The Updated Version of Toonloon's Cheron Skins from The Original Series! This are great skins of those half black, half white and half white...


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The Updated Version of Toonloon's Cheron Skins from The Original Series! This are great skins of those half black, half white and half white, half black aliens, Bele and Lakai. These are excelant skins, a must have for ALL TOS lovers! :)

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         / __  //__  __// __  // __  /   /__  __// __  / / ____// / / / 
        / / /_/   / /  / /_/ // /_/ /      / /  / /_/ / / /__  / //'/'
        _\ \     / /  / __  //   __/      / /  /   __/ / __ / /  '/' 
      / /_/ /   / /  / / / // /\ \       / /  / /\ \  / /___ / /\ \
     /_____/   /_/  /_/ /_//_/  \_\     /_/  /_/  \_\/_____//_/  \_\

TOS Cheron 2 pak.

Original Series Bele and Lokai skins from the third season episode "Let That Be Your Last
Battlefield". Bot support, team support, sound wavs, HM chat lines and taunts for Voyager 
Elite Force by Toonloon. Thanks to Kirk1701 for donating chat lines and a sound taunts for
each Cheron.

Version 1.2 15/12/01

Release notes.

There are two skins included in this pak. 

Commisioner Bele

After it was pointed out to me in the preview pics, I have changed the black and white
hands to silver grey gloves to be accurate with the episode. I rather liked the black and
white hands so have left them in with the team colours. So if you pick the red or blue 
versions, the bots will be without their gloves and you will see their appropriate 
skin colours. Also I have tried to address some comments about the costuming of the 
Cherons. Hopefully they are now improved.

V.1.2 Update: The faces have been given a higher definition and the heads have been slightly
remodelled. I have also added some more sounds and new icons for the pak as well as giving
the bots "funnames". The uniforms have been completely re-visited and re-textured as well as
the team colours re-done. I also noticed an error with Bele when his gloves are off. I had
the colour of his hands the wrong way round so that has been corrected now. 

Here is a brief synopsis of the episode if you haven't seen it courtesy of
The U.S.S. Enterprise intercepts a stolen Federation shuttlecraft which contains a humanoid
named Lokai. Taken aboard the ship, Lokai tells the crew he is from the planet Cheron, and
asks for asylum on the U.S.S. Enterprise. His most distinctive feature is that he is half 
black and half white, starkly separated down the middle of his body. 

The U.S.S. Enterprise tracks another vessel, pursuing at great speed. The ship's only 
passenger beams on board and is discovers to be another humanoid from Cheron. The difference
in this man, Bele, is that his black and white skin is reversed from Lokai's. Bele claims 
to be Cheron's chief officer sent out to bring in political traitors, and has been pursuing
Lokai. The more the two men are aboard the starship, the more Kirk realizes that the basic
problem between them...and their entire race, their opposite color. 
Tiring of their bigotry, Kirk decides to ignore the two guests and concentrate on his 
original mission; to decontaminate the planet Ariannus, plagued with a bacteria that 
endangers billions of lives. 

When Bele takes control of the U.S.S. Enterprise in a desperate attempt, Kirk sets the 
ships auto-destruct sequence instead of allowing the hijacking to continue, and the alien 
returns command to the captain. However, once planet Ariannus is decontaminated, Bele takes 
back his control over the starship and leads it back to Cheron. What they find is a 
long-dead planet, annihilated by their interracial bigotry. Lokai beams down to the surface 
to escape Bele, who follows. The U.S.S. Enterprise leaves them on the surface, to decide 
their own fates. 

For TOS battles on board an authentic Enterprise map, download my other TOS Generic Crewmen 
bots and TOS Captain Kirk and play on Synchromesh's Enterprise map.

Enjoy fragging in the 23rd century.

Toonloon. 15/12/01

If you wish to alter or use bits of this model, please ask my permission or give me the
appropriate credit.

[email protected]

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