It's the first map by Siskoeva although you wouldn't say that when you are playing the map. New textures and a new shader have been added....


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It's the first map by Siskoeva although you wouldn't say that when you are playing the map. New textures and a new shader have been added. The console is still displaying quite alot of errors which could be fixed very easily. The map is housed inside a cave, split up in several rooms, corridors and some secrets :) Supposedly, there have to be flags but I couldn't find any. The readme is saying nothing about capture the flag but the game says it is. By playing the map you will get an overdosis of powerups. There is a huge amount of powerups, every single one has been included. The secrets have more powerups on top of it. Lighting could have used more work seeing as some places are very dark and other are very bright. Some kind of shrine is displaying pictures of [evil] members on the wall. Suitable for 12 or more players.

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Download 'underneath.zip' (5.44MB)

For Elite Force (FFA/GLAD)
By [EVIL]Siskoeva
go to www.evil-clan.com for information on clan activities, members, games, and services.
also, for mapping help, go to http://www.evil-clan.com/forum/index.php?showforum=54 for 
information on different aspects of mapping.
my first attempt at making a complete map

5.47mb (new textures, one new shader)

DESCRIPTION: this map was my first attempt at making a room based level...Hell, this was really
my first attempt at making a map work. loaded with small cramped places, many secrets, false water
and trick ledges, this baby is great for those who can multi-task. I wanted to make a map that
could be played well with the gladiator mod, for I play glad a lot. the map is based on an
underground warehouse with water flows, a bar and theatre, bathrooms, wall spaces, a secret shrine, 
and some great hiding places. POWERUPS GALORE (in other words, XCYTNG will get hot after he finds all 
the secrets)


in order time helped

>DG<BEERBUZZ - made my .aas file, tested out, helped with transporters
>DG<DUFFMAN - helped with TRANS
>DG<8one6 - helped get radiant fixed/uploading my file to his server
[EVIL]XCYTNG - helped with some advanced commands
[EVIL]Kirkfat - general knowledge of GTK radiant and experience in map making
[EVIL]CCD - yet again, general knowledge and help
[EVIL]*Katie O'clair* - Awesome Ideas, including for some secrets
the {MAC} Glad server, for providing so much Stress Relief
>DG<Matthew - uploading my map to the >DG< server and beta testing

map instructions

unzip the underneath.zip into the /baseef folder


Bot support: yes
FFA: yes
Gladiator: yes
new textures: yes
music: no
items/weapons: everything except the gold, which is in, but innaccesible, hehe


Made from scratch (and a lot of lovin)
used GTK Radiant 1.4.0

bugs... many. water textures came out as solid shaders. I won't fix though, it adds
a nice effect. gold is supposed to be unreachable. some texture bleeds, and a solid water that looks like its 
reflecting the &quot;void&quot;. it's not, you're just to high when looking at it.

total compile, 6 hours

brushes used: 1569 (JESUS!)
entities used: 274 (JESUS!)

I did go overboard on the detailing on some of the rooms, but I think it looks good. 
nice and gloomy.


use whatever. you don't need my name, just go ahead and redo the map, use the texts,
the scripts...whatever. I don't want to hastle with it like some &quot;other&quot; people.


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