This is a nice server-side mod by Phenix. Once installed on the server, the game becomes much more interesting with a few fun additions....


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This is a nice server-side mod by Phenix. Once installed on the server, the game becomes much more interesting with a few fun additions.

The first of these is location damage - if you shoot someone in the head it will do significantly more damage to them then if you shoot them in the foot, for example. Beware this only works once their shield energy has been depleted (or with the imod). You can also gain a bonus point for a headshot if the server cvar allows this.

The next comes in the form of misadventure (space, lava, slime - you name it). With the mod, if you knock someone off the map, and they die, then you gain the points, instead of them losing one. This is similar to games such as Jedi Knight.

The coolest part is an option to kamikaze (make yourself blow up like a detpack) - be warned, this removes 10 points from your score! To use this, bind kamikaze to a key or type /kamikazi in the console.

The death messages have also been changed from the usual ELIMINATED, CREDIT, METHOD style to a description of the death (7of9 boiled Janeway alive, Kim sniped 2of12 [Imod] HEADSHOT!). I personally prefer the old ones, but maybe I'm just boring :). Luckily for me this can be switched back and forth with a cvar, just like everything else.

It is a nice little mod and I hope to see it up on quite a few servers asap, as it should prove to make EF multiplayer a little more interesting.

Go download it now! (But only if you run a server)


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Download 'ultrascore.zip' (152KB)

* UltraScore *

NOTE: This is a server side mod; you do not need this unless you run a server


I haven't really played EF MP for some time, when I went back to it I felt well lost out really because I couldn't headshot. It reminded me how old EF was not having location based damage. What also I started to dislike when you force somebody off a cliff or into lava from a blast (ie torepdo) you didn't get the point for it and lastely i Ipreffered the newer games way of displaying kills; new games tend to display the weapon and way of death. So i decided to add all these into a mod for EF to "update" it.

As I was making this mod there where some things I thought would be fun to have but I left them disabled, if you want to use them you can reenable them just look at the Cvar list below and take your pick!

If you have any suggestions for this mod please email me with the subject "UltraScore Mod Suggestion" so it get's past my spam filter.

Have fun with it, I did!

Author:		Phenix (phenix@filefront.com)
Version:	1.0
Released:	19/07/2005
Build Time:	3 Days
Suggestions:	RedTechie, TiM
Beta Testers:	Dustbin, Highlander, RedTechie, Rich, Sharky, Skerry, TiM, War101


To install the UltraMod to your server, I must stress this is a server side mod only so unless your run an internet server you do not need this file, simply extract this zip file into your server's Elite Force directory (not baseEF!).

To run the mod either use the bat file provided or add the extension "+set fs_game UltraScore" to your shortcuts / bash files.


Defautly turned on (set to 1) this will modify the ammount of damage taken based on where the hit happened. Ie a shot to the face will almost always be deadly where a shot to the arm wont to much damage at all.

Defaulty turned on (set to 1) this will give an attack the point if the knockback from a blast pushes the target into death (lava etc). The new score messages must be turned on in order for each person to know about these kills. If turned off the attacker will just gain a point without knowing!

Defaulty turned off (set to 0) this will give an attacker a bonus point for a headshot. The bonus point cannot be recieved if the attacker uses a blast weapon (ie photon launcher or grenade launcher).

Defaulty turned on (set to 1) this will change the kill messages from:
	ELIMINATED: Janeway CREDIT: 7of9 METHOD: Boiling
	ELIMINATED: 2of12 CREDIT: Kim Method: Sniped
	7of9 boiled Janeway alive
	Kim sniped 2of12 [Imod] HEADSHOT!

Defaulty turned off (set to 0) this will allow players to use the kamikaze console command. This command is like the kill command however will subtract 10 points from the players score and setoff a detpack explosion where the player is; so it should only ever be used in a crowed area, otherwise it's not worth it!

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