack: When you install the Add-On your game is automatically patched to 
version 1.2. 

To begin the installation of the modification you have to launch the setup-application, which is included in 
the ZIP-archive you downloaded.

You'll be presented with a new window, where you have to select the Elite Force-installation directory, 
e.g. C:\Program File\Raven\Star Trek Voyager Elite Force\.
Click 'continue' and the copying of the mod-files will commence. Additionally an icon will be placed on your 
desktop, which can be used to start the TOS Weapons Mod launcher.

You'll be prompted to close the setup-application, which you can safely do.

Congratulations, the modification has been installed and is ready to be launched.

Brought to you by Spacestation K7.


For technical support, please contact us in the TOS Weapons Mod forum at K7.


Thank you for downloading this mod.

Special thanks go to Ravensoft for creating the original Elite Force, released through Activision, Paramount 
for continuing to support Star Trek and it's fans with new games and new fan based mods and films and of course, 
the Great Bird of the Galaxy, Gene Roddenberry, without who's vision non of us would have spent the time and care 
in putting this mod together.

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