Freak_Fish returns with a short single player mission for Elite Force One.

Tunnels consists of several areas with numerous hostiles to eliminate and a few scripted events, the author notes that this has been made as a test experiment for NPCs and scripting ability. So, for those that enjoy experimental work then this is a download your going to be wanting.

Check out the readme for a little bit more information.




Tunnels by FreakFish

this is a SINGLE PLAYER map for elite force 1.

a nice short single player mission that you are thrown into when you fall 
down a drainpipe when returning from a mission :P my first single player so
its a bit loose, but try to let the atmosphere get to you :P


to install this file, copy and paste the .PK3 into your BaseEF folder.
the usual directory is C:Program FilesRavenStar Trek Voyager Elite ForceBaseEF

if it isnt you are very strange. sos your computer.

to open the map PROPERLY open SINGLE PLAYER elite force, open the console and type:
map tunnels

please remember NOT to use the "/" or it wont work! same for all commands in single 

legal stuff:

use my map for whatever you want, just give proper credit.

if you have any complaints, map ideas, map problems or anything of that nature please
email me at [email protected]

have fun!

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