Unofficial EF2 Preview Pack



I can't rate it, cuz, I did it. ;)

Anyway, this is the skin that you can see on the left of the header. The Munro with the white shoulder. Or if you want, the one with the EF2 design.

Also, there is a replacment of the Compression Rifle. A lot more polys and fixed some canon error Raven made.



Unofficial EF2 Preview

EF2 Munro
EF2 Compression Rifle
In this .zip file:

-Readme : You are reading it! Thanks!

-zEF2Preview.pk3 : The files. Drop it in your baseEF

Command to use the skin :
/model ef2munro/default
For comments, idea, bug repport :
mail : [email protected]

Note that I will try to answer you as fast as I can, 
and to please everyone.

Know Bugs :
Bots suck
For some unknown raison, the icon doesn't appear sometime in the
skin screen. Sometime, it does. It always does in bots screen.
Odd. Use the "/model ef2munro/default" to use the model

Overall of 6 hours for a complete building done in less than 2 days.
Made by:

Textures, shader and models : 
U.S.S. Speed (Jam, compuJam)

Textures based on the original EF one for Munro
CP totally original.

e-mail : [email protected]

Web Page : http://irez.efmodcentral.com

Special Thanks : 
	-Raven Board for the idea, help, tips, etc...
	-And to anyother one I can forget.
How to use this Map :

Simply drop the .pk3 in your BaseEF, start Elite Force.
The compression Rifle is automaticly updated.

You can use EF2 Munro as skin and as bots.


You CAN'T modify this file or use it to make a new one whitout
the express permission of the author : Me! You can distribute 
it FREELY, whitout any change.

For any comments, use the e-mail above.
For bugs report, use the e-mail above.
For flame, use the e-mail above.


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