U.S.S. Serenity-B

For some reason, we didn't have this map update in our database, yet its been out for along time...

For those who don't know about the fa...


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For some reason, we didn't have this map update in our database, yet its been out for along time...

For those who don't know about the famous USS Serenity B, it is a classic RP map with countless features. The map includes 5 Decks - The Bridge, Ten Forward and Quarters, Transporter Room and Sickbay and Armory, Main Engineering with deflector control, and shuttlebay and cargobay. Words can't really describe the awesome-ness of this map, so I'll just try anyway :p.

When you start the map, you come into a stunningly canon transporter room. The transporter room deck includes the armory, sickbay, the brig, and a science room. The turbolift on this deck can take you to other portions of the map, but lets move onto the bridge.

The bridge is made in the image of the bridge seen in "Star Trek: Generations" with the two side stations. Of course all the consoles make noise, and the Ready Room is off to the side of the bridge. Too bad there aren't any fish there ;). The observation lounge shows the rest of the galaxy class starship with a 'nice' view of space.

Now we head onto Guinan's home away from home, Ten Forward. Ten Forward, or Deck 10, is located at the very front of the ship, on the very edge of the saucer. This is the place for "breath taking" views of space in TNG. There are also quarters this deck, along with a holodeck.

Main engineering is just about as canon as it can be to the show. The Warp Core, deflector control (as seen in "Generations"), and a Jeffries junction are all on this deck.

The last deck contains the cargobay and the shuttlebay. Both rooms have doors that open, and you can beam in cargo in the cargobay.

Most of you may already have this update, but if you don't, download now! :)

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Download 'ef_serenitybv2.rar' (7.99MB)

###USS Serenity B v2###
Made by Mr T

This is an rpg based map based on a galaxy class design.
It has 5 decks which include bridge, ready room, briefing room, 10 forward, 3 crew quarters, holodeck, engineering, cargobay, shuttlebay, sickbay, transporter room, brig and armoury.
Map has several functions and features that can be used by using your binded use button.

Thanks to:
ERP people who provided ideas.
Crusader, scooter, simmo, phenix, phil, evil jane, vin, kev, james nukem and wise washu for testing and bug finding
Scooter for reference pictures and moviefiles and sounds to add.
Simmo for his great LCAR textures.
Carley for mapping 2-3 rooms to help me.
Crusader for some good ideas to add into the map.
Shuttlepod type 15 by Staffan "Squapper" Norling.
galaxy class model & textures based upon model for armada 2 by 9 of nine & Rye402.
Bridge chair models and console models from museum mod by synchromesh and wolf359. Made by kirk1701. great models :)
Levelshot by nico weigland & deks.

To install map simply place pk3 into your baseef folder and load the map in elite force.
You may need to increase hunkmegs : com_hunkmegs in console to around 80-90 incase.
Federation mod 1.16 and roleplaying mod are general requirements for playing this map due to 
custom features available in the mods eg door sounds.

Any problems contact me:

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