Update Mod 1.30

The long-awaited and much-anticipated unofficial 1.3 patch is finally here! New game modes, new moves, new items, new mapping entities, unla...


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The long-awaited and much-anticipated unofficial 1.3 patch is finally here! New game modes, new moves, new items, new mapping entities, unlagged mode, and enhancements to existing entities. Get ready to feast your eyes on rotating func_trains, toggleable doors, weather effects, variable gravity, and much more.

This is the ZIP version for Mac and Linux users, or people who are afraid of installers. If you are a Windows user and assembling Ikea furniture is not your idea of fun, check out the EXE installer. Also be sure to download the demo maps pack to see the new features in action as well as to learn how to add them to your own maps.

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Download 'updatemod13.zip' (18.76MB)

               StarTrek Voyager Elite Force Update Mod 1.30

                             March 4, 2005

                    New features added by Grand Nagus

Got any ideas?  Got any comments?
Go to the Ravensoft Forums:

First of all, I would like to thank you for downloading the demo for
the Startrek Voyager Elite Force community-created Update Mod!  
According to Paramount, it can't be considered an actual update or patch,
so we're just going to call it a plain old mod.  But you're about to see
that it's much more than that!

There are many new features added to the game that should make future
maps more fun and challenging to play.  New powerups and pickups will
add new strategies to the game, and new game features will let modders
create more immersive maps for you to play!  The update mod is 
backwards compatible with older Elite Force maps, so you can still 
play all of your favorite maps.

Quick Install:

1)  Open the file 'UpdateMod13.zip' using your favorite zip extraction

2)  Browse to your Elite Force installation folder.

3)  Extract the contents of 'UpdateMod13.zip' into your 'Star Trek
    Voyager Elite Force' folder (the same folder where 'BaseEF' is
    located).  DON'T extract the contents of 'UpdateMod13.zip'
    into your 'BaseEF' folder, or the Update Mod won't work!

4)  Run 'stvoyHM.exe', go to 'Mods', and look for a mod called 
    'Update Mod 1.3'.  Load that mod, and Elite Force will bring
    you back to the main menu.  Look at the bottom of the screen
    and you will see 'ST:V HM V1.30'.

5)  Load up a Holomatch map, choose a game mode and starting weapon, 
    select any of the new features within the 'Advanced' menu, and enjoy!


1)  Carefully read the file 'readme mappers.txt' for information on 
    how to install the Update Mod's new mapping features, and don't
    attempt to install the mapping tools until you've completely read
    the file 'readme mappers.txt'!  The Update Mod mapping tools will
    overwrite some existing files, and the author of the Update Mod
    cannot be held responsible for something getting overwritten by
    the files contained within the 'UM13 Mapping Tools' folder.

Quickie Help:

Doesn't work at all?
 -  Make sure you installed it correctly!  In your 'Star Trek Voyager
    Elite Force' folder, you should see both 'BaseEF' and 'um13' along
    with a bunch of other folders.  If you don't see the 'um13' folder,
    you may have accidently installed the mod into your 'BaseEF' folder.
    Check your 'BaseEF' folder and look to see of 'um13' is installed;
    if it is, either delete it or move it to your 'Star Trek Voyager
    Elite Force' folder.

Works, but can't connect to a server?
 - If you get the message "Need Update Mod to connect to server", then
   that server is running a beta copy of the Update Mod.  Notify that
   server admin that he/she is running a beta and needs to install the
   final version!
 - If you get the message "Need Update Mod Final to connect", then you
   are trying to connect to an Update Mod without first starting up 
   the Update Mod from within your 'Mods' list.  You can verify that you
   are currently running the Update Mod by looking at the bottom of your
   screen; you should see 'ST:V HM V1.30'.  If you see 'ST:V HM V1.20'
   (version 1.2), then the Update Mod isn't started.  Start up the Update
   Mod from within your 'Mods' menu and try again.
 - If you still get the message "Need Update Mod Final to connect", then 
   you are either trying to connect to a regular Holomatch game (the server
   is not running the Update Mod), or you are running a hacked version 
   of the Update Mod.  Make sure you are connecting to a server that's
   running the Update Mod.

Works, but 'cheaterz' command says that a player is a 'MODIFIED CLIENT'?
 - Your opponent is using a modified client, which means that he or she
   is probably using a cheater mod.  Kick 'em!

Minimum System Requirements:

- Full Version of Star Trek: Voyager - Elite Force
- Pentium® II 233 MHz processor and 8 MB video card 
  Or AMD® 350 MHz K6®-2 Processor with 8 MB video card
- Microsoft® Windows® 95/98/ME/2000/XP or NT 4.0-SP5 operating system 
    with 100% compatible computer system
- 3-D Hardware Accelerated with full OpenGL® support*
- 64 MB RAM
- 660 MB of uncompressed hard drive space (including the patch files)
  plus 130 MB additional for Windows swap file
- Quad-speed CD-ROM drive (600 k/sec sustained transfer rate)
- DirectX® 7.0a or 100% compatible drivers
- 100% DirectX 7 compatible sound card
- 100% Microsoft-compatible mouse and driver
- Joystick supported. 100% Windows 95/98/NT-compatible joystick and 
   driver required for joystick use. 
- Internet (TCP/IP) and LAN (TCP/IP and IPX) play supported
- Internet play requires a 100% Windows 95/98/NT-compatible 28.8 Kbps
   (or faster) modem with Internet Service Provider

- Full Version of Star Trek: Voyager - Elite Force
- 300MHz G3 processor
- Mac OS 8.6 or higher
- 128MB of Memory
- 3D-accelerated PCI or AGP video card w/at least 6MB VRAM and Apple 
    OpenGL v1.1.3
- 200MB of uncompressed hard disk space
- 128MB virtual memory
- 4x CD-ROM
- 28.8K modem required for internet play 

* A 100% full OpenGL-compliant 3-D video card is required


New game modes

Capture the Gems:  Similar to Capture the Flag, except that you're not
going to capture the flag.  Select Capture the Gems from the Multi 
Match menu to play a Capture the Gems game.  When in the Holomatch 
Configure menu, you can set your game's 'blast limit'.  This will be 
how many enemy gems you have to take to the enemy flag before it 
How to Play:
Once you defeat an enemy, he will drop a team gem.  Pick up that gem 
and it will go into your gem inventory (you can see your current 
inventory in the Gem Inventory Status tab in the upper left corner of
 your screen).  Take that gem to your flag for a capture point, or 
take it to the enemy's flag to bring their flag closer to 'critical 
mass'.  If you can get a teammate's gem, it will also go into your 
inventory.  Take this gem to your flag and your entire team will get a
 20 point health boost!  You can carry up to 3 enemy gems and 3 
teammate's gems at once, so take care to look at your inventory from 
time to time.  The game ends when you or your enemy's flag has been 
 - If you defeat an enemy carrying teammate's gems, he will drop one 
   along with his own team gem.  Gems are unstable, so if he's 
   carrying 3 teammate's gems then he will still only drop one (the 
   other two get destroyed when you defeat the enemy).
 - Be careful when fighting enemies around slime or lava!  Gems cannot
   withstand high temperatures or corrosive environments and will 
   explode if they fall in the lava or slime.

Team Gems:  Select Team Gems from the Multi Match menu to play a Team 
Gems game.  
How to Play:
Once you defeat an enemy, he will drop a team gem.  Pick up the gem 
for a point in addition to the point you earned when you defeated the 
enemy!  Pick up a fallen teammate's gem before the enemy does, and 
you will earn your entire team a 20 point health boost.

Enhanced Disintegration:  So many changes had been made to EF's 
Disintegration game that I decided to split the 'enhanced' version of
the game from the 'original' one.  So now there's another Disintegration
mode!  This game lets you rocket-jump with the Compression Rifle.  Also,
the portable shield takes more than one shot to destroy.  AND, if you
like to 'handicap' yourself to get red crosshairs, you can because you
can take out an enemy with one shot even if you're severely handicapped.

Fun additions to all game modes (found in 'Advanced Settings' menu):

 - Unlagged:  Turn on and off server-based Unlagged feature.  Unlagged
   is awesome, so why turn it off?

 - Walljump:  Turn this on and you will be able to jump off a wall and
   launch yourself higher than a normal jump!  It's great for getting 
   you out of a tight space or jumping over enemies.  You can even
   jump off your teammates to work cooperatively toward getting to out-
   of-reach areas in a map.

 - Gem Items:  Health and armor items won't spawn into a map when this
   is selected.  When you defeat an enemy, he will drop health and 
   armor gems!  If you defeat a player with a very low score, he will
   only drop about 2 gems.  But if you take out a player with a high 
   score, he will drop an abundance of health and armor gems!  So if 
   you want health and armor, you're going to have to fight for it!

 - Fire Multiplier:  Use this to set weapons' rates of fire.  Set it 
   to a higher number (5 is max) for a high rate of fire, or set it to
   1 for the default rate of fire.

 - Health Multiplier:  Use this to set everybody's maximum health.  
   Set it to a high number (5 is max) for a 500 health cap, or 1 for 
   default health values.

 - Choose a starting weapon:  When you start a server, in the Multi 
   Match menu you can choose which weapon a player will start with 
   when he or she joins the game.  Push the 'Start With:' button until
   the weapon of your choice appears.  When players join your server, 
   they will have your beginning weapon along with the standard Phaser!


Complete list of fixes and features:

 - Server and client unlagging
 - New game modes, 'Team Gems' and 'Capture the Gems'
 - Gem Items (Gem Health and Gem Armor)
 - Full bot support for Gems game modes
 - Walljump ability

 - Universal Ammo Unit
 - Photonic Reassembly Unit
 - Hyperjump Boots

 - Fire rate multiplier
 - Max health multiplier
 - Choose the starting weapon when players join a game

 - target_gravity (dynamic gravity)
 - target_music (dynamic music)
 - func_door_rotating (rotating doors)
 - shooter_quantum (shooter that shoots quantum burst bullets)
 - target_sign (add a client sign into your maps)
 - target_blammo (big explosion visual effect)
 - weather effects added to 'worldspawn' (make it snow or rain in 
   your map)

 - common/botclip (physically clips bots' movements)
 - New shader for ladders (bots can use the new ladder shader)
 - Weapons, ammo, holdables and powerups can be made to explode when 
 - Items can be made to spawn in as invisible (good for ammo 
 - Several 'blowup items' spawnflags
 - Doors can be toggled open or shut
 - Doors and plats can have custom sounds 
 - Plats can have looping sound during its transit
 - Plats can be set to 'crusher' (doesn't return when blocked, just 
 - func_train can be made to face next path_corner while in transit
 - func_train can be set to 'crusher'
 - func_train can be set to knock back players.  It cannot be ridden
   or stood upon, it simply shoves the player out of the way.
 - func_plat can have a looping sound play during transit
 - func_plat can be toggled to stay at its resting location until
   it's toggled again
 - target_counter can be reset instead of only used once
 - trigger_teleport can be toggled on and off by triggering entity
 - trigger_hurt can be toggled on and off by a triggering entity
 - Shooters can be set to 'autofire' (fire repeatedly)
 - New func_usable options
 - New func_breakable options
 - New quad texture and shader, no more HOM effect when viewed against
 - Client smoothing when standing on rotating bmodels
 - New target_sign feature!  Add a sign into your map, and a window 
   will pop up on the triggering client's hud displaying the texture
   you provide.
 - New target_blammo entity!  Add this, and when triggered it can
   make a cool screen shake explosion effect.  Use this in combination
   with trigger_hurt for some fun map designs!
 - func_rotating can be arbitrarily rotated.
 - func_rotating can be toggled on and off by a triggering entity
 - func_rotating can be made to slowly decelerate and accelerate
   when being toggled, and it's rate of decel/accel is controlled
   by the 'coast' and 'coast_off' keys
 - func_usable 'NoBlockCheck' now works
 - func_usable can be spawned in a different location of the map and
   used in another using 'pos2' key
 - 'targeted' flag added to func_usable, can ONLY be used by targeting
 - 'touch_use' flag added to func_usable, touching it will 'use' it.
 - trigger_multiple can be toggled on and off by triggering entity
 - func_door and func_door_rotating can be made to use custom sounds 
   instead of only using default sounds.
 - func_door and func_door_rotating can be toggled open and closed
   by a triggering entity.

 - Overbounce error fixed (OzoneJunkie)
 - Portable shield no longer switches teams when the one who set it 
   teams (Gez)
 - Portable shield no longer extends its visible bounds (Gez)
 - Portable shield can take more than one hit in 'Disintegration' 
 - Portable shield is not affected by teammate's fire in 
   'Disintegration' games
 - Borg no longer accidently get detpack instead of teleporter in 
 - Fixed several voting issues
 - Player no longer spawns into game invisible
 - Fixed 'tournament reconnect' error (Timbo)
 - Cannot change teams when assimilated
 - Cannot change teams when eliminated
 - Spectators can only chat with players in 'Free for All' games, 
   otherwise they
   can only chat amongst themselves
 - Spectators cannot vote
 - Added 'timelimit', 'fraglimit', 'capturelimit' and 'blastlimit' to
 - Tournament players no longer freeze when warmup is less than 2 
 - Fixed some spawning errors
 - Hypo weapon now affected by 'friendly fire' setting (Gez)
 - Taunt sound no longer gets interrupted by other sounds (like 
   jumping) (Gez)
 - shooter_rocket now fires a visible projectile
 - Dropped detpacks explode where they land, not where they were
 - Spawn or teleport into forcefield deactivates forcefield (Spongebob)

 - Console command:  cheaterz (see who's using a cheat mode during
   a game)
 - Console command:  kickbots (kicks all bots from server)
 - Console command:  forcename <name> <newname> (change name of a 
 - Console command:  forceclass <name> <class> (change class of a 
 - Console command:  forcepoints <name> <points> (add or subtract 

 - g_StartWeapon: Use this to set the weapon players start with
 - g_pModGems: Set it to 2 to play a game with Gem Health and Gem 
   Armor items
 - g_firemultiplier: Set it between 0 and 5 to adjust weapons' rates 
   of fire
 - g_healthmultiplier: Set it between 0 and 5 to adjust players' max 
 - g_smoothclients: For unlagging (client smoothing)
 - g_delagHitscan: Set it to 0 to turn off unlagging feature
 - g_unlaggedVersion: Returns 'unlagged' version number
 - g_truePing: Set it to 0 to see ping as it is done in EF version 1.2
 - g_lightningDamage: Use this to adjust the power of the Dreadnought 
   gun (default is 8)
 - cg_delag: Client can toggle unlagged on his/her game
 - cg_projectileNudge: You can use this to 'take away' some of the lag
   associated with some projectile weapons; it can make it easier to 
   dodge projectiles!


Server Advanced Info:

Starting up a server using .cfg files
You might be one of those who likes to start up a game server using
a .cfg file.  Well, I don't blame you...  It's the best way to get
the most out of a dedicated server!  Well, this section is for you.
Below is a list of the new cvars that you can put into your .cfg file
and their related settings.

>>> g_StartWeapon
This determines the weapon a player will be carrying, in addition to 
the Phaser, when he spawns on your server.
0 - Only get Phaser
1 - Get the Phaser (although you already have it!) :p (default)
2 - Get the Compression Rifle
3 - IMOD
4 - Scavenger Rifle
5 - Stasis Weapon
6 - Grenade Launcher
7 - Tetrion Disruptor
8 - Quantum Burst
9 - Dreadnought Weapon

>>> g_pModGems
This determines whether or not you want to replace normal Hypos and
Armor Shards with Gem Health/Gem Armor items.  Remember, you have to
defeat an enemy to get Gem Health and Gem Armor items!
0 - Default hypos and armor shards (default)
2 - Gem health/armor items

>>> g_pModDisintegration
This has been changed a little bit.  Use the below values to customize
your Disintegration game!
0 -  Off
1 -  Old Disintegration
2 -  Portable shields take more than one shot to destroy
4 -  If Handicap is set, the handicapped player can frag non-
     handicapped player with one shot.
8 -  Activates 'knockback' for Compression Rifle
16 - Have the IMOD along with the Compression Rifle
Add any of the above values to combine the effects.  For example, 
1 + 2 + 8 = 11
Set 'g_pModDisintegration' to 11 and you can play a game with
the features of 1 (Disintegration), 2(portable shields take multiple
shots), and 4(handicap can frag in one shot) at the same time.
'Enhanced Disintegration' sets 'g_pModDisintegration' to 15 (all
new features are activated)

>>> g_firemultiplier
This will set how fast a weapon's fire rate will be.  It can be set
between 0 and 5...  Zero is an option only to retain compatibility with
v.1.2 servers, so you probably won't want to set it to zero.
0 - Default rate of fire
1 - Default rate of fire (default)
2 - A little faster than default
3 - Even faster
4 - Really fast!
5 - Insane!

>>> g_healthmultiplier
This will set the max cap where your clients' health will max out.
0 - Default health
1 - Default health (default)
2 - Max health is doubled
3 - Max health is tripled
4 - Max health is quadrupled
5 - Max health is 5 times higher than default

>>> g_delagHitscan
This controls the server-side Unlagged feature.
0 - Turn off server-side 'unlagged'
1 - Turn on server-side 'unlagged' (default)

>>> g_smoothclients
This part of Unlagged smooths players' movements
0 - Turn off client smoothing
1 - Turn on client smoothing (default)

>>> g_truePing
This part of Unlagged is a more accurate representation of your 
latency (ping).
0 - Turn off True Ping
1 - Turn on True Ping (default)

>>> g_lightningDamage
Think the Dreadnought weapon is just too powerful?  Use this cvar to
control its power.
8 - Default
Set it higher for more damage, lower for less damage

Client Advanced Info:

>>> cg_delag
You don't like 'Unlagged'?  And your favorite server is running in
full Unlagged mode?  Well then, turn it off from your computer.
0 - Deactivates Unlagged
1 - Turns on Unlagged (default)
2 - Turn on Unlagged for only Compression Rifle
4 - Turn on Unlagged for only IMOD
8 - Turn on Unlagged for only Stasis alt-fire
16 - Turn on Unlagged for only Tetrion weapon
32 - Turn on Unlagged for only Borg Taser alt-fire

You can add any of those numbers to activate any combination of those
1 + 16 = Unlagged ON, for Tetrion weapon
1 + 2 + 4 = Unlagged ON, for Compression Rifle and IMOD only

>>> cg_projectileNudge
You can use this to 'take away' some of the lag associated with some
projectile weapons; it can make it easier to dodge projectiles!
0 - Default
An effective setting is to set it to your average ping

>>> cl_timenudge
You can use this to make it look like some of the lag is 'taken away'
by waiting longer or not waiting as long before the client system 
releases what should be drawn on the screen.
0 - Default
Set it between -30 and 30 until you find a value you like.

>>> cheaterz
Use this command to see who all is playing in a 'cheat' mode.  Also
identifies all of the players that are actually bots.  Good for 
identifying anybody who is playing in 'god' mode and is lying about it!



Installing the Elite Force 1.3 Update Mod Demo Radiant mapping files:

You WILL need these files if you want to create maps for Holomatch
version 1.2!  Maps compiled using the 1.3 entities and common/shader
files are NOT compatible with Holomatch version 1.2!

In this zip file, you will find a folder called 'Radiant Tools'.  On
your harddrive, locate the files 'common.shader' (found in your 
'BaseEF\scripts' folder) and 'hm_entities.def' (found in either the
folder 'BaseEF\scripts' for GtkRadiant, or in 'Star Trek Voyager 
Elite Force\Tools' for EFRadiant).  Backup those two files (move them
into a backup folder on your harddrive, copy them to a floppy disk, 
etc.).  Now copy the new files from this zip file onto your harddrive
in the original locations of the two files that you just backed up.

That's all!  To test it, run Radiant and right-click to bring up the
entity list...  You should see new entities in it (func_door_rotating,
ammo_ammobox, etc).  If you don't, then you didn't install the new 
'hm_entities.def' correctly.  You should also see a new shader called
'common/botclip'.  Make a map with a block in it that's made of this
new shader.  Compile the map and you shouldn't see the texture in your 
map.  If you see a yellow and black block in your map that says 'Bot
Clip' all over it, you don't have the new 'common.shader' file properly

Be advised that maps compiled with the new 1.3 entity and shader files
are NOT compatible with Elite Force 1.2.  Ladders compiled in 1.3 will
look like you're underwater when played in Holomatch v1.2.  Also, none
of the new entities (func_door_rotating, etc) will work when the map
is played under Holomatch 1.2.

To uninstall the 1.3 mapping tools, just replace the 1.3 versions of 
with the original 1.2 files that you backed up.



None of the new features are there.  Why not?
 - You don't have the Update Mod properly installed.  Go to your
   BaseEF folder and look for the file 'um13_beta1.pk3'.  If you can't find
   this file, then the Update Mod isn't properly installed.

The Update Mod's installed but STILL none of the new features are 
there.  Why not?
 - You have another file after 'um13_beta1.pk3' that contains mod code that
   is conflicting with the Update Mod's code.  Look in your BaseEF 
   folder and find the file 'um13_beta1.pk3'.  Now, look for all files that
   alphabetically follow 'um13_beta1.pk3' (for instance, 'zzmod.pk3' does,
   but 'terrormod.pk3' does not).  Create a backup folder and MOVE all of
   these extra files to it.  When you're done, you should see NO extra
   pk3 files in your BaseEF folder that are alphabetically after 
   'um13_beta1.pk3'.  Run Elite Force Holomatch and the new features should
   now be available to you.

I'm hosting a server and everyone who tries to connect gets the
message &quot;Need Update Mod 1.3 Beta to Connect to Server&quot;.  What gives?
 - The Update Mod is not compatible with clients that are not running
   the Update Mod themselves.  People who don't have the Update Mod 
   installed on their computer cannot connect to servers that are 
   running the Update Mod.

Why don't bots use ladders in older maps?
 - Bots won't use ladders in maps that weren't compiled using the
   Update Mod 1.3 Developer Kit.  Therefore, bots won't acknowledge
   ladders in maps compiled before the Update Mod was created.

Got any more questions?  The best place to go for tech support is 
Raven's official Elite Force forums.  Go to this forum listing:



Legal Stuff:

This mod is not an official 'update' sanctioned, supported, or
endorsed by Paramount or Activision.  They cannot offer tech support
for the Update Mod.  The Update Mod was coded and assembled by 
Grand Nagus, and his code additions to Raven's original Holomatch 1.2
game code is proprietary technology that belongs to him.  All other 
code additions in the Update Mod were used with permission and are 
proprietary technology that belong to their respective authors.  Refer
to the 'readme' file to see who authored each feature within the Update
Mod.  This Update Mod is protected by Ravensoft's &quot;Star Trek Voyager: 
Elite Force&quot; EULA, and Grand Nagus reserves the rights of the Update 
Mod within the boundaries stated by the EULA.

As stated, this mod is bound to the license limitations and 
liabilities created by the EULA that came with your Star Trek 
Voyager: Elite Force game. This mod can only be distributed 
electronically, cannot be sold, and the author(s) of the mod cannot 
be held responsible for the performance of this mod, any lost data or
consequential damage that may have been caused by the installation or 
operation of this mod. 

For tech support, the best place to go is the Raven's Elite Force 
forums. Go to this forum listing: 
and go to any of the Startrek Voyager Elite Force forums. If you find 
a bug, post it in the Mod Support forum. For general comments or 
suggestions, post in the General forum.

This mod carries no warranty and is supplied 'as is'. You use at your 
own risk! Neither the installer package or the files within the 
installer package can be changed or modified in any way, including 
(but not limited to): adding files to it, removing files from it, 
and modifying any files within it, without expressed written 
permission from the mod's author.

This mod cannot be distributed 'in part' in any way. Every part of 
this mod is the intellectual property of their original creators, and
each part is compiled/included in the Update Mod with the permission
of the original creators.  This is an agreement between the mod's
author and the creators of their respective intellectual property;
in no way can these parts be separated from the original mod package
without written expressed permission from both the original creator 
and the mod's author.  The mod's author reserves the right to 
disassemble/separate intellectual property from the mod for any 
reason and at any time.

You shall not reverse engineer, derive source code, modify, decompile,
disassemble, extract any files (textures, maps, etc), or create 
derivative works of this Program, in whole or in part.


Star Trek: Voyager™ – Elite Force
(tm), ® & © 2001 Paramount Pictures All rights reserved Star Trek: 
Voyager and related marks are trademarks of Paramount Pictures. This 
product contains software technology licensed from Id Software, Inc. 
Id Technology © 1999-2001 Id Software, Inc. All rights reserved.
Update Mod v1.3 © 2003 by Grand Nagus. All rights reserved.
Activision is a registered trademark of Activision, Inc.© 2001 
Activision, Inc. All other trademarks and trade names are the 
properties of their respective owners.

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