USS Ariana

RadiSign makes his Elite Force Files debut today with an exciting new RolePlaying map.

The USS Ariana is based on a Morpheus Class...


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RadiSign makes his Elite Force Files debut today with an exciting new RolePlaying map.

The USS Ariana is based on a Morpheus Class Runabout, a fan made concept, with a variety of rooms to enhance the experience. Contrary to the size imagined when using the term "Runabout," the Ariana is a fairly sized ship and could accommodate quite a large RP session.

As with any RP map; You begin in the transporter room of the vessel. From there you can either go fore or aft within the vessel. Directly fore is what I imagine to be engineering, a mini-mess area, an airlock and of course the Bridge. To your right, or aft, is sickbay, crew quarters and the observation lounge.

The majority of panels have a function, be it to play a sound or activate/deactivate an effect, all of which fit nicely into the design and feel of the vessel.

While this is in beta stage, I was only able to find two bugs; Firstly the airlock drops you down outside the ship at normal gravity levels. Secondly when attempting to hide the pool table, the map crashes to the main menu, with an invalid entity error.

However when you actually have to look for something wrong, you know you have something special. Neither of these bugs massively effect any aspect of the map and it comes to you as a highly recommended download.

See the readme for further information and installation instructions.


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Download '' (24.22MB)

>Email Address:
>Website Address:

>A map create by Johnson (alias RadiSign)

This beta stage map is a runabout, an extended version of the morpheus class.
It was created for the New Hope story, that's situated at a federation outpost at the gamma quadrant.

>Build time: 3 month mapping, but a lot of textures and stuff where created before in cause of other projects

>Map Name: uss_ariana
>gametype intended: Roleplay

>Installation: Simply extract all the files into you baseEF/ directory and while ingame bring down the console and type:
sv_pure 0 (RPG-X 2 doesnt load the map with pure on)
map uss_ariana

>Uninstillation: Remove the .pk3 uss_ariana from your baseef

>Current Features:
working warp drive
working impulse drive
working escape pod with emergency procedure
working disappearing situation table into floor
working disappearing holo screen into ceiling
has complete new textures in 24th century starfleet style
close-down into main office
Red alert
and all other general RP features

There some known bugs that will be fixed in next version.
If you find one, please report it to Thanks!

>Credits / thanks:
Chris Dragon for a lot of good ideas, testing and generally
Seven of Nine for testing and bug search
Charles Tucker for testing
T. Riker for testing

Stuart Baldwin for that great blueprints of the orignal morpheus class runabout

Everyone who has helped me with the errors
The RPG-X Team for making such a awesome mod that this map was made for
Raven for making Elite Force
Gene Roddenberry for making Star Trek

In no way should you redistribute this pk3 without my permission and without the original uss_ariana_readme.txt
All textures in this pk3 were created by Johnson or are modified from original Raven Software "Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force",
or other respective owners. Please feel free to use textures were created by Johnson (alias RadiSign), that's my duty to all who want create more good roleplay maps for rpg-x(2).
For other textures you'll need permission of their creators.
All models in this pk3 used from original Raven Software "Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force".
Special thanks to the unknown creator of the great CO, Ops, Helm chairs.

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