USS Cassini

zEE brings us Beta2 of the USS Cassini originally by JanMike34.

The Cassini is an Intrepid Class vessel with all you...


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zEE brings us Beta2 of the USS Cassini originally by JanMike34.

The Cassini is an Intrepid Class vessel with all your normally expected RPG bells and whistles, this is only a beta release so there are a few bugs here and there and no lighting. However this project has been watched closely by the RPG community, both originally and again now that it has resumed, although in different hands.

As you would expect; You begin in the transporter room of this ship, and can then freely move around the ship to see what changes have been made since the previous beta version. The author of this file has included a high-res texture pack that makes use of the textures seen in Scooter's Canon Mod.

For absolutely any Role Playing fanatic this is something you don't just have to get, you need it!

See the readme for further information and installation instructions.


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Download '' (43.8MB)

>Email Address:
>MSN Address: (please make sure to send a note explaining who you are, if you dont I wont accept the add contact request)

>A Map create by Cart Completed by zEE

This is a map that was start a long time ago, it was created initially to have a RP map of a intrepid class ship, it was originally developed as a group only project for Federation Reborn (FR) and during its beta stage it was leaked, that and other contributing factors led to the original creator JanMike34 dropping of the project.
A long time later a person by the name of Deltoran talked to JanMike34 and he gave him the .map which Deltoran gave to Arron Dominion who then passed it on to me and I have released this Beta to show off what I have thus far.

>Build time: Roughly a year (6 months of original construction and 6 months of my work)

>Map Name: cassini_beta2
>gametype intended: RolePlay

>Installation: Simply extract all the files into you baseef and while ingame bring down the console and type:
sv_pure 0 (RPG-X 2 doesnt load the map with pure on)
map cassini_beta2

>Uninstillation: Remove the .pk3s highrez and cassini_beta2 from your baseef

>PLEASE NOTE: If you have a low end computer do not install the highrez texture pack into baseef to decrease lag and possible crashes

>Current Features:
Working Warp drive
Red alert
Engineering to bridge visual communication
Preactivated brig forcefield and telelocation in brig cell allowing admins to beam unrulely players directly into it.
and all other general RP features
has a seperate Highrez texture pack for optional high resolution textures

Both the lifts in engineering and shuttlebay screws up in some unexplainable ways*
certain areas have holes in the brushes*
Deck 2 (due to unexplainable reasons) has a clear view into the engineering level*
the camera for the bridge screen is screwed up and is inside the wall partilly
Due to Max shader errors Lighting has not been included yet.

*:has been fixed at the time of this release but was not included

JanMike34 the Original Author of the map
Delt and Dominion for getting permissions to finish the map
Scooter for his highrez textures 
Everyone who has helped me with the errors
The RPG-X Team for making such a awesome mod that this map was made for
Raven for making Elite force
Gene Roddenberry for Making Star trek

if you wish to use this map or parts of it Email me (, At the moment however due to it being in its beta stage I  am currently not giving out permissions.

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