USS Enterprise-D Bridge

If I had to describe this map in one word, it would simply be 'amazing'. This is by far in a way one of the best renditions of the Enterpr...


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If I had to describe this map in one word, it would simply be 'amazing'. This is by far in a way one of the best renditions of the Enterprise-D bridge I have ever played on.

First thing to note is that this map is a demonstration map, so there's no weapons, pickups, or anything at all except the bridge of the Enterprise-D for you to look around. The readme instructions are a little bit incorrect also, they instruct you to open holomatch and type "dbridge" however you will need to type "map dbridge" for the map to load. Also I reccomend viewing this in single player rather than holomatch for an increased sence of scale and visuals.

Now, on to the good stuff. This map, although having nothing in terms of gameplay right now, is just visually stunning. The first thing that will catch your eye is the viewscreen, with the moving stars flying past at warp with the borg cube out in the distance. The effect has been done very well indeed and looks perfect. The bridge itself has been mapped out very well indeed with a great use of textures, and with very good detailed models for the consoles and chairs that add to the realism of the map. While this is obviously not complete, what is there so far is just nothing short of amazing IMO, this is a definate download for everybody.

Great work!

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Download '' (8.42MB)

Just thought i would let you see this to see what you guys think as its been a while  !!

Obviously this is the bridge to my up and coming Enterprise D map for EF1
just to show you how it looks!!

The models are a little big but are being resized as i type this so thanks to Wolf359 for bailing me out once again :)

Theres nothing you can do except look around and if Effiles put this up for download then i will consider myself very lucky being such a pointless demo really.

However if you do get it from Effiles then feedback appreciated !!

Extract the zip to your Basef Directory

Start up Holomatch..

From the console type " DBRIDGE " ( Without the quotes of course )

Credits and Info

Created by Synchromesh !!

Warp Star Shader originally by TiM

Build time from scratch 3 days on and off :)

No decompiling or use of any materials in the pk3 without written permission from myself !!

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