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This file is v2 of the Ultimate Sniper Mod or USM for short. Don't mistake this file for the Ultimate Server Mod with the same name (USM)....


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This file is v2 of the Ultimate Sniper Mod or USM for short. Don't mistake this file for the Ultimate Server Mod with the same name (USM). You basically get 3 weapons next to the phaser;

Type-3b Compression Rifle Type-3c Compression Rifle Bajoran Sniper Rifle

The first one is just the standard compression rifle with a few small changes. Type-3c is the sniper rifle from EF2. It looks just like the EF2 rifle, really detailed. Laz Rojas created the Bajoran sniper rifle. All the weapons have been given cool effects and new sounds. It's a bit hard to describe the effects very well, you should really check it out for yourself. There is a little describtion in the readme for each weapon. After you kill someone, their weapon falls on the ground and doesn't disappear. After a while half the map was infested with dropped weapons. The weapons don't really need to be dropped since you have unlimited ammo. Every item is removed except for the detpack, portable forcefield and the portable transporter. New sound that has been added to the detpack is a nice change although I prefer the old one.

Not sure what they are trying to achieve by removing the crosshair. Perhaps it's intended to get the people better aiming. In any case, I really disliked the fact that they removed my crosshair just like that. Well, it was not entirely gone, it was sitting in the upper left corner of my screen. The autoexec tries to remove the crosshair but they have put the same command in there 3 times, one is more than enough. Getting rid of the autoexec does not bring your crosshair back. In order to get your crosshair back you should remove the cgame.qvm from the pk3.

I kind of expected to see a red scope when zooming in. As for the current zoom, it's pretty boring without the red scope.

That said, I do believe this is a good mod but with some more work this could be even better! There are some small thing that could be fixed very easily.

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Download 'usm_v2.zip' (2.97MB)

Thank you for downloading the // Ultimate Sniper Modification \

This mod was specificaly designed for those who like to snipe. And by definition,
to snipe is to place well aimed shots at long distances for efficient kills. You are
given in this mod 3 Sniper rifles as well as a Phaser sidearm. Each sniper rifle has
a unique quality to it that makes sniping easier in all situations. There are no 
crosshairs and no nametags above player's heads when you look at them. Finding 
your opponent may prove to be a challenge. You have a scope for aiming, 
activated by the zoom key.

Your Weapons:

1. Phaser - Short range weapon used for self-defense. Consistant beam makes target 
aquisition easier than your rifles.

2. Type-3b Compression Rifle - Long range rifle that fires pulse shots that are hard to 
track visualy. This rifle penetrates armour and metaphasic shielding. 
Takes 2 shots to kill. (one shot to kill when using a quantum weapon enhancer)

3. Type-3c Compression Rifle - Long Range rifle that fires a powerful, narrow beam 
that can penetrate multiple targets in it's path. vaporizes targets.

5. Bajoran Sniper Rifle - Long range particle weapon that fires a large beam, making it 
easier to get a good shot in open areas.

Installation: Place the USM folder in your Elite Force root directory.

Playing: Run the USM.BAT file in EF's main directory or just load the mod inside
Elite Force Holomatch.


[Space Explorers]Fleet Captain Odyssey -
---Game concept developement, weapon effects artist, and team leader.

Terabyte - 
---Initial Programmer who created the Alt fire only script.

Vincent -
---Advanced programmer who blocked certain items from spawning, got rid of center 
crosshair, deleated name tag effect, debugged bugs in the demo and some more little things.

Tim -
---Model Creator of the Type 3c Compression Rifle. This rifle is used in the RPG-X mod.
check it out at the following sites: 

Laz Rojas -
---Creator of the Bajoran sniper rifle, which was a different rifle in his Bajoran Weapons mod.
Check out all of his cool stuff at the following site

Activision / Ritual -
--- A few weapon sounds & weapon flashes

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