U.S.S. Serenity-B

A stunning map, Mr T did alot of it himself! Just proof that nobody needs Nukem (jk).

Anyhow, on with the map, it is one of the best cr...


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A stunning map, Mr T did alot of it himself! Just proof that nobody needs Nukem (jk).

Anyhow, on with the map, it is one of the best creations that EF will ever run.

Fraggers be warned, no fragging support, this is pure RPG.

As soon as you load the map, you will find yourself in a stunning trans room, no forcefeild meaning less noob abuse. The sickbay is sheer joy, with a FF around the biobed. The new LCARS, courtasy of Simmo, look amazing. Engineering is the highlight of this map, the core is by far the best looking core I have ever seen.

As oppsed to the nukem-style turbolifts, the new lifts have transporters coded to buttons, so when you push the button for a deck your beamed there! simple!

The outer view is also cool, because you can see a blown up (not as in destroyed) model of a galaxy at warp, and your right in the center of it!

The cargobay can transport cargo, and many other goodies can be found throughout the map.

The bridge itself is stunning, and almost every console has some good sounds added on.

I find it very hard to write a review for this map, because it simply is too nice to express with words. The hallways are top notch, and look nice and slick on high res.

This review blows, I know, but once you see the map, you will see that there is a reason the words don't come.

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Download 'uss_serenity_b.zip' (16.36MB)

###USS Serenity B###
Made by Mr T

This is an rpg based map based on a galaxy class design.
It has 5 decks which include bridge, ready room, briefing room, 10 forward, 3 crew quarters, holodeck, engineering, cargobay, shuttlebay, sickbay, transporter room, brig and armoury.
Map has several functions and features that can be used by using your binded use button.

Thanks to:
ERP people who provided ideas.
Crusader, scooter, simmo, phenix, phil, evil jane, vin, kev, james nukem and wise washu for testing and bug finding
Scooter for reference pictures and moviefiles and sounds to add.
Simmo for his great LCAR textures.
Carley for mapping 2-3 rooms to help me.
Crusader for some good ideas to add into the map.
Shuttlepod type 15 by Staffan "Squapper" Norling.
galaxy class model & textures based upon model for armada 2 by 9 of nine & Rye402.
Bridge chair models and console models from museum mod by synchromesh and wolf359. Made by kirk1701. great models :)
Levelshot by nico weigland & deks.

To install map simply place pk3 into your baseef folder and load the map in elite force.
You may need to increase hunkmegs : com_hunkmegs in console to around 80-90 incase.
Federation mod 1.16 and roleplaying mod are general requirements for playing this map due to 
custom features available in the mods eg door sounds.

Any problems contact me:
[email protected]

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