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After months and months of tinkering, my first map is finally done. It's the USS 10to5, our first ship in the Virtual Game, which is a forum...


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After months and months of tinkering, my first map is finally done. It's the USS 10to5, our first ship in the Virtual Game, which is a forum-based roleplaying game at EFMods Forums ( not to be confused with ERP, which is something else.

We started the Virtual Game as a way to pass the time while waiting for Dobberman to finish his Virtual Enterprise mod. We used to sit and wonder what it would be like to walk around on our little ship, so I took on the challenge. It's a small ship, very small. Some people have told me to make it bigger, but I was working from a blueprint we drew up when we started, and I had to make it as true to the original as possible. It's not a ship from StarTrek, but one that was designed by Dobberman's cousin Vanhal, who started the Virtual Game.

With that out of the way, I invite you to download and take a look. The ship is fully interactive, and uses a few of the effects seen in the USS Pheonix map released a few days ago (improved of course) as well as some new ones. Try pressing spacebar on the consoles (and if you have the expansion pack, try the replicators too). There's also two secrets to find, which aren't hidden at all and blend in with the map, but you'll know that you found them because you can't go inside them.

No bot support; that's not the point of this map. Even if you're on dial-up, this is well worth the download. The file size is nice and small.

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U.S.S. 10to5
By Scooter <[email protected]>

This map needs a LOT of explanation. The USS 10to5 was our first ship in the "Virtual Game",
a roleplaying game at EFMods forums that we started for something to do while we were waiting
for Dobberman to finish Virtual Enterprise. The ship was designed by Vanhal. I took his design
and did up some proper blueprints and a few exterior views. We talked for a long time about how
cool it would be to be able to walk around our ship in Elite Force. After several months, I took
up the challenge and started my first map. I've been working on it for a long time now, improving
things as I learned. There's still room for improvement, but EF2 is just around the corner.

Well, there you have it. Hopefully that explains why I did this. I know it's small, but that's
how big the ship is. If you're wondering why there's no weapons or powerups, that's not the
intention of this map, though you're welcome to play a game of phaser tag.

There's lots of things to interact with on this map, so press your use key on everything and see what you can find. ;-)

Put 10to5.pk3 in your baseef folder, just like every other map.

Don't ask me how to install this. The instructions are two lines above this one.
I'm tired of answering email from stupid people who can't follow instructions.

Special thanks to Simmo666 for the custom textures and shaders!

Vanhal - original concept
Simmo666 - custom textures and shaders
Dobberman - for everything
WadeV - for the mapping help
Everyone else at EFMods - for beta testing and advice
James Nukem - for letting me take a peek at Deralict2's map file
Captain Shuttle - for the warp drive effect
Me - mapping and levelshot

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