USS Iron Fist

It's supposed to be a starship, but it's so big it feels like a starbase! The quality wasn't quite up to par with what I would have expected...


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It's supposed to be a starship, but it's so big it feels like a starbase! The quality wasn't quite up to par with what I would have expected from Tom Servo, but it wasn't that bad either. There were a few areas that disappointed me, and there were a few that really made me smile. This map definitely deserves a download, because it's one of those maps you have to experience for yourself. Anything I could say here just isn't enough.

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*********** U.S.S. Iron Fist ************
[TDM]Tom Servo[MA]

Special Thanks to:


Tnaks to:
James Nukem

I Apologize if I missed anyone!

*** General Information ***

This map would not have been possible without the patients, caring and understanding
shown by Wade!  Not only did he take hours out of his day to help fix this map and make many
improvements, but he also took time to answer questions so as to help myself (Blade) and Tom better
construct the map ourselves.  Thanks a million, Wade!  The world needs more people like you!!!

Thanks to LittleRiker and Khem for helping out with the max visibility problem.  My computer can now
run this map on highest settings withouth any FPS problems - something that is very rare with a TNT2!!!
Khem also contributed many ideas to this map, such as the ejecting warp core, and the soundbyte that was
going to be used originally, but was changed after it was used in Deralict 3.

Thanks to Assim and Cham for helping test out this map.  Assim has a reputation for finding bugs in the
maps, so it had to be made perfect, lol!  Cham helped out with stylistic suggestions and was the first
beta tester besides Blade, and was the victim of many of this maps traps, hehe!

Thanks to Carley for helping out with some of the sound issues and other map questions.  You were
very helpful in making this map run as well, thanks a lot!

Thanks to James Nukem for inspiration.  His idea of the Shuttle Bay was used in this map (yeah, you know
what I mean, and if you don't, I'll let you figure out the not-so-secret secret yourself).

Thanks to Blade as well, for spending a junk load of his free time - even during finals weeks at his university -
just to get this map released before EF2.  He helped fix a lot of shader errors (with guidance from Wade), aligned more
textures than he's willing to count and fixed many of the skybox problems the map had at the beginning.

*** (NOTE: ***
this map only works in Disintegration and some shader probs beyond fixable,
so it can only be played in small numbers.



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