USS Enterprise - E

Introducing...err...reintroducing the USS Enterprise - E map created by Will and Anthony of iWant Studios!

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Introducing...err...reintroducing the USS Enterprise - E map created by Will and Anthony of iWant Studios!

The USS Enterprise - E represents the most significant advance in mapping on the Elite Force engine. It pushes the limits of the game as far as they can be pushed. Including features such as 'Enhanced Warp Core V2' and 'Multi Alerts' it provides the best experience for those looking to find the best RP experience.

For those with higher end machines this map also includes 'High Resolution' textures. This means that textures animate and move just as they do on the TV show.

The Enterprise - E has been updated twice since its initial release. These updates include a patch to Version 1.1. This fixes bugs and lag issues whilst adding some requested features. The second time was for the 'Express Edition' meaning users with lower end machines can experience the map in all its quality with some rooms removed. (These areas where chosen as they are not often used and as such do not impact on the game).

Download the file here, or at iWant Studios

Refer to the readme for more information.

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Download 'enterprisee_rtm.rar' (54.57MB)

U.S.S. Enterprise - E

By William & Anthony

Installation & Requirements


Elite Force Holomatch
RPG-X 1.1


Place the map into your BaseEF folder located on your hardisk.

Usually located at:
'C:\Program Files\Raven\Star Trek Voyager Elite Force\BaseEF'

You need RPG-X 1.1 patch to run this maps features.
Ensure that you extract the pk3 into the baseef directory.


To use this map, Extract the Enterprise-E.pk3 to the Baseef directory and choose 
either the high or low quality LCARS, be moving only one of the 
ent-e-high / ent-e-low pk3's into the Baseef.



Various Issues were found after release, please download the 1.1 patch to resolve these errors.


William and Anthony


Please do not re-distribute this Pk3 without the authors
permission, and without an un-modified readme included.

All textures in this file were created or modified by me,
and therefore are property of there respective owners.

Any use of protected materials is purely accidental,
dont hesitate to contact me to resolve any issues.
Any other files not created by me are property
of there respective owner.
all rights reserved.


Ravensoft: For the EF game
TiM: For the small Chairs
Sharky: For the Larger Chairs
Crackpatch: Type11 Shuttle

Contact Us

Please contact us using the following e-mail address: and

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