Update Mod 1.30 Service Pack 1

See the readme for what's been updated. You NEED to have this to play on 1.3 Patch servers. If you didn't originally install the mod using...


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See the readme for what's been updated. You NEED to have this to play on 1.3 Patch servers. If you didn't originally install the mod using the EXE installer, you will have to update from this ZIP file. The EXE version of Service Pack 1 is only for people who installed from the EXE.

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Download 'updatemod13_sp1.zip' (454KB)

               StarTrek Voyager Elite Force Update Mod 1.30
                            Service Pack 1

                             March 11, 2005

                             by Grand Nagus

Got any ideas?  Got any comments?
Go to the Ravensoft Forums:

Wholly cow!  A patch ALREADY!?  Yep, I left some things out, and this
small patch will update things to the way they should be.

Fixes in Service Pack 1:
 - Photonic Regeneration gave wrong message when used
 - fs_game was incorrectly set
 - Sometimes respawned invincible when carrying medkit upon 
   death (thx PeaceWiz)
 - Walljump registered incorrectly when playing on a server
   that had walljumping turned 'off' (thx Paracyte)
 - Team scores were overlapped by game mod name in ingame
   scoreboard (thx Gez)
 - Used more informative kick message when trying to connect to
   an Update Mod server without having the Update Mod started

Quick Install for Windows users:

1)  Launch 'UpdateMod13_sp1.exe'

2)  Follow the prompts to install the patch.

3)  Start up Holomatch, load the mod 'Update Mod 1.3' from your mods
    list, join a server or start your own game, and have fun!

Quick Install for users of operating systems besides Windows:

1)  Open 'UpdateMod13_sp1.zip'

2)  Browse to your Update Mod installation folder (should be 'Star Trek
    Voyager Elite Force/um13')

3)  Extract 'um13_1.pk3' into that folder.

4)  Start up Holomatch, load the mod 'Update Mod 1.3' from your mods
    list, join a server or start your own game, and have fun!

Quickie Help:

I have Windows, but the patch installer won't work?
 - If you originally installed the Update Mod using the 'zip' file
   rather than the 'exe' installer, then the Service Pack installer
   'UpdateMod13_sp1.exe' won't launch at all.  This is because the 
   original Update Mod installer writes a small flag in your Windows 
   registry file to let any following patches and map pack installers 
   know exactly where your Update Mod installation is located.
   You will either have to download the file 'UpdateMod13_sp1.zip' and
   follow the instructions for users of operating systems besides 
   Windows, or you can reinstall the Update Mod using the Update Mod
   Installer (UpdateMod_13.exe).

Update Mod doesn't work at all?
 -  Make sure you installed the Update Mod correctly!  In your 'Star Trek
    Voyager Elite Force' folder, you should see both 'BaseEF' and 'um13' 
    folders along with a bunch of other folders.  If you don't see the 
    'um13' folder, you may have accidently installed the mod into your 
    'BaseEF' folder.  Check your 'BaseEF' folder and look to see of 'um13'
    is installed; if it is, either delete it or move it to your 'Star Trek
    Voyager Elite Force' folder.

Works, but can't connect to a server?
 - If you get the message "Need Update Mod to connect to server", then
   that server is running a beta copy of the Update Mod.  Notify that
   server admin that he/she is running a beta and needs to install the
   final version!

 - If you get the message "Make sure the mod 'Update Mod 1.3' is started!",
   then you are trying to connect to an Update Mod without first starting 
   up the Update Mod from within your 'Mods' list.  You can verify that you
   are currently running the Update Mod by looking at the bottom of your
   screen; you should see 'ST:V HM V1.30'.  If you see 'ST:V HM V1.20'
   (version 1.2), then the Update Mod isn't started.  Start up the Update
   Mod from within your 'Mods' menu and try again.

 - If you still get the message "Make sure the mod 'Update Mod 1.3' is 
   started!", then you either didn't install the Update Mod correctly
   or you are running a hacked version of the Update Mod.  Make sure 
   you are connecting to a server that's running the Update Mod.

 - If you get the message "Need Update Mod Final to connect", then the
   server you are trying to connect to hasn't installed the Update Mod
   Service Pack 1 yet.  Contact the server admin and let him know that he
   needs to upgrade his Update Mod installation to the latest version of
   the Update Mod.

Works, but 'cheaterz' command says that a player is a 'MODIFIED CLIENT'?
 - Your opponent is using a modified client, which means that he or she
   is probably using a cheater mod.  Kick 'em!

Minimum System Requirements:

- Full Version of Star Trek: Voyager - Elite Force
- Pentium® II 233 MHz processor and 8 MB video card 
  Or AMD® 350 MHz K6®-2 Processor with 8 MB video card
- Microsoft® Windows® 95/98/ME/2000/XP or NT 4.0-SP5 operating system 
    with 100% compatible computer system
- 3-D Hardware Accelerated with full OpenGL® support*
- 64 MB RAM
- 660 MB of uncompressed hard drive space (including the patch files)
  plus 130 MB additional for Windows swap file
- Quad-speed CD-ROM drive (600 k/sec sustained transfer rate)
- DirectX® 7.0a or 100% compatible drivers
- 100% DirectX 7 compatible sound card
- 100% Microsoft-compatible mouse and driver
- Joystick supported. 100% Windows 95/98/NT-compatible joystick and 
   driver required for joystick use. 
- Internet (TCP/IP) and LAN (TCP/IP and IPX) play supported
- Internet play requires a 100% Windows 95/98/NT-compatible 28.8 Kbps
   (or faster) modem with Internet Service Provider

- Full Version of Star Trek: Voyager - Elite Force
- 300MHz G3 processor
- Mac OS 8.6 or higher
- 128MB of Memory
- 3D-accelerated PCI or AGP video card w/at least 6MB VRAM and Apple 
    OpenGL v1.1.3
- 200MB of uncompressed hard disk space
- 128MB virtual memory
- 4x CD-ROM
- 28.8K modem required for internet play 

* A 100% full OpenGL-compliant 3-D video card is required


Legal Stuff:

This mod is not an official 'update' sanctioned, supported, or
endorsed by Paramount or Activision.  They cannot offer tech support
for the Update Mod.  The Update Mod was coded and assembled by 
Grand Nagus, and his code additions to Raven's original Holomatch 1.2
game code is proprietary technology that belongs to him.  All other 
code additions in the Update Mod were used with permission and are 
proprietary technology that belong to their respective authors.  Refer
to the 'readme' file to see who authored each feature within the Update
Mod.  This Update Mod is protected by Ravensoft's "Star Trek Voyager: 
Elite Force" EULA, and Grand Nagus reserves the rights of the Update 
Mod within the boundaries stated by the EULA.

As stated, this mod is bound to the license limitations and 
liabilities created by the EULA that came with your Star Trek 
Voyager: Elite Force game. This mod can only be distributed 
electronically, cannot be sold, and the author(s) of the mod cannot 
be held responsible for the performance of this mod, any lost data or
consequential damage that may have been caused by the installation or 
operation of this mod. 

For tech support, the best place to go is the Raven's Elite Force 
forums. Go to this forum listing: 
and go to any of the Startrek Voyager Elite Force forums. If you find 
a bug, post it in the Mod Support forum. For general comments or 
suggestions, post in the General forum.

This mod carries no warranty and is supplied 'as is'. You use at your 
own risk! Neither the installer package or the files within the 
installer package can be changed or modified in any way, including 
(but not limited to): adding files to it, removing files from it, 
and modifying any files within it, without expressed written 
permission from the mod's author.

This mod cannot be distributed 'in part' in any way. Every part of 
this mod is the intellectual property of their original creators, and
each part is compiled/included in the Update Mod with the permission
of the original creators.  This is an agreement between the mod's
author and the creators of their respective intellectual property;
in no way can these parts be separated from the original mod package
without written expressed permission from both the original creator 
and the mod's author.  The mod's author reserves the right to 
disassemble/separate intellectual property from the mod for any 
reason and at any time.

You shall not reverse engineer, derive source code, modify, decompile,
disassemble, extract any files (textures, maps, etc), or create 
derivative works of this Program, in whole or in part.


Star Trek: Voyager™ – Elite Force
(tm), ® & © 2001 Paramount Pictures All rights reserved Star Trek: 
Voyager and related marks are trademarks of Paramount Pictures. This 
product contains software technology licensed from Id Software, Inc. 
Id Technology © 1999-2001 Id Software, Inc. All rights reserved.
Update Mod v1.3 © 2003 by Grand Nagus. All rights reserved.
Activision is a registered trademark of Activision, Inc.© 2001 
Activision, Inc. All other trademarks and trade names are the 
properties of their respective owners.

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