Unofficial EF Expansion Pack Patch

This is an unofficial patch designed to update a few features in the 1.2 version of EF: Holomatch.

Some of the new files added include ne...


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File Description

This is an unofficial patch designed to update a few features in the 1.2 version of EF: Holomatch.

Some of the new files added include new bot files, better icons for the colored models, a new hypospray icon for specialties and a whole pile of new sounds and shader scripts.

For a complete list of updates check the ReadMe file.

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				EF Expansion Pack Patch by Tim				   

Pak Info:

Name: zx-packpatch.pk3
Version: 1.0
Date first created: 11/21/01
Size: Approx 3MB
Programs used to create: Adobe Photoshop, Notepad, ShaderED, PakRat, Cool Edit Pro, 
SoundJam MP, 3D Studio Max R3, MilkShape 3D
Time taken to make: In total, about 10 hours (Thinking of new things for the bots to say is 
hard! ;) )



When I first got to take a look at the contents of the new models that Raven created for the
X-Pack, there were a few things I thought could have been improved.  The icons only had a 
plain color for a background, Bot support was routed through to other models, Satan's Robot 
didn't have a head model...

So, I decided to create a little patch that inserts some new (or modified) files into the
X-Pack Models.  The changes I made are as follows:

Bot Support:
Any model that did not come with it's own Bot Support now has it. Any model that did come 
with Bot Support has had a few extra lines in it's chat files added.

For the Specialties Mode, I've made a better icon for the hypospray, using a pic of the original

For all of the models that are in color (Ie. not Captain Proton style), I've creted some 
better icons.  A few of the models have had additions to their animation.cfg files (Ie. Borg
players now have Borg footsteps). I've also created a flag texture for the Proton team. As well,
I've used MilkShape 3D to create tags on the Starfleet Borg crew. So now, in Assimilation mode, 
the Borg models have beams coming from their heads. And finally, I've used 3D Studio Max to 
create a head model for Satan's Robot.  So now, a real head appears in the HUD.

Bots file has been redone a touch.  New shaders include a "cull none" script applied to Satan's
Robot, so now the back to his little door and his "toungue" now have backs to them.  Also I've
used the phaser rifle's gleam texture to make Satan's Robot reflective and shiny.
Environment shaders (Making them reflective) have been added to the Borg parts of the new Borg
models so they look shiny.  A Nomipmaps shader has also been applied to the head.  This makes the
head high-res even in the lowest of graphics (It's only a head. Unless your comp's 40 years old
it shouldn't be lagged by this.)

Chaotica and Lomzak (The guard) now have their own voices, ripped from the Voyager episode:
"Bride of Chaotica".  Borg-Torres' voice now has an electronic touch to it, so it sounds 
similar to how she did in "Unimatrix Zero".  Satan's robot has had a few extra sounds added.


Installation Instructions:

Both Platforms (PC & Mac)

Drag the "z-xpackpatch.pk3" file into your BaseEF folder.

WARNING! DO NOT RENAME THE FILE!! If you rename the file so it's first letter of it's name is
before "p", the patch won't work.


Author Info:

Name: Tim
Handle in EF: EFP*Tim[CE]
ICQ#: 24965853
E-mail: [email protected]
MSN Messenger: [email protected]

Feel free to drop me a line, any time!


Legal Info

This pak uses material from EF, but is designed for EF, so I don't think that's illegal.

You may take this file apart to study, but if you wish to use anything from it for you to 
release, you must ask first.

Elite Force is a registered TradeMark of Raven and Activision, 2001


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