Ultimate Voy Maps

After waiting for a considerable amount of time it is finally here!

The ulimate voy maps give a twist to the somewhat blocky original ra...


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After waiting for a considerable amount of time it is finally here!

The ulimate voy maps give a twist to the somewhat blocky original raven maps voy1 and voy2. Both maps have a really dashing look. Everything has been built completely from scratch and are designed to represent the original maps. Check out the screenshots and you'll know what I mean. You'll notice there is a lot more open space for you to lame around. Might create opportunity for some action.

Now there are not really any negative things about these maps. Check it out and take a look at the screenshots.

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Download 'ultimate_voy_maps.zip' (1.94MB)

Title: The Ultimate Voy Maps
Short Names: ult_voy1 & ult_voy2
Author: Johan
E-Mail: pjm8472@hotmail.com
Release Date: 04/01/2005
Site: www.deepspacedesign.net
Clan: hive at www.enter-the-hive.de


Ever felt that ctf_voy1 & ctf_voy2 were a tad bit too small? Well you're not alone. Both maps are back with a BLAST! In these ultimate editions, I have expanded the game area, changed the textures, added some new shaders, and given the maps a refreshingly futuristic feeling. The item placements and spawn placements are similar, so this map whould immediately feel familiar to anyone. These maps have been built from scratch: the only thing actually taken from the original voy1 is the small support wall where you can slide upwards to the bunkers. Everything else has been re-built to reflect the original design. This is one of my longest-running projects (mainly cuz of a lack of time), this has been in development for over a year, on and off... anyways I hope you enjoy playing these maps!

*Misc. Info*

New Textures: yes
New Shaders: yes
New sounds: no
Bot support: yes
EF 1.3 support: yes
Bot Support: Not Really


Put the ultimate_voys.pk3 file in your baseEF folder, by default located in:
C:\Program Files\Raven\Star Trek Voyager Elite Force\BaseEF\

*Thanks to:*

My beta testers: Mr.Big, Blizzard, Chameleon, Chibakka, Giz, The Rocket, Sniper

Sniper: help with the nacelle shader, and some bughunting on voy2

All the server folks who run my maps on a regular basis, you all know who you are: DG, EVIL, Green Destiny's Specialties, Loose's Nuthouse, NUKE, Section31, TDM, TNG


Authors may not use this level as a base to build additional levels. This file shall be distributed freely without charge in its original form (being in the original zip file, including the readme, with the unmodified and original ultimate_voys.pk3 file included). 

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